Arsenal already sealed summer transfer of Bundesliga star?

The Champions League may not have been too much fun for Arsenal this season, although it did have it´s good moments with the brilliant final group match win away at Olympiacos that got us through and the home win over the German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich, but the competition could be the key to Arsenal sealing the first transfer of the summer.

According to a Metro report >Arsene Wenger is very close to agreeing a deal to bring in the brilliant young midfielder Granit Xhaka to north London when the summer transfer window opens. And the fact that the 23-year old´s current club Borussia Monchengladbach are currently out of the Champions League places and that they finished fourth in the group behind Man City, Juventus and Sevilla this season may have played a big part in the player’s decision.

The Arsenal manager has apparently met the player’s agent and his father recently to discuss the summer move to the Premier League, which Xhaka has recently been talking about as a dream move for him. I am not so sure that Wenger will agree to the reported transfer fee of over £30 million but it does seem like Arsenal are poised to sign this talented young Bundesliga star.

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  1. I like the player, but who do we sacrifice for this?

    Cazorla is coming back, (perhaps for his last year with us next year, but he is still an automatic starter when healthy)
    Jack is coming back, (eventually… right?)
    Ox apparently wants to play cm…

    Spend that 30 mil on a striker – a position where sacrifices do need to be made. If Aubamayang is not available in the summer, (and I mean truly not available, not that we never try to get him and then say he’s unavailable) lets throw money at Lukaku. He is one of the few strikers in the epl that is youmg, already proven, and would walk straight into our first team.

    1. I would love to see Aubamayang at Arsenal but the player himself has said he doesn’t want to join…

      Lukaku is a CF I would like to see at Arsenal, it would be made sweeter if Chelsea tried to get him at the same time but we get him 😛

      Ibrah has been rumored and that is another CF I think would do the job for us, he may be getting older but he still has a couple years at the top left in him, if you watch him play then you will see what I mean, the guy can still do the magic. This could come with the added bonus that Welbeck and Akpom don’t feel forced out but instead got a chance to learn from a great.

      As for the sacrifice part;
      Ramsey (unless we move him to ACM and direct competition for Ozil, the guy has forgotten how to defend and it hurts us).
      Ox (Maybe loan out as he is still young but I think we could get a good price for him as he is English and we could just get a youngster through for HG quota)

  2. We need 12 players and at least 12 to go. 6 great players 3 great young players 3 super players and new back room staff is a must. Spring clean needed because the other teams will be at the top now conty kloop PG so on

  3. Transfer romours at this time seriously. As an arsenal fan the transfer window does not excite me leave alon transfer stories…on another note i can see big clubs planning for pre-season friendlies with top clubs but i geuss for us we will be playing against vietman 1st eleven…COYG!

  4. Im glad ozil commented on social media that the reports are utter nonsense….

    I have always maintained that Danny is much more of a complete forward, out of our options….traits of the legendary henry…just feels he needs to compose himself in certain situations and become more ruthless…more sessions with Titi?

    wenger has to get atleast a top striker and cdm + maby evn a cb….

    I hope we win the remaining 8 games…then we see from there…


    1. I said the other day that Welbz looks more like TH14 than Theo ever has and it bugs me because Welbz was a UTD product… Glad we got him now though.

      A CM might actually be good for us, a CM who knows how to defend like Elneny does.

      If we had 2 B2B players who could work together so 1 was always back then that would be like playing with a DCM and I believe that is what Wenger has been aiming for.
      Wilshere and Ramsey could of been it but it just hasn’t happened.

      Ramsey fails in his def work and costs us goals, if he puts def 1st and rediscovers his form from a few years ago then I would love to keep him but in his current form I don’t want to see him on the pitch. Selling him might be the scare that others need to put more effort in.

  5. Metro report uses words like “reportedly” and “it is claimed”, does not say who reported it or who claimed it. No quotes. We all know that Metro makes up these stories or reprints what others have made up.

    Waste of time article, waste of my time writing this and waste of your time if you are reading this.

  6. Need MORE

    Like a Top goal scorer like lewandowski, Reus, Greizmann, Vardy,

    Also top CB & RB

    Last summer I would have been happy with a top DM or top striker
    This summer we need both plus CB and rb

    1. Bellerin and Jenks will do the job at RB for us, we do not need to waste money on a RB when we have a couple young good players already… I say good but we all know Bellerin is just amazing 😉

  7. I’d be happy if we seriously went in for Lukaku or Morata but any world-class or potential world-class striker would be nice.

    Remember last year around this time Wenger was supposedly going to spend big.

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