Wenger gives Arsenal BIG incentive to push on!

It is always good to have something to play for and it has been a long time since Arsenal approached the end of a Premier League season in a position where the results do not really matter. We have seen from teams in mid-table however, when they are safe from relegation but with no chance of Europe, how players can drop their intensity and the results often falter accordingly.

So it is a good thing for Arsene Wenger that his players have good reasons to keep up their performance levels. Because the Frenchman feels that a strong finish to this current season will have a knock-on effect for the next season, as explained in an Arsenal.com report, when we are all hoping and expecting to make a real tilt for the title.

The Arsenal boss said, “That’s our challenge, to finish well and take that strength into the next season. The start of the season is linked with belief as well. We can just strengthen the belief by finishing well.

“Manchester City had ups and downs and started stronger than us, so they were a long time in front of us. Manchester United are a bit like Arsenal, they had a slow start and became stronger in the second part of the season.

“I think our slow start was down to post-World Cup problems and to the fact as well that we had to play the qualifiers for the Champions League. It always takes a lot out of you but overall I believe that we’ve found a better balanced team during the season as well.

“If you ask me if I am happy with the depth of the squad I say certainly yes because I have many international top quality players who are not even in the squad on Saturdays when everyone is available. That has not been the case for many years.”

So it is clear that Wenger believes but also that he knows that Arsenal cannot afford another poor start to the next campaign. He mentioned the Champions League play-offs and the fight to finish higher than fourth is therefore very important and that is one of the things keeping our players focused.

We also have the prestige of a place in the starting line up for the FA cup final at Wembley, so nobody will want to lose form now and those two incentives could be just what the Gunners need to finish this season with a bang, starting with the visit to Hull on Monday.

Where do you think we will finish and do you expect a strong start from Arsenal next season?

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  1. Andrew AFC says:

    We will finish second and be in the record books for winning the FA cup the most amount of times. GOYG

    PS Thats five more than Chelsea 🙂

  2. Honest Opinion says:

    I totally agree with Wenger.And yeah we need to buy 2-3 quality players for next season.

  3. HA559 says:

    How comes he only attributed our slow start to the world cup. Didn’t other teams have players at the world cup too? Most of our players were second choice at World Cup as well.

    1. ijmos says:

      It might just be me but each time he says that, i cant help but feel thats code for “ozil and per were playing like sh!t”.

      1. YingYang69 says:

        Also i think whenever Wenger speaks that way he mentally puts it into our players heads and they end up feeling that way. Whereas someone like Fergie Mour will do opposite they will talk about there players being warriors etc or else take the focus off of subject some how.

    2. jonestown1 says:

      WC, UCL qualis and injuries were the reasons cited, didn’t solely blame WC.

  4. davidnz says:

    4th place has had a
    negative effect because
    it creates doubt and
    lowers our expectations.
    We can not guarantee ECL football
    till late August so we can not plan with certainty
    All the fans are up tight and divided.

  5. Invincibles49 says:

    OT: Admin!! What is this obsession with Mourinho?? It feels like every 2nd-3rd article is about him. I am sick of it. For god’s sake realize we are embarrassing ourselves with this. Lets put a stop to all this nonsense. My humble request!!

  6. irebami001 says:

    when is our oustanding match?

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