Arsenal among the clubs keen on experienced Brazilian defender

Arsenal is among a number of clubs interested in signing Real Madrid defender Marcelo, according to reports coming out of Spain.

Apparently, the 31-year-old wants to leave the Spanish giants after 13 years due to no longer being part of manager Zinedine Zidane’s plans next season.

French left-back Ferland Mendy has signed for Real in a £47 million deal from Lyon and that has basically knocked Marcelo down the pecking order at the Bernabeu.

As well as Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus and AC Milan are also said to be interested in signing the experienced Brazilian.

I can understand why Arsenal would be interested but Kieran Tierney must surely be a better option.

Marcelo is getting no younger and there would be serious question marks over him adapting to the Premier League, it is a far more intensive high tempo league in comparison to La Liga.

Tierney could have as much as ten years with Arsenal, how long would they get out of Marcelo? Two years, maybe three and that is if he is a success, which I am not convinced he would be.

He would, of course, bring immense experience but is that enough? I am not so sure that is such a huge advantage these days.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this one unfolds.


  1. To me the first name I would put on our buy list is…….Nabil Fekir. Engine room player. When we lost Santi we became creatively constipated and have looked, except for Aaron Ramsey, absolute rubbish in midfield. Fekir is top level creative/mobile. Tierney next, then Ryan Fraser for wide, then a CB. This all financially possible and not bank breaking. Which leads me to the point….Marcelo. We don’t need him. With AMN and Kolasinac as reserves to Bellerin and Tierney we could do early business and fit all these players into our style. Now.

    1. Sean, I support your conclusions and Admin regarding Marcelo.
      To Fekir, Tierney and Fraser, I would add Lewis Dunk the CB from Brighton and Hove Albion.
      These four plus promotion of Arsenal’s best from the Academy would be a great start to season 2019/20.

      1. ozziegunner

        From Seven Sister’s Road/Hornsey Road in the sun.

        Good thing about Lewis Dunk is he knows the EPL, is 6’4″, is 27, scores headers, and would be in our price range. Good 4-5 years in him. No brainer. We need to get in soon or it will be the same old, same old. Too late for Brighton to find a replacement.

    2. Total concur.

      Also like the blend of British grit and tenacity, coupled with continental flair.

  2. Another silly rumor, because we have got Tierney and Kolasinac

    Unless Kolasinac is sold or if Emery wants to use Marcelo as an LW

      1. We need to set up a hair squad and creep up and get his hair. We need a good supply for Matteo our ‘natural hippie’ midfielder.

      1. The Bhoys fans on Twitter are reporting he is a replacement for their reserve left back who left recently.

  3. I was just having a laugh at one comment on the previous article when Gotanidea said A.Cole was a better LB than Marcelo.
    That is, both in their prime Cole was better than Marcelo.
    Only for me to click next post and I’m seeing we want Marcelo?
    First of all, Cole was one of the best no doubt but Prime Cole wasn’t n couldn’t even be better than Prime Marcelo.
    That doesn’t mean I’ll be rooting for Marcelo now, he’s old.
    Before the Mhki-PEA signature i was always voicing how worried I was about us running a retirement home.
    In other words, Marcelo is past it, and I’ll prefer a younger player

    1. Prime Marcelo was just more skillful, better in attacking and he was luckier because he played with more world class players. For instance, Ozil and him benefited a lot from Ronaldo’s prowess in the past

      Whereas the prime Cole was more of an all-rounder and faster, very good in both attacking and defending

  4. Another story which has no legs just like Dani Alves to Arsenal.We won’t be selling both of our LB’s and Tierney will be a starter so this can’t be happening

    1. Kieran Tierney will have his Arsenal medical today or tomorrow.He will wear the No. 3 shirt.

      Tierney is a Gunner

        1. Nah as you can see I don’t ever follow media.All these info is from unofficial sources so though many will be wrong many will also be correct

      1. We haven’t even made our second bid for Tierney yet and whilst I’m fairly sure we will get him in the end, it’s far from a ‘done deal’.

        1. Nah I’ve been telling you media is late.Second bid has already gone in and been accepted.The same media claimed our second and even third bird was rejected when we never sent in one.They are light years behind.
          The fee and personal terms has already been agreed.

          I remember telling you Spurs will sign Lo Celso and Sessegnon brothers.Lo Celso bid rejection is old news because he will join.Add Ceballoson loan to that list for them.Arsenal can’t gazump them on that one

          1. Is Malcolm a chance on loan?

            Is Zaha deal likely to go through? Any chance we get Fekir and Ziyech instead?

