Arsenal already in contract talks with La Liga striker

Whether this means that Arsene Wenger is seriously considering using this Brazilian forward in the Arsenal first team, we will have to wait and see. But we do know that Wellington Silva is finally able to get his playing career with the Gunners underway, after finally being granted a UK work permit, a mere four years after we signed him from the Brazilian club Fluminense.

And Wenger must be impressed about how well the 22-year old has been doing in his loan spells with a number of different Spanish clubs, most recently a full season in La Liga with Almeria, because ESPN are reporting that Arsenal have begun talks with the promising young player, with the intention to get him to sign a new contract extension, with just a year left to run on his current deal.

The Gunners do already have a lot of options up front though, even if Joel Campbell and Lukas Podolski are sold this summer. So the report suggests that the boss is also thinking about sending Wellington Silva out on a sixth loan spell, although this time it is likely to be with an English club in order to get him used to the football played here rather than just throwing him in at the deep end and expecting him to be able to adapt. One for the future Gooners, or another prospect that we never see achieve their potential?

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  1. One for the future, I think we should keep him and send him on loan and see how he does in an English club.

    PS. UK Eurosport have confirmed the deal for cech has taken place and it would be finalised in a few days.
    I guess another few nail biting days. I don’t know if I can handle that. I had the same feeling about the Alexis transfer but that took place quickly. I hope the Czech deal is done and announced by tomorrow. The more I think about it the more I feel the need for a world class keeper like Cech.he could be our key to winning trophies. He’s that important of a player

    1. It will be the perfect start to the Summer once it’s announced on

      My gut feeling is that it’s a done deal
      Maybe just medical needed or something minor to complete

  2. Arsenal in talks to sign there own player…fantastic
    You should have used that title rather than La Liga striker.
    Its not like we are signing Benzema or someone else from a different team.

    1. I think Bob’s write articles for Metro and Caughtoffside as well. He is master in making sensational headline and he can make normal news as breaking one.
      Initially I thought we are signing some one like Benzema 🙂
      Good luck Bob you will be a good journalist.

  3. Can someone from AFC post a comment on this website and give us an exclusive instead of just rumours. GOYG 🙂

    1. you never know… Wenger could actually be a commenter in disguise…
      My money’s on either hafiz or robertthegooner

  4. Well he’s a winger not a striker… He has a fantastic skill set and is very good at taking player on, but has little end product. One for the future, he needs time to settle, adapt and learn. Alexis is the player he needs to model himself on.

    I don’t want to see him thrown straight into the first team and be marginalised like Campbell was. He needs to be worked in slowly, perhaps even send him out on loan again next season, but to a premier league side so he can adapt to the league first and get more game time.

  5. The boy can dribble i know that much. Very tricky dribbling skills, not sure about end product though.

  6. Also, disappointing that we didn’t go for Vietto. We’ll probably be wanting him in a couple of years time, only his price tag will have tripled and he’ll be more difficult to get.

  7. Hopefully we get our signing done on time….Then the players play together in pre season games and get some chemistry going on…..I am very optimistic with the coming season. CECH deal reminds me of Van Da Sar at 34 to Manchester United. We all know Van da sar was amazing with Manu. Arsenal have been crying for a super keeper after Seaman. Lehman came closed but He gave us 2-3 very good seasons (Invincible and Amazing run in the champions league in 2006 then lost to Barca where Lehman had a red card)… Alumnia was awful….Fabianski and Szceny (find it hard to get the spelling of his name right) were prone to errors on several occasions so I feel Cech will come with alot of experience, leadership, winning mentality and the likes to Arsenal…..He will give Arsenal 5-6 good season… I saw Him in some games with Chelsea last season and He kept few clean sheets….Delighted our defense line has improved tooooo……I tell You, Next season will be crucial for Arsenal and Wenger…

  8. Theo/Giroud/Welbeck
    Bale/Alexis/Cazorla Ozil/Cazorla/Alexis Ox/Theo/Welbeck
    Coq/Arteta/new DM Ramsey/Cazorla./Wilshere

  9. Wellington should not get the boot!
    He is a very exciting and promising young right winger who at times seems to have the ball stick to his feet even when running at pace. A utter nightmare for defenders (think Messi/Ronaldo).

