Arsenal ALREADY HAVE the right players to win titles!

Sanchez: I Want to Win Titles For Arsenal!

After having a very successful debut season in England, the Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez has spoken of his adaptation to the Premier League and his desire to win trophies with the Gunners. The former Barcelona man has scored 24 goals and provided 10 assists in all competitions this campaign and remains confident of achieving success with the Gunners.

Speaking to Arsenal’s official website, he said: “I am well adapted to the country and the league but of course I must keep on learning. I want to expand my knowledge of English football in general and of the club and my team-mates in particular, but overall I love this league.

“I like the city a lot and I feel really comfortable at the club. The supporters here are very cheerful and enlivening, which is a very nice thing, and my team-mates are really kind too. My goal now is to take Arsenal as high as possible. I want to win titles for Arsenal. We have the right team and the right players to do it. We have everything to collect silverware.”

Despite the Chilean’s recent dip in form, there’s no denying that he’s been our best player by a country mile this season, contributing goals, assists and immense work-rate for the team. It really is encouraging to see him talk of his ambitions with the club and it is very evident to see his dedication towards the club, especially after another season where Arsenal failed to challenge for the title.

But for me, Wenger needs to bring in more world-class players and make a serious push for the title to keep key players such as Sanchez at the club. As Arsenal fans, we’ve all seen instances in the past where important players completely dedicated to the Arsenal cause have left the club, sighting a lack of ambition, which I feel is justifiable to a certain extent.

With that being said, I really hope to see Le Prof bringing in more world-class signings like Alexis Sanchez this summer and giving the fans and the players belief that Arsenal can indeed fight for the big trophies next season.

With big honours, come big players.


VIDEO – Santi Cazorlas brilliant Cup Final freekick!!

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    1. If Arsenal already had right players then why we did not win EPL Title? We definitely need quality additions & there should be no debate on this topic.One thing is sure : We do not need major overhaul.

    2. I would say go one at a time.
      This year we sign Lacazette only that’s it. Make him our top priority.
      I think Coq deserves more chances up until Jan. He’s been phenomenal.
      In defense we have Gab and Chambers to prove themselves.
      Only other player we could look into is Pedro. If we can get him cheap.
      So, Lacazette and Pedro…..and I will be happy.

      1. agreed but we still need a backup for coq
        U never know, he may get injured in the very 1st match, what then?
        lacazette, pedro and schniederlin or kondogbia

  1. we are all but dreaming if we think having just Alexis and ignoring the Loopholes would bring us titles……..sheer ignorance

  2. We need more Sanchez level type players that are world class and could literally walk into any team,would Giroud be first choice at Chelsea or Man City?these teams are the benchmark because they are currently above us and have been champions of the last 2 seasons!

  3. Arsenal’s Elite Academy in Greece is starting to bare fruit. 2 more U16s being moved to London, bringing the total to 4. So far 4 players have been brought to London. Kostas Pileas & Mourgos Savas in October, Marko Divkovic & Konstantinos Balagiannis in May.

  4. what!! are u kidding? to win tittles with giroud and bfg and no recognise defensive mildfielder in our lineup? stop daydreaming.

    1. What are you on about? Coquelin has been nothing short of amazing for his first-season playing regularly in the first-team.

  5. “Arsenal ALREADY HAVE the right players to win titles!”

    We damn well all know that (we are one or 2 players there… After more than 10 years, we should have won more leagues and at the minimum a CL, but there is no stated and cleared ambitions… Except the books), but we do not have the manager to achieve those aims… No where near !!

    Wenger is a managerial suit with shares in the Arsenal corporation, just and only that.

  6. If we were only a few points shy I would be inclined to agree, but that is not the case. We need players that are consistent, and that often comes with experience. Cech, Vidal & Martinez would bring that, and I would consider that a perfect transfer window.

  7. @VM

    I am with you on that (despite my previous comment), but I cannot see Juve letting Vidal leave (even though he did not have a great season) when they are also about to sell Pogba…!

  8. We have a few pieces but we still need to improve over the summer
    We are never going to win the league with giroud, Ospina and Per. We also need to keep OX fit to atleast have a chance.
    We need Cech, WC striker, backup CDM.

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