Arsenal Analysis – Coquelin, Mertesacker, Arteta and last weekend…..

Francis Coquelin, Per Mertesacker, Mikael Arteta and last weekend by JA

Hello guys, hope y’all havin a fine uuhhhm happy transfer window….

So of late, two grown heads at Arsenal have come under criticism; Per Mertesacker and Mikael Arteta and it’s all about they’re slow, they’re old or they just don’t cut it.

Now I’ll go query by query. Slow they are but also smart. The reason that people get worried about Per is that he can’t run after Sturridge, or Aguero, or any one fast, but I’ll tell you this; If your sweeper at any club whatsoever ends up chasing strikers so many times that it becomes notable, then there is something wrong with your defence. Center backs, and more specifically sweepers, are designed for interceptions, just like holding midfielders. It’s the job of the number 4 to run about marking strikers. It’s the job of the number 5 to watch out for opposition passes. Personally, I’ve watched Per stifle Tevez and Aguero on the same pitch on the same day. This is because his number six and number four were good enough to give him the time to mark the passing lines towards both and intercept passes before they reached them.

The reverse though Is true. If Laurent had a partner more drawn to the ball like himself, then it would be a whole lot easier to beat him with a simple pass behind him and even his great pace would never recover. We need to appreciate players putting the weakness of those around them in perspective. Now Per has his weakness exposed because of who is around him, but imagine if Laurent had to play with Monreal, absolute catastrophe!

Same case for Arteta, he looks slow and out of his depth when alongside a faltering number 8 (box to box) A case in point is the game against Dortmund in the first leg. Ramsey was always upfield like a support striker, leaving Arteta to chase Aubomeyang, Mikhtarian and God knows who else on his own. A deep six is designed for the stifling role, just to make sure that the pass to the striker never gets there, or if it does, it’s delayed enough for his defense to pick it out. His other job at a team like Arsenal is to be available for a pass at all times which he does so well. It’s not so much a requirement for a deep lying midfielder to play risky fancy forward passes but it’s an added advantage. He’d be more useful playing a simple pass to the nearest option.

Finally, I watched a replay of the Hull City game and noticed most experienced players, if not all, tried to avoid playing a pass to Coquelin even when he was in a great position.To the normal A.O.B mind,they’ll say it’s a ploy by Wenger to foil Coquelin but I think it would be easier to convince a young player not to pass to him than an older one. I noticed that Rosicky, Cazorla, Mertersacker and Monreal all opted for each other rather than pass to him, and that he received a lot of passes from Joel Campbell, Hector, Chambers. My interpretation of this gesture was that in training, he’s probably less assured in possession, resulting in a luck of trust in his ball skills from the seniors.

I, at one point, saw Monreal reprimand him for attempting a complicated crossfield ball which ended up far away from its target (Monreal), so in my view, Coquelin should quell his desire for always attempting the difficult pass and keep it simple so the senior players can gain trust in him. Even being a senior, you’ll notice that Arteta or Xavi or Alonso, or even the great Matic try to keep it simple when playing out of defense.

Otherwise, I think his positioning is good, passing range is average, he is an average tackler and a good interceptor.

Alright.till next time.have a great weekend.


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  1. Damn, just read that extremely promising DM Junior Malanda of Wolfsburg died in a car crash..


  2. i see no reason why arsenal fans hate spurs this much….. Okay! they are our closest neighbours!….duh…… Okay! they are doing well and are on form this season…..duh….. But if we feel we are so better than em, why do we consider em as Local rivals or threats?…… Could we also be bold enough to create rivalries with other top teams?…… Cuz really, thats the true definition of a CHAMPION….hate on citeh, chelski, manure and Pool…. And beat em as well

    1. Uh. Watching Palace agaisnt Spuds. Most interesting to me are Palace fans who are cheering their team when they were losing. But now they have equalized. Let’s support our players and not slate them. When we win, “we beat a shit team”. Whe we lose, “we are shit”. Ozil is coming back and people has started saying he is not good to play. How can we make the to build confidence? Apology for deviating from topic but palace fans strike and see, even as am typing they are leading. They have real fans, but some of us are not better than Wenger who feels he knows better than all and more Arsenal than others. I will support my team and who ever is on the field in the shirt.

    2. Er cos that’s part of our tradition, because that what happens in football, cos football is tribal….the same way Utd hate city, Liverpool hate Everton, Sunderland hate Newcastle. It’s got nothing to do with their performance (we know they’re sh*te and always will be). Normally belonging to the tribe means your brothers, you’re there…shoulder to shoulder against the others and would walk through walls for your own….not something you’d likely understand when it comes to Arsenal.

