Arsenal already targeting a replacement for flop

Turkish football says that Arsenal has made Yusuf Yazici a target to replace the outgoing flop, Mesut Ozil.

Having been sidelined at Arsenal for this season, Ozil seems to be looking for a way out now.

The German hasn’t been registered by the club for any of their competition in this campaign, and he is free to leave if the right offer comes in.

The report indicates that he has strong interest from Turkey, and the MLS and Arsenal will be more than happy to support him in leaving the club.

They are now looking ahead and planning for life without him.

The report says that Lille’s Yazici is one player that they think can fill the void being left by the former Real Madrid man.

Arsenal has relied on Emile Smith Rowe as their number 10 in their last few games, but the Englishman is inexperienced and he might struggle with the weight of expectations.

Yazici has caught the eye of Arsenal with his impressive performances for Lille in the Ligue 1 and the Europa League this season, and he might have earned himself a move to north London.

Arsenal is expected to add a midfielder to their team in this transfer window and Yazici will hope that his 11 goals and 3 assists from 22 games will convince the Gunners to make a move for him.

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  1. Stop saying ozil was flop. Every fan drooled when he signed contract extension. He is the only world class player arsenal has currently in their ranks. His touch , vision and passing is pinpoint and no1 passes better than him still. He might not be a legend but certainly not a flop for 75 assists and 40 odd goals for arsenal.

    1. yeah thats right – he mightve fallen out of favour at the emirates – but he is a simply exquisite player

      1. So true Gunners, Mark my word he will come back to embarrass us. He’s falling out with the coach cannot take away the incredible footballer that he is.

        1. He’s already embarassed us. We paid all that transfer fee and his exorbitant wages for little value in return. The added embarassment was that we were foolish enough to extend his contract, making him unsellable because other clubs couldn’t afford to pay them. So we were stuck with him.

          Ozil’s greediness resulted in him refusing to take a 12.5 % pay cut during the CONvid pandemic. Considering his lack of application for the team it’s the least he could have done.

    2. Stop calling him a flop for he ended the nine-year trophy drought in his first season at the Emirates. Comparing his game-days at Arsenal fc and those of Mikel Arteta, I think Arteta was the flop.
      Ozil, I wish u the best wherever u go.

    3. He is one of the best his combination with Santi Carzolar was a marvel to watch during Wenger’s tenure. Will always cherish his ball distribution and vision, I don’t know what beef Artetar has with Mesut.

      1. YES I CAN SEE QUITE WELL THAT YOU DON’T KNOW IT. I can also see that you don’t want to see it. The truth frightens some people, like you for example,.

    4. “EVERY fan drooled when he signed a contract extension” ? I can assure you a lot didn’t. And I was one of them. In fact I groaned when I heard the news.

      Same as when Wenger was offered and signed contract extensions as rewards for his continued failures in the second half of his tenure with Arsenal.

    5. I totally agree with your comments. Ozil was sidelined not for footballing reasons but more for his political and religious comments. To me, and to many other Gunners, Ozil is a star.

      TELLING people to “stop saying…” is a surefire way to make sure they CONTINUE saying so. A life lesson for you, young man!

  2. Some called Walcott a flop too. After all his time and goals here. Behave! Both were not flops. Both won things for us.
    All the best Mesut. Everyone has their time. Allow Arsenal to move on and develop. And maybe finally win a European title.

    1. Walcott’s goals to game ratio wasn’t good enough. He had pace to burn, but not much else. It didn’t help him that clueless Wenger often played him out of position or in his unfavoured role. The nine to twelve million ( with bonuses ) we paid for him in 2006 was way too much for a then unproven 16 year old.

  3. Could not agree more. People have short memories and narrow minds. The same people that hounded Wenger no doubt. Class is permanent. Thank you Mezut for wearing The Shirt and best of luck wherever you go

    1. Wenger is a has been, a tactical incompetent who lived off of his early past glories. He did well for us in the first few years yes and we’re grateful to him for that, but then he lost the plot and lost his way. He became stale and predictable. He refused to change his ways even when it was obvious his ways weren’t working.

