Arsenal already have striker target sorted for summer

If this is true then I have to wonder why Arsene Wenger and his transfer team at Arsenal did not push to get this transfer deal done during the January window, so the talented striker from Serie A could have given the Gunners a timely boost as we go in search of a first Premier League title since 2004.

From what the report in Metro says about our plans to sign the 22-year old Argentina international Mauro Icardi and the players reasons for wanting to leave his current club Inter Milan, you get the impression that a concerted effort from Arsenal might well have seen the young striker at the Emirates Stadium right now.

The report claims that Icardi has already told his agent to find him a new club after he fell out with the Inter boss Roberto Mancini recently. So Wenger is apparently confident of getting his man in the summer with an offer in the region of £20 million and for a player that was the top scorer in Italy’s top division last season with 22 goals and has scored nine from just 20 games so far this time that seems pretty cheap in today’s transfer market.

But should Arsenal have gone all out to get him to help us this season?

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    1. Besides it’s absurd talking about transfers and targets now. Wenger has no target, he aims for nothing.

      1. I disagree wid he aims for nothing, I mean he has aims of satisfying is monopaustic ego..

    2. who is the Author of this article trying to flatter or console?

      Stop already with the summer transfer crap!……we all know wenger doesn’t Love the transfer window…… If he ever does, then it must be “deadline day”

      wenger’s entire policy is full of crap

  1. We need more than a striker in truth… We need to revamp most of this squad really. Cech was a great buy – a winner. Alexis – another winner! Özil – creativity guaranteed! These 3 will often grant you MOTM performances. Perhaps, Nacho might be consistent enough to stick around… As for the rest, we just never know what we’re going to get each game. Those are the ones Wenger might need to sit down and figure out what to do with them! This season is already beginning to feel like a wrap, in fairness! Th ol’ 2nd-half of season feeling!

    1. i’m very sad about the regression of ox and walcott.
      there’s something very wrong in that wenger is unable to motivate his players to perform when we’re on top. we seem only to try hard once we’re behind and make a big run for 4th.

      re transfers: i need to keep reminding myself that wenger did go for higuain and all those. i think he knows he needs a striker. but he sucks at transfers: he comes out with nothing because of combination of cheapness, delusion, stubborness, need for control…

      wenger wants too much control, otherwise it’d be great to have a david dein do the transfers.

  2. I would like to hear rumors of Diego Simeone replacing wenger at the end of the season. All the other rumors are pointless. Wenger might even be planning on breaking his own record of not signing a single outfield player by not signing a single player all along. You never know with wenger

    1. It is time!
      Wenger has contributed a great deal to AFC (Emirates Stadium), lots of European Cup entries every year (well, most of them) but somehow, given the length of his term in charge and the money available to him, has not achieved as much as he should have.
      He has stuck with players who have been sub-standard and not worthy of a place in the first team.
      As a club we have ALWAYS had injury crises every winter and we are short of our stars….but there are no decent replacements because he doesn’t want to buy any more players. Most decent players don’t want to sit on the bench so there ARE players to be bought….it’s just the cost.
      Walcott is the biggest washout. Slower than Bellerin (haha!) but how many goals does he score or, assist? Misses chances too frequently………
      Arsenal need a NEW MANAGER, for next season!!

      1. he should give ultimatum to ox and walcott. but he has no balls. just a grandfather running a home for injured players; waiting for 3x too long for them to come good.

  3. I’m still depressed. ….We have always buckled around this time of the season but this season it hurts much more because I really thought this was our chance….I still believe we can do it but it’s the past 10 years’ memories that are haunting me….something has got to give…..This is Arsenal, one of the biggest teams in the world…We are a big club but we are slowly turning into liverpool. ……its not acceptable

    1. look back at videos of fabregas, van persie , henry : we live in the era of giroud now: he’s our best striker. i’m actually scared of what’d happen if OG got injured. thats how low we are.

  4. With all due respect, the English players we have are basic spoilt brats. They want so much money, but they do not work for it on the pitch, and everytime they try to show off skills on the pitch, you just scratch ur eyes so badly cuz it hurts

    1. Dude, you are so full of hatred, you always have negative and abusive things to say. You clearly hate Wenger, you hate more than 50% of the arsenal squad. What are you still doing on this site? Find another club. Get a life!

    2. Remember when Sanchez was new, and then you had Walcott saying they’re surprised at his work rate and that he should reduce it ?? Shameful shameful attitude. English players should be inspired to work hard for the team like he does but they don’t because they think they know better than the foreign players that played for the biggest teams in the world. Look at Campbell, only been here half a season and already achieves more than Ox who has been at the club for 3 years now. That should sum up their mentality.

    1. Theo’s best work out on the left has been when he started CF and dropped off to the left for a period to allow Alexis to drive through the middle, no-one seemed to complain about him when he started the scoring off in the FA Cup final.

