Arsenal among the clubs who lobbied to stop Newcastle takeover

Arsenal is one of the Premier League clubs who asked the Premier League to block the sale of Newcastle United to a consortium led by the Saudi Arabia government.

The Magpies have seen the end of Mike Ashley’s reign at the club and they have entered a new era where they are expected to spend more money than Manchester City has done.

Premier League rivals have watched as City has dominated the competition in the last decade thanks to the spending power of their owners.

Newcastle’s new owners are the richest in the Premier League and they would now threaten the table position of traditional big clubs like Arsenal.

The Daily Mail says the Gunners and the likes of Tottenham tried to stop the Premier League from allowing the sale of the North-East club from going through.

However, their attempts proved futile and they now have one more competition to consider in their bid to get back inside the Premier League’s top four.

Rich owners have shown with clubs like Chelsea and City that they can spend their way to success quickly and football fans now expect that to happen at Newcastle.

It remains unclear if Stan Kroenke will respond to this development and give Arsenal as much support as they need to remain competitive.

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  1. Quelle surprise? I think not, of course our largely frugal and indifferent owner would dislike the notion of having another free-spending entity entering the already crowded fray

      1. If that’s the case, this is the most misleading article I’ve seen in quite some time and I would gladly offer at least a partial apology for my previous post…I only say partial as no matter the case our owner has been largely indifferent and likely has no interest in competing financially with another deep-pocketed owner

  2. If fans and admin kept up with the news, articles and comments might just be relevant.
    Let’s see if MA ‘s squad is raided in the same way that City did to AW’s squad, when the oil money started rolling in.
    Just read that Leno, AMN, Lacs, Auba, Holding and Elneny could all be targets, raising £125,000,000 for The Arsenal!!!!!
    Where do these people get their ideas from?

    1. KEN some fans are so far removed from reality as to astound we more thinking fans.

      I too have read Gooner comments ludicrously suggesting a newly enriched Newcastle might actually be interested in the players we wish to get rid of !
      You have to seriously wonder at the lack of IQ of some of those who post such rubbish!

      1. It will also be interesting to see how Willock fares, once Newcastle start flexing their money muscles Jon.
        I missed out Saliba from the list of players, but no mention of Guendouzi…. I wonder why?

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