    He can cross a ball too but I’d say his biggest fault at times is going down a bit easy (like a desperate hooker). He seems to run to fast for himself at times.

    Phenomenal skills, tricks and touch though and perhaps AW is ready to introduce him to the PL. when the Ox is out injured we could well see him getting some game time.

  10. If Mr Wenger does sign Czech you will hear a very loud BANG coming from the Emirates Stadium.
    That will be Mr Wengers Wallet closing. Mr Wenger always falls short on delivering a Team that can compete with the likes of Chelsea/ Man City/ Man Utd. Mr Wenger and the Board are all talk no action. So don’t expect too much. Under Mr Wenger and this Board Arsenal are an also Ran Team. This will not change till there is a big change at the TOP.

    1. Last summer we got Alexis, Chambers, Ospina, Debuchy and Welbeck. That was approximately £80 million. The season before he got Ozil for £45 million

      Wenger always says the best times to get a player are early in the summer or late in the summer.

      He may or may not get another World Class player but he definitely won’t close his wallet. If he finds someone worth the money he will get him.

      Honestly, getting Ozil, Sanchez and now (hopefully) Cech has changed my opinion on Wenger.

  11. @Dandy Gunner
    I will tend to agree with you, but it is still early… I know Wenger is known for not going the extra mile(s) in order to get the players “we really need” (Cech is a good additon, a great addition, but we were not in need of another GK), I just hope, this time, it is the start of something effective.

    But again, I doubt it, because I truly believe major trophies are not the objectives… You don’t extend Mertesacker contract (2 more years) when he is already at the end of his career and hope for the best. Koscielny makes the German looks good.

    The future of Arsenal is Koscielny/Gabriel, but with Wenger Mertesacker will be first choice until he f*cks up (Remember Wilshere and the first 15 games? just 5 wins with Wenger dreaming of Wilshere as a number 10… I mean, I know he likes his sh*t players, but he must love to win too!!)

    “The Gunners do already have a lot of options up front though, even if Joel Campbell and Lukas Podolski are sold this summer”…
    I was wondering if the author of the article could point out those options… Because, apart from Giroud and may be Walcott, I cannot remember who they are (those options)…!!

    Sanogo is not an option, that is another player Wenger allows to be on a free ride (like Diaby was)… The guy could not even crack the Crystal Palace first team…!! No team in the EPL would want Sanogo in their squad… None !

    Welbeck was a rip off… Man United did to us what we did to them with RVP… The only difference is that RVP delivered the league to them on a platter… Welbeck could not score even to save his life (Wenger likes him because he can run non stop and comes back to defend).

  12. @Fred Cowardly

    I agree with you, but we have experienced to many set backs due to the fact that Wenger did not recruit when he should have (or even brought the wrong kind of players). This is why we find ourselves behind…

    Can we win the CL (in 2 years) or the league next season… I don’t think so.
    Like I said before, if you want to be solid and win the league, you don’t extend Mertesacker or Arteta or even Rosicky (one of my favourite player)… You get fresh talented (world class possibly) players for a charge…

    1. How exactly would we have got him?
      The only reason we got Cech Was because Abramovich respects Cech because he was with Chelsea for 11 years. This is a rare occasion when Chelsea sells one of their best players.

      There was no way Chelsea would sell Courtois to anyone let alone a rival. My understanding is that Mourinho didn’t want to sell Cech to us.

      And before you say “if Cech is so good then why is he number 2” or something like that, If you have two world class goalkeepers one has to be number two. But with us Cech will be number 1

  13. Wenger will only spend what he can afford to spend. If you look at who we bought in the last two years, be prepared for a shock this summer.

  14. This article is off point. Dear Bob, you may post the actual article you really intended for the heading.

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