Arsenal will have the quality to vie for the EPL title, now we need to match the top European teams

There’s a chance that only one attack-minded player could join Arsenal. On transfer deadline day, the Gunners could end up having acquired a versatile winger, a No. 6, a left back, and a goalkeeper. That will surely be enough to challenge even harder to wrest the EPL title of Man City.

But with such an outcome, does Arsenal stand a chance to go toe-to-toe with the best of the best, for when we progress to the knockout stages of the Champions League?

If Arsenal just signed one attack-minded player, I’d be worried.

When you rock up to the Allianz or Bernabeu in a Champions League game versus…

-Musiala, Sané, Olise, and Kane
-Mbappe, Vini, Rodrygo, and Jude.

How do you nullify their threat?

With a strong back line and an excellent No. 6, you’ll be defensively secure to neutralise their threat.

However, as Arsenal already has the finest defence, that’s not up for debate. Don’t you think we can deal with any attack?

That said, attack is the best form of defence against such teams. So I think the more important issue, one that has not been answered for a while, is: how do we match the offensive threat these teams pose? In the 1-0 loss to Bayern in the UCL quarters, it was our inability to be clinical that cost us. We lacked that X factor to unlock the Bayern defence.

So, aside from a versatile winger, if we could get on board another attacking threat, probably a playmaker who’s different from Martin Odegaard and a great dribbler with an eye for a shot, we could be better off in clashes with top teams.

The next step is not to simply stop the elites but to match or beat them, and to do that we need to add more gamechangers in our strike force.

Who do you suggest that will give us that needed X-Factor?

Darren N


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  1. Does arsenal really want to buy players this summer?

    Deadline day panic buying 1 player is my expectation.

  2. Eberechi Eze can be our game changer for those elite matches where tactics are nullified n fortune favours d unpredictable. A no brainer surely

  3. i think Arsenal ought to focus on winning the PL first, with perhaps a cup or two along the way

    that said that x-factor is needed for the PL too, e.g. draw away to Man C, a deadlock breaking goal would have been decisive

    but we did have a great chance late on, i think it fell to Trossard on the break in added time

    is it Eze, is it Simons, is it Nwaneri, is it Obi-Martin?

  4. There really is no need for this club to be over ambitious, how many times have we made Europa league? Never took to seriously and never won it? What makes y’all think we’re worthy/ready for CL? Look at recent results in cup competitions, amongst the supposed “top6” teams we’re usually the first to get knocked out of the CarabaoCup, FACup, because we don’t value these as major trophies or worth winning at all (dumb). The only thing if I was this team’s manager I would look and focus on one target which imo is the EPL, forget the CL,FACup,Carabao etc.. let’s win the EPL first at least 2x before we can pile up more duties on a club wit no star quality in the first place just a bunch of random soccer names no actual star quality so baby steps , one trophy chase at a time, if we actually focused on the EPL since Mikel took over we would have won it by now but not he is ambitious and stubborn so we lost everything and won Godzilla shield instead aghh

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