  3. I’m Very sorry to hear about junior malanda! My condolences goes out to his family for their lost, and wolfsburg fc!

  4. His passing range is more than just average if you ask me!
    hopefully he will get another start against the thug team!

    1. Coq passing seemed quite good last week and even made 1 or 2 great long passes.

      He was a bit late or clumsy on 2 challenges and was lucky to not get yellow. Against City I want to see how he does, over Flamini who will probably go off with red and Arteta who’s pace will be exposed.
      Only then we can really tell how well hw will do, when playing against top teams.

    2. OP’s criticism of Coquelin is very wide of the mark for me.
      He showed an intelligent football brain in the games I have watched him play.
      Against West Ham he went to intercept a Hammer on the wing near the corner flag and in a dangerous position for a cross, he closed the player down but whe a West Ham player arrived behind him and an Arsenal player was closing from his right he dropped back to cover the pass to the 2nd West Ham player instead of trying to win the ball.
      By far the 100% correct thing to do.
      Also I have seen commentary that Wanamana ‘bullied’ him in the Saints game, were these people watching a different game? I saw Coq turn Wanamana 3 times in that game and stiffle runs, no small feat when facing such a big guy.
      Lastly we really need video calls for referees, those ‘lucky not to be yellows,’ bar one,when watched in slow motion were good tackles where he got to the ball first.

      Well done Le Coq and good luck against the Ork’s from Stoke!

    1. @bigvalbolwski

      Costa is the best, you just think he us better cause he is English.

      Costa or Kale

      Thumbs up Costa is bettet
      Thumbs down Kane is better

  5. Francis coquelin has been impressive so far to me, i just pray that he continues to excell and go from strength to strength for arsenal fc! Coyg!

  6. BFG,Arteta,Coquelin,Monreal, etc… Those players are only good for mid-table teams… But, nowadays, they evn struggle against bottom-tables and newly promoted teams. This is 2 tell u hw low of standard Arsenal have been to hv still stick to these guys….

    Our Manager is an economist, let me help him analysis how he’s gonna spend 20mil cash 2b given this window………
    *Ried is abt 4mill atmost
    *Brozovic is 8mill atmost
    *lets assume he bought a 16yr kid Bielik 4 3mill
    He still hv excess of 5mill 2 buy anoda Defender

    Then in the summer, we go get Morgan, Lacazzette,Cech and Gundogan/fekir of Lyon

    Why is he making life stressful 4 himself and making it look like he’s working very hard more than other Managers… He sometimes make it look asif he’s the only one that can manage AFC better… I hate to say this but “Wenger is ‘Old-fashioned’…. he needs help”

    1. Does this go to say how poor they are now, or is it a testament to how good the EPL is from top to bottom? Look at the results from EVERY team in the league, there have been consistent upsets. Just look at who Chelsea, City and Manure have lost and/or tied with. It’s not a 2 horse race like it has been in the past, even newly promoted teams can beat the top sides nowadays.

      1. Oh!! Why havnt Swansea,Stoke and other shit teams beaten Chelsea… Why only us… Must we compare ourselves with teams lik Tot,Everton,L’pool and Soton….. No matter how bad Chelsea,Mancity,Man utd may be, Stoke can neva beat them to a goal tally of 3goal (even without a Red card)…. What I see is just that those new promoted and bottom-table teams are only very good against Us (Arsenal Fc)

        1. Just counting league matches and not cups or Champion’s League, Chelsea has lost to Newcastle and Tottenham, and drew with Sunderland. Man City has lost to Stoke and West Ham and has drawn with both Burnley and QPR.

          Explain to me how “shit” teams only beat us? The BIGGEST attraction to the EPL is that the newly promoted teams can come in and beat the defending champions. We aren’t the only team dropping points to teams in the bottom half.

    2. Arteta and mertesacker were last minute panic buys that strengthen the belief that Asene is only content with 4th..
      It’s simple.. Instead of being ambitious we are mediocre and only go for these average players because arsene refuses to see a gap, go for the jugular (last season case in point when we were on top and we should have strengthened instead of buying an injured player ffs)
      It’s simple- teams target our snails, Hence why we always get trounced by the better teams THAT HAVE PACE!!!!

    3. Disagree completely.

      BFG, Arteta, Coq, Monreal are all perfectly necessary at title challenging clubs, but only as backup/rotational options. Whereas 3 are arguably starters, 2 of which are key components of the spine of our team. There’s the issue.

