Arsenal aiming to be top of the League in the New Year

Judging by a lot of the negative comments on JustArsenal you would think that Arsenal were fighting to get out of the relegation battle, but the fact is that we are currently just two points behind the leaders as we approach the busy Christmas period.

Our returning winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sees no reason why we can’t go into the New Year on a high. “I think it’s going to be massive,” the Ox said on “It is always really important because the games come thick and fast and if you have a good Christmas it can really start your new year off well.

“The table can really shuffle around because there are so many games in a short space of time, so it’s very important. We are only two points off top spot, so it’s vital to capitalise on this period because I do think it’s never easy for any side.

“There are always some teams that do slip up or have a few bad results in this period, so it is obviously much better to be one of the sides that comes out of Christmas in a positive way.

“Ultimately that is the aim for us, and only being two points off the top, [if we have a good run] that would mean us staying right up there, if not going top of the table, going into the new year.”

Arsenal have League games against Sunderland, Aston Villa, Manchester City, Southampton and Bournemouth before Xmas and the New Year fixture at home to lowly Newcastle. I don’t see why we can’t get 15 points from those 18 on offer. If we do then Alex will surely get his Christmas wish!

Updated: December 4, 2015 — 7:40 am


  1. We certainly need a confidence booster this weekend to set us off. Go on Alex, do your bit by starting to knock some goals in

  2. “Judging by a lot of the negative comments on JustArsenal you would think that Arsenal were fighting to get out of the relegation battle, but the fact is that we are currently just two points behind the leaders”….are we supposed to clap our hands and cheer the players/manager for a lousy performance of late? Yes November is our worst month statistically, but it seemed we were favoured with the fixtures to break the jinx this season…with WBA, Norwich, Sunderland, and villa consecutive fixtures,Judging by their current form, we(fans) and outsiders tipped arsenal to sit comfortably at the top of the league before the ‘big game’ Vs City. We’ve gotten 1pt from the first 2games, Let’s see what happens in the next 2 before the city game. I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t disappointed tho.

    1. ??? A Negative View put in a Positive way! ?
      Well said matey!

    2. Hahahaha


      The Talk is on again…… And many are hoping Citeh and manure drops some points against stoke and westham…

      Talk of ARSENAL Taking Advantage of the situation!!!




      Seriously , we really have to Help ourselves….what ever other teams do to our favour should just be a Bonus!


      Hope we beat the black cats!

  3. Sam, need a striker

    So positive, so deluded …

    1. So negative, so pessimistic …

      1. Sam, need a striker

        No but so realistic, so pissed off …

  4. Add a little positivity to your life and everything could change for the better, and you may even cheers up!

  5. We want to be on top at the end of season not at new year…hw many new years hv we bn on top? 🙂

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Yes, Arsenal are not fighting against relegation to the Championship(God forbids) but they are fighting against dropping points in the BPL and the Ucl races this season.

    2 golden chances have the Gunners refused to take to top the BPL table as they haven’t master the art of table topping yet. I wonder if the opportunity presents itself for the 3rd time of the asking tomorrow if Arsenal will avail themselves with the opportunity this time around and seize it to top the table. Right?

    Looking at the Arsenal main title rivals weekend fixtures, I have a hunch, points are likely going to be dropped by those Arsenal 2 title challengers. If the away giants killers team will continue in their art of giants killings, then, there is hope for Arsenal some giants might be killed to pave way for Arsenal to pass.

    Another of the Arsenal rivals may also crumble to dropping points at away. Therefore, the Gunners MUST prepared themselves very well to caged 4 of the most disturbing Big Sam Allardise’s Black Cats. And capitalize on those dropped points by their 2 main title rivals to collect all the 3 points that will be @ stake at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow.

    The Gunners MUST silence Big Sam to make eat his worded utterances against the Boss and vomit them out after he has been delt with by the Gunners.

  7. If Chambers doesn’t prove to be a good replacement for Le Coq Arsenal is nowhere near the league top, city will tear us apart, so will Southampton. Weak midfield doesn’t make it in the big games.

  8. We know you hate Arsene Wenger, but we don’t insult you and call you names for it. YOU are the one insulting other peoples opinions, and I am not going to put up with your constant annoying comments. Either talk about the football or go away…..

  9. with all due respect Admin…… I dn’t recall using insolent/foul words on fellow fans……. The few times i did (either slip of fingers or being provoked)….. I apologized for it…. U should warn others getting on ppl’s back as well…. That way , it will be fair and square!


    Are u an AKB admin?… L()L

    1. There you go again. Why is everyone either an AKB or someone that agrees with you? We are Arsenal fans first and foremost and we are here to talk about FOOTBALL. You consider the word AKB to be an insult so I will remove your posts with that in. That is the end of the matter. Talk about football or get your posts deleted ….. up to you

      1. While your here admin Sir ?
        What happened to the profile pictures?

        1. Good question. I’ll try and find out….

        2. Noooooooooooo fatboy………… U shouldn’t have asked bout it

          I didn’t Like my Look with those Huge set of Teeth and Bug eyes


    2. Hahahaha…….. I LOVE WENGER, I LOVE ARSENAL, I LOVE EVERY FAN!…….. Happy now?

      1. That’s the spirit ?

      2. Not everyone loves Wenger except in your mind, but we are ALL Arsenal supporters, so just discuss our issues like grown-ups, not shouting insults like in a school playground. And this really is the end of the discussion. No-one else feels the need to shout I LOVE WENGER and you shouldn’t need to shout I HATE WENGER. He is our manager and as long as he is there I want him to do a good job.

        1. I Love This Admin…….. HonestLy!

  10. Noooooooooooo fatboy………… U shouldn’t have asked bout it

    I didn’t Like my Look with those Huge set of Teeth and Bug eyes


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