      Too many fans became hypnotised by his aura and couldn’t or wouldn’t acknowledge when he was clearly failing. His continued neglect at fixing the team’s problems and blaming others for his own failures caught up with him. But it took far too long for the board to sack him. He outstayed his welcome and in the end he was damaging the club and its image by stubbornly refusing to leave. I’m glad he’s gone.

      I notice that no-one else has taken him on as manager yet either. Hmmmm.

      1. You may be sure that you are far from alone in “noticing” that!
        I, for just one among countless other fans, have also DEFINITELY noticed it.

  4. Ozil wasn’t a flop, what even are you talking about His time at the club is simply over. He’s aged and although could still be used, his involvement in political issues to do with China have clearly got him axed.

    1. He WAS a flop in that he had far more poor games than outstanding or even good ones. Most times he was poor to average. When you’re paid what he was, you expect and are entitled to a lot more.

      He was rightly criticised for his lack of effort and contribution by numerous pundits and critics, not to mention the more insightful fans.
      He won’t be missed.

      1. You are talking nonsense. Ozil had many, many fantastic games in an Arsenal shirt. His poor form was like many others who go through that period. Look at Auba at the moment. Would you say he is a bad player now that he is going through a bad patch?

    1. Emiliano Buendia at Norwich is a player I like who’s outside the Premier League. Far better and more productive than Ozil will ever be. It should be a no brainer for us to sign him. And now Ozil’s huge wage burden is lifted from around our necks, we can afford him. And other players too.

      Ozil should have put the club first and realised he was not wanted long ago. Actually he DID know this, but thought that picking up a massive wage packet was more important to him than playing football.

      1. I mean totally outside the prem. I am very much on the Buendia hype train, considering his decent performances last season.

        1. He was good last season, and he’s continuing on this season with the Canaries. Skilful, quick, technically excellent, and a team player.

          There’s talk of Arsenal going for Christian Ericksen also. Apart from the fact he’s an ex- Spud, how do you think he compares to Buendia ?

          I don’t fancy Ericksen. Not enough goals, or aggressive enough, though he’s a good free kick taker. And remember – he’s four years older than Buendia.

          1. I dont know about Eriksen. He looks like he has a similar playstyle to MO, and if we dont want to play with MO, why would we go for someone with a similar profile? On Buendia, I have not seen him play much, only going by his stats last season and this season. He looks quite decent and can do a job as someone who can interchange with ESR for the cam position. I dont think we should chase anyone outside England. We dont seem to have much success in the case of expensive imports.

  5. Sadly, in an increasingly digital world; it’s stories like this that are seen often, despite lack of evidence to support it. If Arsenal signed Mesut Ozil and he never produced results, you maybe justified. Truly disgraceful and sad the way he’s been treated. He may not be a world class player any more, but he remains a class act, strong brand and charitable. Good luck to him

    1. “…lack of evidence to support it….” ?

      Take your blindfold off and try using your eyes when you watch the games he plays in. He’s a passenger in most matches he plays. The coaches can see this as much as the more observant fans do. Why do you think he’s been banished from ALL our teams ? “Personality clashes” with the manager ? Sure. That’s code for knowing he’s a player with a half arsed approach to the game. You don’t make it into Arteta’s teams if you don’t put in a shift. And that’s how it should be.

    1. Divide Ozil’s wages, work rate and teamwork into the amoun t of GOOD to excellent games he had for us, and see how the cost-benefit ratio works out. It doesn’t. He was not worth it. We were sold a pup by Real Madrid. They must have been laughing at us when we bought him.

  6. Ozil is a massive flop on his 2nd contract but he did good for the duration of his 1st contract. Hence we can only call him a Flop or failure if we only consider the last 2 years. Overall he just did not live up to the huge expectations we had for him.

    1. Of course he is, bless you and I am the King of England too! I bet you watch a lot of fantasy fiction on screen!

    1. If Ozil is STILL “world class” why haven’t clubs been lining up to sign him long before this ? Arsenal couldn’t give him away. Because the other clubs know what he’s like. Why do you think Real Madrid got rid of him to begin with ?

  7. It is a sad day in the history of Arsenal for Mesut Ozil to be referred to as a flop. A formal withdrawal of the statement is required.

    1. Are you for real ? Compare Ozil’s record of performances to others at Arsenal. And I mean CONSISTENCY. He’s lazy and has no team ethic. He plays for himself and then only rarely does well. Most games he sauntered around the pitch looking as though he couldn’t be bothered. Numerous experts have called him out for not tracking back. Football is a team game, it’s not a showcase for individualism and players with attitude problems.

