Arsenal already have an alternative to Mesut Ozil, time to use him

Dani Ceballos should be given the time to prove he is more effective than Mesut Ozil.

When a player, any player, loses form then it is in both his best interest and the club that he is stepped down and another player is given the chance to do a better job.

The problem with that on occasions is what to do when you have no reliable alternative and to some extent that has applied to the Arsenal players that could replace the German midfielder.

There are some younger players in the team, Joe Willock for example that has been tried just behind the strikers but he has not proven to be too much of an upgrade on Ozil. Inexperience, confidence and awareness are contributing factors for sure and hopefully, in time the likes of Willock will show that they have the capability to step up.

In reality, the only player that could step into Ozil’s shoes right now is Dani Ceballos. He has been given a chance I will admit and not quite made the breakthrough we had all hoped for. However, he has shown, both for Arsenal and Spain, that he certainly has the talent to take the “number 10 role”

But some context is required, Ceballos was brought into a team very low in confidence under a manager that basically lost the dressing room and fans. It was always going to be difficult for a newcomer, it is certainly harder than it is for a player already embedded into the squad.

Then injury hit, a new manager comes on board and all of a sudden Ceballos finds himself on the fringes.

Now, he could have left in January but stayed put and has made it clear he wants to fight for a place in the team, that he loves the fans and wants to make his stint at Arsenal a success.

I cannot see how Ceballos would be any worse than Ozil, I mean, he is already on the same goals tally as Ozil, zero and has one more assist than the German having played 525 fewer minutes in the Premier League this season.

Ceballos is eight years younger than Ozil and has yet to reach his peak, whereas Ozil is definitely past his. There is an opportunity here for Arsenal to hold on to a player that could become an Arsenal great, he just needs the opportunity to show us all what he can really do and what he can contribute to this Arsenal team.

Fingers crossed that Mikel Arteta realises this before it is too late.


  1. Spot on, would def start him on Sunday, he is a talent, that’s see what he can do, we have zero to lose, Ozil is the past this guy could be the future

  2. I would give him a start. He provides more energy than Ozil, is more daring and also provides better defensive pressing.

    Ozil is so far past it

  3. I have not seen enough from Ceballos to suggest he deserves a place in the team, ive heard hype but not real evidence. The only thing i can think of that may spur him on to trying more than i have seen so far is his desire too play for Spain this summer and probably that could give him the spark that has been missing in his performance so far when seen. For me so far, yet another wasted loan deal, that has cost us a small fortune for next to no impact.

    1. Yoube seen the man perform under Emery when the whole team was playing poorly except a few… you hear hype and saw a malfunctioning team and still came to a conclusion when its only his first season. No wait we should keep playing Ozil who runs more now…so funny

  4. There will be more games once the Europa League and FA Cup competitions resume. There will be time enough for Ceballos to play and prove himself
    We are not looking for an Ozil replacement; we’re looking for a complement and competitor.

  5. For a long time on this forum, I have been posting that Ceballos must play instead of Ozil. His energy and pressing are traits that Ozil lacks and to do justice to the guy MA should give him more starts and see what he is capable of . Definitely he will do better than Ozil and our results will surely improve.

  6. Dani should be given a chance to play instead of Ozil. I think he is a more aggressive power player than Ozil and will carry out MAs style of play more effectively than Ozil. Ozil seems to have lost his desire to assist and score. He is trying but we need more. We have to go with youth because we have start winning games.

  7. ‘Daaaani Ceballos ‘

    ‘Daaaani Ceballos’

    ‘He drinks Estrella’

    ‘He eats paella’

    ‘The boys ******* magic’

  8. Ithas to be worth a punt,he needs a run in the team though and not dumped as soon as he has a mediocre game,he has plenty of energy and talent ,give him a go I say.

  9. Cabellos isnt the right man to replace or compete with Ozil. Ziyach was the guy but unfortunately he is now heading to Chelshit just because we couldn’t pay 40mil. Arsenal scout is a jerk

  10. Ceballos is a big baller!
    He is skillful, has the energy, much younger and hungrier compared to Monsueir Mesut.
    MA will give Ceballos enough game time and the guy will grab the opportunity.
    He will be ours permanently eventually.

  11. Ceballos reminds me of Jack, good in everything when he gives it all, but not fit to give a full season. Ceballos wanted out of Arsenal this Jan because he wants more minutes, he wanted out of Real on loan because he was afraid of competition with an old Modric, and thinks he is the heir apparent to Modric when he retires, what makes us think he has the guts to fight for his spot and team?

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