          2. Barcelona will prefer to sell Malcom rather than loan him this window.Their stance might change later on

            Zaha new bid will go in so we will see if it they accept

            Fekir and Ziyech as we know are No. 10’s so unless we shift Ozil its unlikely.Can still happen with Ozil in the team and if it does we will sign one of them

          3. So Neil Lennon is lying then Kev? and your twitter connections are in a better position to know?

          4. Don’t know what’s worse Kev bullshitting or actually fans on here asking him for transfer news??‍♂️
            Cmon peeps arsenal are one if not one of the most secretive clubs in the world and you think someone on twitter as inside information SMFH .
            No offence Kev

          5. @Admin Martin
            It’s seems you’re contradicting yourself.Wasnt it you who posted news about Celtic rejecting a 2nd bid when in fact no second bid had gone in??This wa confirmed by their manager.I warned you but then you said you’ll believe the news outlets in Scotland over me.Nice try though.

            1. We publish what is in the news kev and you are the one saying Celtic have accepted Arsenals bid despite Lennon saying no second bid. I am happy for others to judge you Kev as they so regularly do. I won’t judge you, just point out what needs pointing out.

          6. @Dan Kit
            So is tgis to say ever since Arsenal as a club was founded all its transfer news has only gone through media and journalists??I feel sorry for people who think ITK’s are nothing but fake people for info.People will rather jump on a bandwagon than confirm things for themselves.There is evidence of ITK’s on Twitter reporting transfer news before media outlets and even reliable journalists like Ornstein.You choose who to believe and I know what I have seen that had been confirmed later by media.

    2. We don’t know yet if Tierney will be a starter.

      If he plays better than Kolasinac, then definitely, but I’ll bet you Kolasinac will be better now that he will have young competition, so he may still surprise us and end up at least as good if not better than Tierney.

      1. He is being brought in to be a starter else we won’t be bringing him in at all as Monreal is considered a capable backup and we won’t spend £25m on a backup LB.Should he fail then we know he will be the backup but the plan is for him to be a starter

    3. Sorry to clarify Tierney’s medical will take place over the weekend/early next week rather than today or tomorrow

  5. Happy 4th of July to Durand, georgie b & any others on here!! I’ve been counting down the days until today…not because I celebrate (as I’m a limey) but Stranger Things 3 has dropped on Netflix!!! Woohoo!!!

  6. Don’t waste our money on that idiot. Tired of our club becoming a retiriment hole for down and finished players.

    1. ITK means in the know
      They are unofficial sources for transfer information.Many are fake but some are very reliable and they bring transfer information at times months,weeks,hours and minutes before media relays the same info

  7. As much as I like him, he is too old and not getting any better. That aside, truly amazing and classy fullback. I always find it strange how attacking fullbacks like Kolasinac and Bellerin were exposed very often. This guy is maybe three times more attacking than them but rarely gets exposed.

    1. He gets exposed more often but he plays with a solid central defence. Furthermore, Ronaldo factor made every Real Madrid looked better than they actually were

  8. Kev , with your insider knowledge, what is going on with regard to the sale of our dead wood and aging players?

  9. I`m an ITK !……………I live in Kroenke`s wallet and I can tell you it`s dark and cobwebby in here !

  10. Instead of going for Marcelo, if indeed we are, I’d like to go for Lewis Dunk, he had an excellent season last year and I think could be a good signing….

  11. Il take him for a small fee but I doubt Real will allow that and he will want a top wage which we are trying to clean up so arsenal dont want that!

    Is a 31yr old wanting 150k a week for at least 3yrs – or 7.2m per annual worth it?

    Only true benefit is that he will give experience to a potential tierney (not signed) and bellerin.

    If we sign all the expected/needed signings then this is a luxury we might benefit from.

    Il offer 16m for a 3yr deal and offer 100k.

  12. Transfer windows are exactly that for our ‘skint’ club. Window shopping, wishing we can buy what is behind the window but settling for cheaper and older models and other clubs’ castoffs. What happened to us ‘competing with the big boys’ once we paid off our stadium debt? Quite frankly it’s a joke but obviously not to our billionaire owner who is too busy building his empire.

    We once took CL qualification for granted and AW got stick for it. NO AMBITION was levelled at him and ironically it is now our ambition to get back into CL qualification. We haven’t even stood still, we have actually gone backwards compared to the top 4. Mind you Man U, with all their money, have gone even further back. This has nothing to do with our present manager, even Pep would struggle in the present setup, which will only change if Kroenke sells the club. So get used to the Europa League!!!

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