Arsenal among the teams considering a move for former Liverpool star

Arsenal is one of the teams keen on signing Emre Can from Juventus.

The Germany international joined Juventus from Liverpool in 2018 after running down his contract at Anfield. He has, however, struggled for form and minutes at the Allianz Stadium and a move away seems to be on the cards.

Reports from Germany via Mail Sport claims that Arsenal is among five teams looking to sign the wantaway midfielder.

Arsenal is reportedly keen to add him to their squad as Mikel Arteta continues to rebuild his side.

The Spaniard has been forced to manage the squad he inherited for the rest of this season with the club planning to back him up significantly in the next transfer window.

Can was one of Liverpool’s best performers while he was in the Premier League and the German helped the Reds reach the 2018 Champions League final.

Maurizio Sarri seems to favour other midfielders over him but his qualities are undoubted. Juventus will reportedly allow him to leave if any team pays around £25 million for his signature.

However, he currently earns £260,000 per week and that could put teams off. Borussia Dortmund is seen as the front runners but is only prepared to pay him £160,000 per week.

The report further claims that Tottenham, Man Utd and Bayern Munich are the other clubs interested in signing the 26-year-old.

That is quite a line up of clubs that are being linked with a player that is yet to reach his peak. It will be interesting to see where he finally ends up.


  1. I don’t think Arsenal would buy Can. Because he would most likely be too expensive for someone who is not popular enough to sell shirts

    Unless Arteta is desperate to learn Klopp’s methods from Can

    If Arteta wants to find more about Klopp’s system, he should have asked Arsenal to approach Nathaniel Clyne. His contract will end in this summer and we need someone to compete with Bellerin

    1. It’s not collapsed that’s the metro for you. He was going home after medical anyway, stick to sky sports news m8. They was loaning then buying, but now they want us to buy now, it’s peanuts and if arsenal can’t afford 7.5ml then we’re really in trouble

  2. Here we go again with yet another false rumour. Oh, I have no doubt that, ideally, AFC would like several of these who are rumoured(despite the fact that means we would be fielding a team of “two hundred plus players”) But in REALITY LAND WHERE I LIVE, they just won’t be happening, so as they won’t be happening, I am not interested. I guess many Gooners feel the same way.

    1. Absolutely agree Jon, just like that rumour yesterday about Ozil going to America – guess what though, some lived in another reality land where they that would happen!!!

      Funny how some of these ridiculous rumours fool those not as educated as you – us realists can see through them straight away.

      1. Yes Ken. Spot on and us realistsindeed can see through them straight away. GOOD TO AGREE FOR ONCE, THOUGH I RATHER THINK YOU WERE NOT HOPING FOR AGREEMENT WERE YOU, OLD CHUM!

    2. You best take a break on Friday then Jon, you really will not like the articles on that day. In fact, you should book the entire summer on a deserted island without communication because transfer rumours will dominate.

      1. Martin, it is not rumours that have a chance of happening I mind. No, not at all, I would welcome them. BUT, BY THE NATURE OF HOW FOOTBALL WORKS ,TRANSFERS ARE RARE EVENTS BUT RUMOURS ON HERE ARE LIKE TV ADVERTS, SO FREQUENT AND SO MEANINGLESS ARE THEY. EXCEPT TO THOSE WHO MAKE MONEY FROM ADVERTS, OF COURSE. I will probably give this site a miss though on final transfer day and thanks for the warning, though I DID see it coming. Sigh! And alack a day(just thought I’d throw that quaint expression in for any Shakespeare readers who happen to be on here; as if, me apart!)

        When is this promised and welcome splitting of this site into separate sections due to happen, please?

  3. Can would be the usual second rate signing. Even how we deal with January transfer window is poor. Even the Spuds have done well in the window. Even if Pep Guardiola was our manager the team would be the product of the Kroenke’s. They are a curse on us.

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