    2. Or what? PERHAPS YOU WIL SET YOUR SUPPORTERS INTO TRASH OUR PARLIAMENT. That is what dictators do these days, isn’t it!

    1. Grab a brain. There’s no comparison between Aubamayang and Ozil. Auba is much more consistent and puts in a decent effort most matches he plays in. How can that be said of that leech Ozil ?

  8. This writer has no respect…. How soon you forget all the great work Ozil has done in the past. Have some respect!

    1. Respect ??? Look at it another way. How about all the times when he could have and SHOULD have done “great work” but didn’t deliver ? How many matches and cups COULD we have won if Ozil hadn’t been so casual and had actually tried for a change ?

      He would play well once and for the next ten games he’d be anonymous and end up being substituted. Is that getting value for money ? Is he worth 350,000 a week, when lesser players were getting half that and were much more consistent ?

      Wenger gave up on him, Emery could see he was useless and Arteta saw through him as well. Pity you can’t.

  9. Hey brother half some respect for Ozil he’s not flop is a Legend in Arsenal for life, no one in Arsenal has were No 10, in Arsenal that’s better Dan Ozil watch in Turkish League and seen how He’gos One love Mesut Ozil,

  10. Ozil is a flop ozil is a flop. Pretty sure a flop is someone who doesn’t justify his wages or transfer fee. Considering the last 5 years, I’d say Ozil has flopped bigger than a flooper.

    1. What is the meaning of a flop,
      Well if you add up ozils wages for the length he was here plus the 44 million we paid for him, compare the great games he played towards the average and bad

      1. I agree, Jim. Ozil was a poor investment for what we got in return. He should have seen the writing on the wall much earlier but chose to get money for nothing, collecting his 350,000 quid a week, whilst making out he’d been hard done by. No time for the man.

        1. Live in the real world. Football is like any other big business. There are good and bad investments in every wall of life. His 350 000 is small change to what some of the charlatans at the top end of some companies earn. The biggest failure in all this sorry affair is the incompetence of the lawyers which allowed such a watertight contract to be signed. You say you have no time for the man,you do not even know him, you only know the football side because that is what you see. Surely that is not enough to justify your comments which denigrates the man as a person.

          1. When I aid I have no time for him, I meant in the footballing sense. He’s given money to charities, so good on him for that. But Arsenal don’t pay him to be a nice guy, they pay him to perform to a certain standard and be reasonably consistent in doing it. Ozil fails that test.

  11. This is bad writing….. You are calling Ozil a flop? Are you serious right now? I understand the need to have a catchy headline to the subject matter but to call Mesut Ozil a flop is football fallacy.

  12. Ozil only played well when he wanted to, and that wasn’t very often.

    At last ! We’re finally free of the parasite. He’s lived off the club for too long and delivered little on the pitch. He’s known for a long time that he hasn’t been wanted, especially when he was left out of the Arsenal squads altogether. Yet he still wanted to collect his huge wages and laze around knowing he wasn’t going to be contributing.

    He was selfish too, because he knew that his stubborness to leave gracefully was handicapping the club from being able to afford a replacement player who actually had a work ethic. Good riddance.

  13. I’ve taken a break from this blog for a while and coming back can not help but notice that almost every article regarding the club and players is written with a negative spin.

    Mesut wasn’t a flop. Granted, the last 2 years of his career haven’t gone as we’d hoped and he hasn’t reached the heights of an Henry or Bergkamp but he has given moments of absolute brilliance, golas, assists and a handful of trophies to boot.

    1. Moments of brilliance aren’t enough when you’re the highest paid player at Arsenal and the highest paid player in England on 350.000 a week. We expect effort and a sustained amount of form that lasts longer than a couple of matches here and there and long periods where you’d hardly know he’s on the pitch, such is his invisibility.