      Theo isn’t a left winger which is where he has filled in recently, yes he played poor but he is a CF now…

      It appears that we get the best out of Giroud when rotated with Theo, switch the style of play in the 2nd half to the opposite of what we have been to go with a ‘Plan B’ if things are not working out well.

      This has worked!

      I love the Giroud that closes down players and the GK and stops falling over light tackles, when he has fear of losing his spot he does run more and use his strength better, Theo replacing him is a real threat.

      I love to see Theo running into the channels and dragging players out of position so others can exploit it, the constant possibility of a quick counter is always on the cards, more so when he has Ozil the king of assists able to pick a pass to cut out the defense ^.^

      Things are looking good for Arsenal.
      Yes we can improve but we will always think that, we could dominate the world football like Barca has in the past and we will still find faults with players… Lets be honest with ourselves and admit that currently it isn’t that bad, look at UTD and Chelsea league positions after all their spending over the years if you need an example.

      1. Chelsea won PLs, FA cups, League cup and UCL thanks to their spending, City got Aguero and started winning league titles thanks to their spending and have never fallen out of the top 2 since 2012. We have no excuses.

  5. AW should have done all his buying this January so TBE team can nit together. But nothing TBH
    He knows who is going and he must no what is needed because we all do so do the sky sports team and anyone else who knows anything about football. But come summer it will be the same thing. Down to Arsenal now to make the decision. Our best players will not stay if we are 4th best each year


  7. So we’ve accepted out natural position of fourth place for us to be talking about summer targets ?

  8. Let’s us forget about Arsenal importing any new player now untill in the summer. We are fortunate to have gotten Cech and Elneny this season. We might be also fortunate to have 2 – 3 new in comers next season as well.

    What is important before us now is our away game to Bournemouth on Sunday. And how the Gunners will overcome their recent goals scoring dip in that match to win the game should be our concerted focus now and not transfer speculations which can’t serve any useful purpose to our current season.

  9. When will fans wake up and smell the coffee?
    Wenger isn’t as bad as his reputation for not spending, he has only been like that since Gazidis came to Arsenal, any other manager will still have Gazidis to deal with…

    Wenger is a modern day gentleman, he will not point the finger of blame at others within the backroom staff and as such he takes all the blame himself, does he deserve it??

    Compare the transfers Wenger made with Dein and then on his own, lastly compare those with the transfers Wenger made with Gazidis and then tell me you do not see a change.

    Oh and look at LVG. Money being spent doesn’t mean trophies will appear.

    1. There’s nothing worse than a little muppet copying the words of a bigger muppet and believing that it is gospel.
      Don’t be fooled by that money doesn’t buy you success bull?
      Because it does!
      Just because a lame manager cannot do his job correctly,
      That doesn’t mean that the expensive players who were bought in, have become ? overnight!

      So if your club could afford to buy all of the best players from around Europe, your telling me that it won’t bring your club success? …. With them kind of player’s in your team, you won’t even need a manager to win the Treble, let alone just the league. ????

  10. I hate hearing transfer rumours after the window has already slammed shut! ? it’s soooooooo f#@#ing annoying, Especially when Wenger did f#@# all, while it was Open.

    It’s funny how we don’t like 4th when we were Top,
    But we loved it when we were 6th or 7th and finished well to claim it from the Spuds! ???

    Hahaha, Our player’s celebrating at Newcastle, as if we had just won the treble! ???

    Man kind is never happy with what they have got, until it is gone! ? … So enjoy your teeth and hair, Whilst you still have them! ???

  11. Icardi > theos replacement! we would still need a world beater of a CF so slap alot of money (60-80m) and go get one! Theos fee should cover most of Icardis fee and defo pay his wages maybe twice over…

    We need a couple of big players and cover players at whatever the cost in the summer for 5positions;
    DF/RB – Per, Debuchy OUT – WC CB, RB cover IN
    DM – Flam,Art OUT – DM cover IN
    RW – TR7, Theo OUT – WC RW starter IN
    ST – WC ST starter (60-80m)

  12. Arsene Wenger is a victim of his own policies and choices.
    He has to be the most ungracious, small-minded, rude and mean managers in the Premier League. I thought his quarrely with Koeman in the tunnel after the Southampton game was typical of his miserable temprament, and symptomatic of a manager losing touch with good manners and decency.
    Instead of blaming others – Linesman, Referees, other Managers etc, he might use his energies to changing the way Football is run in Europe which, in my opinion, is a joke.
    For example Everton have lost points in there last games through errors of timing, linesmen errors etc. Chelsea drew 3-3 but the goal was offside and extra time had expired. Man City won on a cross from Sterling that had already gone out of play.
    WHEN WILL FOOTBALL WAKE UP and use modern technology like MOST OTHER SPORTS and we’ll have a better and more level playing field!!!!

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