Arsenal aiming to make quick second signing

Now that the arrival of Granit Xhaka has finally been confirmed by the official Arsenal website, it would appear that the Gunners have quickly moved on to their next targets. With Wenger set to be commentating at the Euros he will be keen to get his targets signed up before the competition starts.

According to today’s Star, Arsenal have now put in an official offer for the young Bolton centre-back Rob Holding, who is currently with Gareth Southgate’s England Under-21 squad for this week’s Toulon Tournament.

It appears that Arsenal have had scouts monitoring his progress all year and have decided to make an official bid of £1.2m plus the usual performance-related add-ons which could add up to much more than the transfer fee if he is a success at the Emirates.

Considering he is only 20 years old it is impressive that he has already made 26 appearances for his club, despite the fact that Bolton got relegated, but he must have been doing something right if he came to the attention of Southgate. If Arsenal can get him at such a cheap price it may turn out to be the bargain of the century….

Or is he, as usual, one for the future?



  1. RedLondon says:

    He will improve the ability of our Holding midfielders

    1. Trevor says:

      Hold on a minute, he’d have to rob a starting place first.

  2. SUNNY13 says:

    Eagerly waiting for the new striker to arrive at the emirates. A striker is our no 1 priority and we have to get it at any cost.

    1. awesome gunners says:

      Wanted to make a comment about our potential striking target.

      Lots of people are saying that Morata is not worth 30 – 50million pounds and we should sign him. There is better out there. Some are even saying that he is not good enough and will be a waste.

      Now I agree and disagree. Just say we buy Morata for 30 – 50 million and he turns out in season one scoring 30 goals. Will we care. If he is a flop then we will blame Wenger. My point is that every signing is a gamble. Even buying Ozil was a gamble. Suarez was a gamble to liverpool. Martial was a gamble to United. When teams buy players they have been watching these players for years but there is still a big risk. No one knows if it will pay off. Lots of players has made big money moves and were flops.

      I just want a striker with pace and someone that can finish. Im tired of Giroud starting. I think Giroud does way better when he comes on as a sub.

      1. Mark_K says:

        If you’re talking of £35-50M being spent on a player with a goal scoring record on a par with Giroud then why not spend an extra £10-15M and secure Lukaku, who we all know can score goals in the PL?

        It’s a no brainer for me. Lukaku is young, quick, strong, can finish and crucially has buckets of PL experience.

        The only potential downside about Lukaku is would we need to alter our style of play to get the best out of him? We know how reluctant Wenger is when it comes to making changes in our style of play.

        1. awesome gunners says:

          Bony scored goals at Swansea and apparently sucked at City.
          Carrol scored goals at Newcastle but sucked at Liverpool

          There is huge list of players like this that was apparently proven in the BPL.

          Point: Sometimes moving to a bigger team shows that the player maybe isn’t as good as we think. I like Lukaka but this theory that people are proven in the BPL has to stop. Goals is not a given. But taken the risk and it paying off is the best feeling ever.

          1. Mark_K says:

            Past performance is the only guide you have to signing a player, so if you ignore their proven track record what else do you go by?

            I know what you’re trying to say but the key difference with Bony and Carroll is that neither of those players were the main striker. Bony is second fiddle to Aguero and Carroll was signed at the same time as Suarez. If we signed Lukaku he would instantly be first choice striker (no matter what Wenger says about Giroud being first choice) because if Wenger spends £40-50M he’s not going to leave that person on the bench.

            Lukaku IS a proven goalscorer and at only 23 in my opinion would be an excellent long term investment, he also meets your criteria of having pace and finishing ability.

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Same here. I’m waiting for a new striker. Hands crossed, heads up’, All eyes on Wenger!

  4. Trevor says:

    I hope that this signing or the Romero signing wont impact on the three signings Arsene said he’d like to make. I doubt the Romero one will in any way seeing as he is staying over there for two seasons. But I hope this wouldn’t be one of the three. We need a new starting CB as all are aware, Id be happy in getting young English CBs, but only if the first team is sorted.

  5. JRL says:

    I’d prefer Janssen to Morato..He’s quicker, stronger, and two footed..and a good free kick taker..

  6. summerbreez says:

    I hope MR wenger signs Vincent Janssen we need him for sure and I hope Vincent Janssen know that Arsenal supporters want him

  7. Mark_K says:

    We’ve been linked to every player in the universe (as is the way) but out of all the strikers we’ve been linked to I can only get excited about two of them.

    1. Janssen
    2. Lukaku

    I think either of these players would be big improvement over Giroud (who I like but he won’t win us the PL or CL).

    Of the two Janssen is probably more likely because of the reported fee Everton want for Lukaku and because they’ll be another bidder who would probably just throw in an extra £10M to secure the signing.

    I really don’t see Morata as much of an upgrade, the only thing I think sets him about Giroud is his age. His goals per game tally isn’t that impressive and personally I don’t think he’s physically cut out for the PL, not to mention the fact that we’d have to pay over £35M for him.

  8. royalvigo says:

    Morata is good..I prefer him to giroud. The only thing we should be concerned about is the price tag. Anything above 36m is not gud at all

  9. royalvigo says:

    I don’t need a lil kid as a CB. There are quality well developed CBs out there.

  10. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger will not sign a New STRIKER. He said Giroud is like a New Signing. What does that tell you.

    1. Admin says:

      Giroud ? Are you sure?

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