Arsenal aiming for title – despite growing competition

One of the most important factors towards having a good mentality in challenging for the Premier League title, is that the players have to believe in themselves that they can win it. As fans we have seen in previous seasons that Arsenal sides have lacked the mentality and belief to take them to the very top, however this season it seems as if the squad is relatively confident in knowing exactly what they have to do to win big.

On Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League, Giroud said: “I do not know if the league is even stronger but there is growing competition for sure. With the coaches who have arrived, Mourinho, Guardiola, Conte and even Klopp, the championship promises a lot. We are aiming for the title, we have the potential to do so, but clubs with Manchester United, with Ibra, have had a good start to the season. We’ll see. In any case, it will be important not to let any points slip against smaller teams.”

It is clear that the Gunners recognise that their competition for the league title has only got tougher, with not only the increase in world class managers, but also the numbers of teams capable of challenging for the league and not forgetting some of the players that our rivals have brought to England this summer. Arsenal are already seeming to play the catchup game, with some of our league rivals already 5 points ahead of us after three fixtures. As Giroud says it’s important to not let an points slip against the smaller sides, especially in our ploy to catchup sooner rather than later, however it’s also important that Arsenal are also consistent against the bigger teams, the top four, as in previous seasons we have been known to come away with very few points when playing our rivals.

It is positive to see that the Gunners recognise what challenges are ahead of them this season and what the opposition will offer over the course of the entire campaign. With two late signings in the window, in the forms of Lucas Perez and Shkodran Mustafi, hopefully it’ll boost Giroud and the rest of the team to stride on towards picking up all the available points to put the Gunners back on top.



  1. For the first time in many years, we have what looks like a complete team. Hopefully, Welbeck, Ramsey and Iwobi recover from their injuries very soon!

    1. 100% correct Twig! We even have decent cover for our covers lol. Now it’s all up to the injury gods and the boys’ mental strength

  2. I feel like it was a productive window because we achieved good signings. The only problem is that they were a little late but better late than never. I think to some people it may not seem amazing because we didn’t get the mega signing but that’s unrealistic because there are so few of those.

  3. It’s a marathon run, we all knew it. Liverpool who get their hype sky high, now stand behind us only in three fixtures. Yes only by goal difference, but it shown you what kind of competitions we’ll have here. Both Manchester seem so solid as well as Chelsea, but I’m sure they’ll realize this mind set of competition soon.
    Back to last years, we should not give any points to so called smaller clubs. Giroud and Lucas will be highly taking responsibilities in converting chances, which was awful. I have a little doubt on these two, they are surely will have to prove their capabilities big time, but I can’t see any points that we should aiming lower target than the title it self. COYG!!!!

  4. I think we have a good squad, what you would say complete. I believe that all the outgoings that occurred on deadline day will allow Wenger to find game time for players like Bielik, Jeff-René, Akpom & Zelalem and integrate them slowly but surely over the course of the season. Now all we need is for our players to stay healthy, for others to start proving there worth and some to improve on there good season last year.
    I would’ve like one more signing more so as I wasn’t expecting both Campbell & Gnabry to be out. Draxler would’ve been the icing on the cake but Ox will have good confidence knowing that the depth at his position is as thin as ever…hopefully he can kick start his career and show his talent this season consistently!!

  5. Our chances of winning the title is still up in the air given all the competition from the other clubs this year Nothing is guaranteed. I find myself feeling in a slightly catch 22 position.

    Wenger for once has addressed all the problem areas we had with the team so on the face of it we should be in contention for the EPL. The only problem is now that he has done that we have no space for that galactico world class signing we are all craving. The only position we can improve on is right wing because ox and Theo are not cutting it. But I can’t see any new additions coming in for until the summer after next.

  6. Arsenal have the squad now the energy must come out of them to win matches. Giroud will no doubt be in panic mode if Perez gets in on the act so will Welbeck. Next game is against Southampton and as far as we are concerned arsenal have the pace to test them.

  7. We have all position covered if any long term injury happen to our player.

    Except : Striker!

    What if Lucas Perez got injured? Do we have to rely on Giroud again?

  8. Just found out Costacurta is an Arsenal fan and back in the day he turned down tot because of it. Nice hearing him speak on Highbury, it’s a pity we couldn’t just add the extra seats to it like liv are doing.

    We do have a good chance for the title this season but unfortunately so do another three clubs. You need things to go your way besides just being a top team. Some teams force some of those things to go their way, but the refs this season look to be taking a harder stance. I reckon that school teacher will still be a an ass, and a couple others, but they are trying to tighten up. If anyone benefits it should be Arsenal as Id say we are the cleanest side in the league. Also you’d have to say that we should be stronger mentally speaking with us adding strong characters who led at their previous clubs.

  9. After 12 years of not winning anything I just wish the club and players would stop talking about winning the PL. This squad and manager will not win the PL since nothing meaningfully changed. We did not sign an impact player in Perez (52 goals his entire career), the manager is the same, and even if Mustafi helps us imporve our defense, last season we only conceded one more goal than the best defense in the league.

    When will we get an idea if I am pessimistic or realistic? IMO not untile next February or March. So until then, why not show a bit of modesty, stop with the big predictions and declarations, start showing on the pitch we have changed, beat every team that’s put in front of you and fight each game as if you play in the CL final against Bayern Munich or Barca.

    I am a bit tired of the likes of Giroud and other players talking about winning the PL. We, and the current PL and Manager have not won the PL in the last 12 years, what makes them think this year is different?

    As far as I am concerned, prove us on the pitch what you can do but not in the press.

    1. 12 years not winning anything?
      I think you need to talk to the players that picked up those trophies and ask them if they meant nothing…..
      Some people will moan if we win the Champions League, the FA Cup, the League Cup, but miss out on the Community Shield!

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