Arsenal already facing early season striker crisis

Look Arsenal fans, even if this turns out for the worst, it is still nothing like the injury crisis that Arsene Wenger was having to cope with at this stage last year, or the continuous problems that hit the Gunners midway through the previous season that saw our brilliant start to the season ruined.

However, the last thing that Arsenal fans wanted to hear was that our England international forward Danny Welbeck was struggling with injury. But that is what the boss has revealed to today, as the squad for the pre-season trip to Singapore to play in the Barclays Asian trophy was announced.

Wenger also confirmed that our Chilean international star Alexis Sanchez would be on holiday until August 3rd after helping his nation to win the Copa America trophy. And that is why the news about Welbeck is so worrying, as he was the clear choice to fill in for Alexis on the left side of a front three.

Wenger said, “Calum [Chambers] has decided to shorten his holiday and come back on Friday. He didn’t play in the under-21s and needs preparations.

“Welbeck isn’t completely recovered from the problem he had [at the end of last season]. He’s not back in full training so he will stay behind.

“Rosicky will stay back because he got a small injury at his last game against Iceland with Czech Republic.

“Ospina is on holiday until July 27 and Alexis is on holiday until August 3rd. Serge Gnabry is on holiday after playing with the under-21s. He’s back on July 20.”

I am not assuming that Welbeck will be ready for the start of the season, even though the manager tried to sound unconcerned, as we have been there before and until a player is back in the squad we must assume they are out. So it looks like Arsenal might be facing Chelsea in the Community Shield and then West Ham and Crystal Palace in the Premier League, without Alexis or Welbeck. Will this be a big problem for us?

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    1. Honestly, tired of always hearing about crisis. We have Cech, Kosc, Gabriel, 3 top class RB, one of whom can play CB, two top class LB, one of whom can also play CB, a world class midfield, and world class wingers with a top class goal scorer. How are we in a crisis ???!!!?!?! Only one player away from challenging on ALL fronts !

    2. I think Alexis will be back earlier. Welbeck we are kind of used to him being injured.these injury issues that welbeck has may cost him a lot, I hope he makes it back on time before the start of the new season.overall nothing to be concerned about. We need a new striker or winger.we should sign one asap just to gel with the team.what is going on?

      1. Yeah good to have a fit Theo.I hope Theo keeps fit throughout the next season cuz how it looks we are going to depend on him a lot.but can Theo actually do that and stay injury free? I know the answer is no, so here we have the issue of needing a new top class striker or winger. A striker is preferred

        1. I get a feeling Wenger won’t be buying any forwards because we play with 1 striker upfront, and with Theo, Alexis, & Welbeck considered to be forwards, I’m not sure he’ll be hunting for another forward. If we recall, Welbeck wasn’t exactly in his Wenger’s plans, even though we all felt we were short in that area.

          1. Welbeck was signed as a cover to giroud. We paid 16 mil for him. That’s why I have a feeling Wenger won’t get a striker.but hopefully a winger.l would settle with a winger cuz then we can use welbeck and Theo upfront. The only problem is welbeck and Theo suffer as lone strikers.giroud is made to play alone upfront, but Theo and welbz can’t do that

  1. looks like the left wing is wellington’s for the pre-season. i hope he impresses cause i love hez dribbling skills. then he wont need to be loaned out and play some cup games(capital one cup)

  2. I was worried when I saw the article heading ‘Crisis’. Too early for such… This is far from Crisis….Silva, Walcott, Ox can all play on the flank. Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey has played there too even if they ain’t the typical flank players. Hoping for a stunning transfer news this week or next…

  3. The striker crisis that you are talking about has been there ever since traitor R van pu**y left unless you are a new fact we’ve only had only 2 top class strikers that we recognised starters(anelka, wiltord, kanu were good but not just good enough) in the last 25 yrs..
    If you are a new fan am sorry man to destroy your mood though so i will tell you what you want to hear…Giroud is the greatest striker we’ve had in a long time…he’s strong, he’s handsome, has very cheeky accurate touches, didn’t cost much, considered by many WC, great dribbler, great header of the ball, good defensively and of cos without forgetting his strongest asset => His hold up play which is second to none….There you have it..u must be really happy but a good pundit would notice that that description can also fit koscielny, ramsey, sanchez etc but its what the majority want so i guess the minority will just have to shut up and ride along

  4. Would be a crisis if Giroud was not available….life without flicks, headers and hold up play would be just too much of a blow for the team and the fans to cope with!

  5. Clubs turning us down. for players is one thing,not enough money etc,but when players turn us down like Higuin that’s a different matter. And it’s not the first time.I I say b******s to them and look elsewhere.

  6. wellington didn’t make the trip to Singapore. I for one rate the lad, and hope he impresses Le Prof, and comes good in the new season (cup games like you rightly pointed out, and understudy/backup for Sanchez)

  7. Anyone knows why silva didnt make da trip? Da kid has great potential and i hope he comes out good

  8. The player who is being linked to Arsenal as the signing of the summer is Julian Draxler. My mates is the brother of Leroy Sane and he says Draxler has said his goodbyes and is all but on his way to Arsenal. Unless there is an even bigger signing coming! (Can we dream?)
    Im fascinated to see where Wenger will play Draxler. I’d predict he’ll play RM with theo up front. Exciting times to be a gooner fan. COYG

  9. Until we learn to develop depth in quality in our squad we simply cant we the EPL. This is a proven fact in the EPL and until Wenger and the fans accept this reality we will continue to settle for third and fourth place on the table at final day of each season. Whether we accept this fact or not it makes no difference. As longer as we continue to depend on players like Welbeck as alternatives we will always fall short.

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