      Ozil can be and often is, lazy. He has enormous talent but rarely shows it, at least not with Arsenal. He’s a luxury we can’t afford anymore, and if we’d done our due diligence we wouldn’t have signed him in the first place. Wenger if you recall at the time, had ( as usual ) signed no-one and was desperately trying to placate the fans who were rightly on his back for not improving the team with new acquisitions. It was at the very end of the transfer window, and more by good fortune than sensible foreplanning, Wenger struck lucky when Madrid placed him on the market. Wenger claimed it as a coup, but it was more down to good luck than anything stingey Wenger had done. It turned out that Ozil got progressively worse after his first couple of seasons with us. And lately he just hasn’t bothered.

      1. Spectrum For “lately” read at least the last four years. Personally, I call that a longtime in football terms, not “lately”. Apart from that nit pick, I loved your truthful post!

        1. May the best player find happiness in Germany.

          All the best Ozil, we will try to tolerate this inexperienced Coach for now.

        2. Yeah I was being generous there, wasn’t I jon? Thanks for the minor reality check. I’m too nice sometimes, aren’t I ? lol

          ( I’m the type of person that tells it as I see it. I don’t believe in politically correct statements just to avoid offending someone’s sensibilities ). No-one ever died from being offended. Though these days it makes you wonder….

  14. Ozil was only paid 350k when he played!,The rest.was made up of bonus/appearance ect ,ect
    So stop with the 350k talk!!only paid his basic pay(did I.say only)

  15. To on the spectrum, you are the minority that has bigger mouth than the majority, social media loves you like a son because negativity and ignorance is far more popular in this digital environment. It’s just your opinion. Get a life you flop.

    1. Who says I’m the minority ? You ? Have you conducted an opinion poll to back up what you said ?

      Yes it’s my opinion, and I’m giving it. Are you one of the leftist speech police now ? Don’t like what I have to say so you want to censor me ? This is a comments page for ALL opinions, including those you might not agree with.

      1. There was an opinion poll here. And majority were in favour of MO returning to the squad. So if we set this as the sample space then yeah I guess you are in the minority.

        1. It must have been on another section of this site then. I didn’t look there. I was referring to this particular comments page.

          And anyway, I don’t shape my views to suit opinion polls.

          1. It was maybe near the end of our recent horrific run that Admin Pat opened a poll. You might have missed it. But that is not the case now so yeah you are not in the majority. Sorry for the silly leg pull.

  16. I criticise you because you take yourself a bit too seriously judging by the amounts of posts you have contributed also criticising everybody else with an opinion and that Spectrum, makes you just as leftist as me. Hypocrisy at least.

  17. I post a lot because I like to engage with others. And when I do I do so seriously, and where possible, politely.

    I don’t see it as criticising, but rather challenging others opinions. Just as you may challenge mine. Isn’t that what robust debate should be about ? Or do you believe we should all practice “Groupthink” and agree that Ozil is the best ever to pull on an Arsenal shirt ?

    And what if I do criticise ? Are you afraid of that ? You can criticise me and I assure you I won’t melt.

    1. Yes but uou criticise others for having the opposite opinion than you.
      Ozil wasn’t as effective in the last few years as he was at the start, that does not make him a flop.
      Just because i say this it doesn’t mean he was the best ever. I’m just sick of people jumping on the bandwagon and only highlighting the the lows.When we are down is when we should be supported, but hey, that’s my opinion. Good luck to you dude hope things get better and that we get back into the top 4 just like the years we took for granted under the other flop Arsene Wenger…

      1. “….Good luck to you dude hope things get better and that we get back into the top 4 just like the years we took for granted under the other flop Arsene Wenger….”.

        Constantly aiming for top 4 is aiming for mediocrity, which Wenger was satisfied with and which consequently made our club mediocre too. We don’t get a medal or a cup for finishing top 4. Try to have more ambition.

        But good luck to you too, and let’s aim for THE TOP, not 2nd 3rd or 4th.

  18. I do have ambition Spectrum but I also appreciate the “mediocrity of Wenger’s top 4”
    Sure beats mid table mediocrity of today.
    Arsenal will be back on top but not overnight. There will never be another Bergkamp or Henry. We created superstars, never bought them, and Wenger thought not just us but the restof the league how to win playing easy on the eye football. The more we slag off our players the deeper into the hole we fall.
    We have to believe in our players, they are all we have. I cannot help but feel that once we start playing with freedom and belief the consistency in results will come and then players such as Pepe will come into their own and become legends of the game. Trust and hope.

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