Arsenal already have 13 players that score goals – Do we really need another one?

Though at times we feel we are not yet there as a team, we have a pretty decent squad, which just needs two to three quality signings for us to brag about what a fantastic team Mikel Arteta has.

Iff anything shows Arsenal’s current incredible squad depth, it’s how spread the goals and assists were between the players last season, as highlighted below:

Jakub Kiwior: 1 goal and 3 assists
Gabriel: 4 goals
William Saliba: 2 goals and an assist
Ben White: 2 goals and 5 assists
Declan Rice: 6 goals and 7 assists
Kai Havertz: 10 goals and 5 assists
Martin Odegaard: 10 goals and 7 assists
Leandro Trossard: 13 goals and 2 assists
Gabriel Jesus: 8 goals and 6 assists
Bukayo Saka: 18 goals and 13 assists
Kai Havertz: 14 goals and 7 assists
Gabriel Martinelli: 8 goals and 5 assists
Nketiah: 6 goals and 3 assists

It is clear that Bukayo Saka is undroppable in attack, but our other forwards need to improve their stats in front of goal.

That said, clearly, this Arsenal team isn’t just about getting a specific source of goals to tap into. You can get that super striker and put all your hopes on him to score goals, but unfortunately, he doesn’t quite fit into Arteta’s tactical system or picks up an injury, and we are left in a dilemma.

But the question remains ‘do weeven need an out and out striker’? For Arsenal, scoring goals is a collective effort, and we should appreciate that, as anyone can find the back of the net at any time.

Maybe it’s better to stick with the devil you know?

Peter Rix


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  1. Swap out nketiah for someone who can consistently challenge for the first team and it could make all the difference. He’s been both overrated and underrated in his time here (made some important contributions but never been a consistent threat, in truth), but it’s clear to me he’s not quite at the level we need, so it would be best to replace him with someone more competitive imo.

    1. Victor has plus 20 league goals in one season of his entire career in an inferior league to the premier.

    2. On average any player that scores less than 25 goals a season in a different league will struggle to score 20 or more goals once they make it to the Premier League.

      So does this Osimhen guy score at least 25-28 goals a season on average?

      1. It doesn’t matter if he plays in an inferior league. He will have superior players around him if he comes to Arsenal. He could score more goals than he normally does or less but every player that we sign carries a risk

        1. Just check out the strikers recent history:
          Giroud: Was a 25 goal striker in the French league.
          Lacazette: Was a 25 goal striker in the French league:
          Auba: Was a 30 goal striker in the German league. Etc

          But they all struggled to hit 25 goals a season at Arsenel.

          Look at Darwin Nunez at Liverpool. Was a 25 goal striker at Benfica. Now struggles to score 10 goals a season.

  2. Would like to find a replacement right winger to give Saka a rest. But their is no English right winger that plays right side for their club and therefore their natural position that can contribute lots of goals, so we may have to look abroad for a right sided natural winger, hopefully with lots of goal contributions.
    A centre forward may be Edu’s priority.

  3. I do not completely agree with the article. We cannot totally rely on full backs and defenders scoring goals for us, it is the primary job of the strikers and wingers. In that case, except for Saka and Havertz, the numbers are not great for other attackers. We specially need a quality winger on the right side who can rotate with Saka since the lad is over played almost every season. Also, if possible, we need another attacking midfielder in the mould of Odegard since arteta does not use ESR that much although that is a mystery to me. I feel ESR can play both as no.10 and on the wings so I just hope Arteta uses his abilities more often next season.

    1. With the downfall of Martinelli im kinda shocked that ESR wasnt given a go on the left wing. If memory serves me he excelled there before Martinelli came to the party.

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