Arsenal aiming for 21 unbeaten – But still need to improve…

Unai Emery has done an amazing job of taking Arsenal to 20 games in a row unbeaten (out of just 22 in total) and as Arsenal attempt to make it ’21 today!’ against Huddersfield, the boss is still insisting that his team needs to get even better.

Emery said in the Guardian:  “Football happens very quickly, with positive things, negative things, but you need to learn. And you need to create a new victory, a new way every day. We want to create a stronger idea with good positioning on the pitch with the ball, good combinations between us so we can dominate the match.

“But we know the opposition want to do the same. And we want to be further away from our box when the opposition has the ball. Our challenge is improving this. We are conceding more goals than we want. Our balance is positive but we can improve that and every day we are working tactically. We want to confirm in every match our improvement.”

After our tough matches against Tottenham and Manchester United, a home game against Huddersfield should be a walk in the park, but Emery is making sure that the Gunners do not get complacent and drop their guard. 

I am sure the boss will make sure they are fully concentrated this afternoon…



  1. Simon Williams says:

    Only fear is that we take this game for granted, and 2 tiring games leads to drop in energy and determination.

    Like to see -Niles start, provides good energy and pace. And think we’ll need some fresh legs

    Love to see 1st half lead, before taking all 3 points

  2. Salander27 says:

    Is today not going to be the 21st game unbeaten if we win or draw? Thats what seems to be getting reported everywhere else.

    1. Admin says:

      Oops! Fixed now…

  3. Sue says:

    After destroying the spuds, then that awful result midweek… I really hope we get back to winning ways later!
    We may even see Ozil ? COYG

    1. gotanidea says:

      I predict Emery would ask Ozil to start as a no 10, because they will play at home against a poorer team

      Arsenal definitely need to improve, in the wing department

  4. lcebox says:

    Its 20 atm. but we should make it 21 today tho huddersfield have improved big time last few weeks so wont be a walkover id say 2-0 after a tough week with about 7 knocks at Utd. midweek ill take any win just to keep the run going.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I agree with the top comment, the biggest worry, might be, how some of our players can take their eyes off the prize. Three points here is the same as it should’ve been in old Trafford, same as the spud mauling. One of the worst habits a footballer can form, is picking and choosing when to show up and work hard. We had too many of them over the last ten years, I know everyone said we were a bully, only really winning the lower games. But there were times when the players were all looking to someone else to push the pedal, and before we knew it we were sending everyone forward and looking a bit desperate.

    I like how in this team, even when we are inching more and more forward, some of our players seem to be much better positioned for those break away moves. Torriera has made a world of difference, and the fact that Xhaka like to be a deep play-maker, adds to that too.

    Guendouzi is a very talented boy, I’ve rarely seen someone so young, who always looks for the ball. He can play up top, trying little angled moves, one – two – three and you’re in. Also guarding the defence, he’s definitely an all rounder. His confidence almost reminds me of P Vieira, if the game hadn’t of changed so much, people might probably liken them a little, only they came up in different era’s. I like that he can’t be ruffled, Manu tried to get under his skin, because the boy was so dominant compared to most of the other players out there.

    Xhaka, his passing can go under the radar from some. He is an important component to the run we’ve made. He gets the ball higher up field and into the players feet, he does it with a good pace too, that is a difficult trick. Torriera, well, it’s all said out on the field of play, so I don’t need to say anymore.

    1. jon fox says:

      Totally with you on Guendouzi. Though he needs to fill out his frame and stop falling over so much, mainly due to his skinniness, which more muscle will address, he is clearly a real natural talent, far more than the severely limited and pedestrian Xhaka will ever be, despite his far greater physical strength. With you on Torreira too, so two out of three (agreements ) are not bad eh? Of course Mislintat scouted Guendouzi but not Xhaka. And how the difference shows!

  6. Ernie says:

    Coming january transfer window our new incoming will be Denis Suarez, Wesley Moares and probably Pepe and may Benatia. and without forgeting Banega atleast one or two of these will be in arsenal team.

    1. Ernie says:

      My feeling tell me, arsenal does not want to risk Ozil in any games and try to get rid of him this coming january and they are a little bit cautious for what happen to Welbeck. Kozy, Cech and Nacho need to be release in summer and bring in fresh legs for me Denis Suarez will be Ramsey replacement and for Welbeck will be Wesley from Genk.

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