Arsenal already planning for January transfer window?

After the summer transfer window that has just closed saw Arsenal sign just two players in Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac, with the latter coming from the Bundesliga club Schalke on a free transfer, the Gunners were one of just five Premier League clubs to make a profit, with Burnley, Swansea, Stoke and Tottenham the others.

After the club suggested that the new contract for Arsene Wenger would be followed by a massive transfer outlay there is an understandable feeling of anger and frustration among Arsenal fans who feel that we have been lied to once again and taken for mugs.

According to a lot of Arsenal transfer rumours, however, the Frenchman did try to sign a few more players but for one reason or another he failed. According to the BBC sports journalist David Ormstein our manager and club are therefore already looking towards the transfer windows in January and next summer in order to bring in the top quality additions that we were hoping for this summer. He also claims that Arsenal are holding money back in order to do this.

If this is true then we can only hope that Wenger and the board have learned from their struggles to bring players in this time, and that the big spending from the likes of Man City and United will mean that we have less competition for our transfer targets in January.

That might actually make the dealings from Arsenal this summer look smart, but do any of us really believe it will happen?


Updated: September 2, 2017 — 4:15 pm


  1. Planning? No. Profiting, Sure.
    Good luck with AW learning about anything

    1. Definitely not planning, this is already a tactic to fool the fans so that they do not go ahead with the planned demonstrations. Flip, these guys are good.

  2. Wenger can barely pull off a transfer in the summer, let alone in January when it’s very difficult for ANY club to make quality signings. If he does sign anyone, it’ll either be: an unheard of teenager, one of his own players returning from injury, or another deadwood British player.

    1. So called ‘Fans’ have shown they are a bunch of effeminate gutless masochistic losers incapable of making positive decisions and voting with their feet and pockets over the last 10 yrs. by taking affirmative action for the good of the AFC, by staying away from the Emirates until Wenger is Kicked Out. Now the players have to do their social public duty towards these masochistic morons by doing what Chelsea players did to get Mourinho Kicked Out by losing enough games to remain in the relegation zone, which will mandate the blood sucking scrooges, Kroenke et-all to Kick Out the geriatric wind bag Wenger from AFC giving it a new lease of life.
      These Pathetic Morons who call them selves ‘fans’ of AFC are anything but, as they have shown to be no more than masochistic drug addicts who complain endlessly, but continue to come to the Emirates to get their fix and their asses kicked through the seasons.

      1. Wenger has a lot to answer for not signing any more players. Why wait until last day? At beginning of summer he admitted not to do business on the last minute. Why wait last moment? Gazidiz is too quiet now why?

      2. So what have you done Ms Omar or are you one of the ‘effeminate’ fans you refer to?

  3. LOL..i dont even know what to say about this cr@p article. Transfer ended yesterday so pleased please please don’t bring up any transfer issue here?? plans to boycott matches maybe but not transfer talk. Save us all the heartache

  4. Here’s an interesting pattern. Wenger has this great fetish to go against the world and prove them wrong.

    This probably best explains why he likes to play players that are victims of critics. Be it Walcott or Ramsey, the more we criticize, the more Wenger favors them.

    So let’s try talking bad about good players like those that are freshly promoted from our youth to get them on the team sheet. It may sound like the impossible but it’s worth a shot.

  5. Bob, I thought you have been a fan for a long time but it looks like this is your first arsenal transfer window…

  6. Of course they are…;)

  7. Did they move season ticket renevel date to January? HAHA

    AW never buys in January because prices are hyped unless it’s an unknown or someone with a long term injury with a free transfer,

    But it can be diferent this time because we are not in the CL we don’t need players for replacing injured players or to strengthen the squad for the competition, however because we are not in the CL we can buy players that had played in the competition where if we were in it we couldn’t use a player that already took part in the current CL competition, you got that ye ?

  8. I don’t even believe Liverpool wanted Oxlade-Chamberlain, where is he going to play? The main reason they took him, was because they knew he was a Wenger favourite, and it would massively hurt him, only one to hurt him more would be Ramsey. They may be able to make him come good, but that’s by no means certain – I would say 30-40% chance. They knew Wenger was weak, because Kroenke would be chomping over losing $60 million over Sanchez. This way they could stamp their superiority over Arsenal, especially in the transfer market. I don’t get the whole Sanchez thing either. He left Barcelona to come to Arsenal, because he wasn’t getting playing time under Guardiola – WHY would that be any different now, is he mad? Only way is to get rid of Kroenke, and that looks as likely as Kim Jong-Un stumbling over his ranch co-ordinates – oh wait ….

  9. An article containing the words”planning” and “Arsenal” in the same sentence, has to be some kind of a sick joke!

  10. Shambles is right. The lies that are told by Wenger are so barefaced. Why give him 2 years more, it is only going to be the same. I’ve never been so disappointed in all the 50 years of supporting the Arsenal

  11. This team needs a big shakeup after the way they played last season and how shocking they have been this season so far.
    That could be through new players bought, which we didn’t do enough. Or may be promoting a few youngsters from the academy Nelson, Adelaide, Niles etc motivating them to give their all and show the senior players what they are missing in terms of passion.
    If the club can’t turn it around quickly enough, then the Arsenal hierarchy is not good enough. Even if the club is run more as a business and less as a football club, the performance at the top level is at unacceptable levels.

  12. As long as kroenke and Aresene are at the club. Arsenal will be planning only in articles. If the fans make kroenke and Arsene leave the club we may start having some planning taking place.

    1. Person who thumbed this down – are you an Arsenal fan? If so, can you explain WHY you want Kroenke in charge?

  13. Fastfoward to February 1 2018, Wenger will say in his press conference:

    ‘We tried to but couldn’t sign any player in the January transfer window because quality players are not normally available in January. I still advocate that the January transfer window should be scrapped. We have already planned to spend big in the summer to get quality players. We have about £200m for the summer window’.

    Then another cyclic cycle of lies and deceit begins.

    Planning my foot!

  14. Some years ago Wenger considered January transfers a waste of time as there was very little quality available.
    Must confess I was puzzled by his ambitions concerning this seasons title challenge.
    His team had just been hammered 4-0 by Liverpool, the MOM turned out to be Arsenal`s goalkeeper ( or the score line would have been embarrassing), and top players are avoiding Arsenal like the plague. And he`s going to win the title?

  15. First they say they tried to sign Lemar then they say there was no more money available… making it up as they go along. #contradictory

  16. Oh please let’s not start talking about the January transfer window already, give us a break from all the rmours for a little while !!

  17. Thanks for the laugh Bob, I just about shot coffee through my nose from the title alone!

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