Arsenal ahead of Man Utd in race to sign Italian international defender

There is a new name that can be added to the long list of players that Arsenal are reported to be interested in, Torino defender Armando Izzo.

The Italian international is valued at £27 Million following an impressive season with Torino and helped his club secure a seventh-place finish in Serie A.

Arsenal manager Unai Emery is determined to overhaul his defence, however, with a low budget, he is restricted in the type of player that he can land.

Izzo falls within the budget and is an upgrade on the likes of Shkodran Mustafi and would bring stability to a porous Arsenal defence.

Torino only conceded 37 goals last season and Izzo was integral to that fine record.

Man Utd, Everton, AC Milan and Lazio are also reportedly keen but the Italian media is claiming that it is Arsenal that are the front runners.

Torino does not want to sell thus the £27 Million price tag and while that is a large portion of Emery’s budget it is affordable once Arsenal players sales are taken into consideration.

Milan and Lazio will struggle to meet the valuation placed on Izzo but United and Everton should have no problem affording the fee.

I know little about Izzo but I do know the Torino defence and considering their limitations elsewhere on the field their defensive record was impressive and he was a crucial part of that. He clearly has the talent but the obvious concern is, would be able to transfer his Serie A form to the Premier League?


  1. Can only bring Torino to 7th position in Serie A and he is even smaller than Mustafi

    If you call that impressive, that shows how far the mighty Arsenal have fallen

    Arsenal shouldn’t resort to bargain buys like this. Either De Ligt/ Saliba/ Upamecano/ another CB with similar quality or nothing at all

    1. Torino only allowed 37 goals, 1 more than 2nd place Napoli and 9 less than 3rd placed Atalanta. Their defence was impressive, 38 games same as Arsenal and 14 goals fewer conceded. He did his job impressively for Torino, the forwards let the team down. Arsenal would have loved Torino’s defence last season.

    2. gotanidea you really do talk a lot of nonsense at times. One man cant determine where his team finishes! We finished 5th does that make Aubameyang not good enough for us either? Or what about Van Dijk, where did he finish in the league whilst at Southampton? does that mean he is no good? Your comments get more ridiculous by the day.

    3. Arsenal are shopping in the basement of Poundland instead of shopping at Harrods you can’t win the PL in Poundland

  2. The only credible transfer rumour on this site since the window opened has just been confirmed by……ORNSTEIN !………God I want that mans babies, but God tortured me by making me a virile hunky man !

    Oops!….got sideswiped !……….The Celtic leftback player I cant think of his name because of the ORNSTEIN effect !!………well it`s true !

  3. Yea but Kev said 17 mil ,ornstein is saying 15 mil ,I mean who should we believe..anyway he as spoken so he and sky sports are the only 2 I follow so I hope this is true because the kid is top quality imo

    1. What we should believe is that Kieren Tierney is the only player rumoured (what ever his price)since the TW opened that is of any substance !……………….the rest rumoured on any site including this one are just talk to promote chat !.

      1. I was being sarcastic about Kev Btw
        I agree when ornstein speaks that’s when I sit up and listen

          1. True Sue, but what are you going to do if Tierney replaces Kolasinac ?…………..your Sead babies would have had pumped up biceps bulging out of their Arsenal baby grows !

          2. Haha yes wearing 9-12 months clothes as nothing else will fit!! ?
            Do you know what Le Coq – if we do get Tierney, I can’t imagine him not being played, as 15+m is a fortune to us right now ?
            Then I’ll have to look forward to cup games as he’ll get a game then, or maybe they’ll ship back to Shalke ?
            Are you still watching Love Island? ?

          3. I`m watching LI on catch up and coming on here inbetween the ads !
            The only way we will buy any big money signings if one of us can become a billionaire and buy out Krankie !……….I`m thinking of buying a sandpaper factory which has just come up for sale and I`ve got this brilliant idea about cutting the sand paper sheets up into smaller rectangles then moving out to the Sahara Desert and selling them as post cards !…….genius !………I will be so rich I will be able to buy Ozils, Ornsteins and Ian Wrights sperm doanations at the sperm bank, become pregnant and have triplets, boys ! girls !, I dont mind I will have one of each !

          4. Omg Le Coq.. only you could come out with something like that ?? ?? so bloody funny – a bit like Tommy’s legs, I think somebody forgot to tell him to work out his lower body – puny sod! ?

      2. Well said Le Coq. Tierney rumor is the only one of substance. Everything else has been smoke so far. The club contacting Carrasco could be a completely different club too. And many teams are in for Saliba. What Orni says goes. That’s the rule I live by during Transfer season.

    2. Xxnofx, damn Wenger is at again. How dare he offered a derisory 15m for Tiernny and want cash plus a 29 year old for Bellerin????. If all these are true, it a further confirmation to me something is wrong with my club administratively. If we want the boy give them something very close to their valuation. Offer them 20m, 15m is way below 25m. And adding another 29 year old players while losing a 23 year old Bellerin. What happens to going youth.

      1. Mobella, The irony of it makes a mockery of those who thought they knew it all and blamed one man for the sins of a nation.

        Here we are doing exactly the same things that AW was pilloried for..
        letting players go for nothing (Ramsey),
        letting players go for millions below their market value (Ospina),
        bidding ridiculous amounts for players who we then miss out on (Tierney),
        rumoured to be thinking of selling our golden boot gem to manure (RVP),
        rumoured to be in the process of offering two players ridiculous salaries (lacs and aba)
        having the lowest transfer kitty of all our rivals (40 – 70 million).

        Didn’t they say say this was all going to stop once AW had left the club?
        Ask them to turn the lights out when they leave.

    1. LOL, now I know how media creating rumors

      A: alexis claude maurice
      B: bilel hassaini
      C: carascao
      D: dakonam, denis praet
      E: emery sacked next season
      F: fraser
      G: gabriel martineli
      H: hector bellerin sold
      I: Izzo
      J: joachim andersen
      K: kieran tierney

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