      Chelseas spine: Courtois-Terry-Cahill-Matic-Fab-Costa
      City’s spine: Hart-Komp-Mangala-Fernan-Toure-Aguero
      Arsenals spine: SZCZ-Kos-PER-ARTETA-Rambo-Giroud

      I think our GK, CB and DM are pretty weak in comparison. And our continual defensive problems would lend some credence to that. While I get Schneiderlin is everyone’s cup of tea I’m not convinced he’s the absolute best we could want for DM, he’s more Ramsey than Matic. Wanyama or Carvalho would be better “sitters” IMO.

      But it’s flogging a dead horse time and again. We know the issues we have, soft in the middle of the park, no defensive leader, and not replaced Thierry. You could go back and look at conversations from 2007 and there’d be comments just like mine and yours.

      THAT’S why Wenger has lost it in many fans eyes.

      1. Agreed! What confuses me is that Luiz Gustavo has completely disappeared after we lost out on him to Wolfsburg. Why compete for Wanyama or Schneiderlin when Gustavo is just as good, has experience in massive games for Brazil, and is going to be cheaper? Bring in Gustavo and Van Djik in January, I’ll be a happy man.

      2. Charlie

        Bfg and arteta are ONLY useful in an average team.. Hmmmmmm what have we become..,,,??
        Coquelain and monreal are ok subs for a title pushing team..!
        I don’t get what you mean..? Bfg and arteta wouldn’t make dubs in any of the top 3 teams!!!

        1. Per and Arteta are perfect backups to a Howedes/Gundagon. If you think they wouldn’t play you’re not being realistic, Per is backup for the world champions and Arteta is plenty good enough but age is now taking its toll.

          Amazing how coquelin plays a few games and he’s good enough, yet Arteta since we bought him has been maybe the most reliable midfield performer. Not his fault he’s been played as a starter when he should be a backup player, but at the same time our midfield is clueless without him.

    1. hmm…… Just watching you cheer for palace to beat spurs so you could grab 4th…… Just funny!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!This article must have been written by Wenger himself. Let’s face it,Mertesacker and Arteta were once decent players in their youthful days,but now they are shit,both are liabilities to the rest.Koscielny,gibbs and debuchy have to work twice as hard to cover up for the sluggish per,same case when arteta is playing, the midfielders around have to run back when he easily gets turned and beaten for pace.
    Picture this,if we had a quick,agile defender alongside kos,our full backs would have the freedom to bombard forward without worrying about covering for a slug at the back.Same if we had a big strong athletic dmf like gustavo,our midfield midgets would be free to move forward and create chances knowing that there is someone reliable protecting the back four.But then again this can only happen in my dreams or on FIFA manager

    1. Totally disagree arteta is imacculetae in posession and also per .
      Everyone has their weekness unless your messi and Ronaldo

      Mert is better than cus in positioning,passing,sweeping
      If anything merts covers the right back by pushing to the half way line and going wide. This is an arsenal tactics that doesn’t suit a player of merts stature but he makes up for it with his passing

  8. Finally walcott alexis nd ozil will play together some time soon!! Ozils includion may shift cazorla on d left and alexis as d main striker. Or mayb d whole formation will b changed from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. Important decisions to b made by AW, fingers crossed !!!

  9. From the Telegraph

    Arsenal’s cash reserves at the end of May stood at £173.3 million but this did not reflect further day-to-day costs over the course of the 2014-15 accounting year and also the subsequent activity in the summer transfer window.

    The available resources for January are estimated at £40 million by the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust, who will use Thursday’s annual general meeting to challenge the club on why Wenger also did not strengthen his centre-back options during the summer.

    £173 million (current) cash reserves
    – £40 million (allocated for summer sales)

    = £133 million cash reserves (as of May 2014 that is in part needed for say to say running. Not sure if this includes Wongas or players wages?)

    Still, nice chunk of change lying around nonetheless..

    So £40 mil has to be spent in the summer. Why not strengthen now to ensure we do bag the UCL 4th spot cup and the £30 million that goes with it. Might be too late otherwise, no?

  10. Arsenal fans only get excited
    when Crystal Cr#p beats
    Tottenham nobody.
    C’mon guys lets raise the bar
    and focus on beating City next week.

  11. @Greg hmm…… Just watching you cheer for palace to beat spurs so you could grab 4th…… Just funny!

  12. Tottenham Lost, westham dropped points and guys are already cracking their beer cans……. Hahahahahaha ….. I wonder who y’all would be praying for moro … Will it be the saints or manure? …..hahahahaha……..

    1. Tottenham lost and Arsenal aren’t supposed to be happy? How long have you been a fan? Because to me it doesn’t seem as if you’re too aware of the history of Arsenal and Tottenham.

    2. Agree with @MickTheGooner.

      Laughing at Tottenham whenever they lose is something a true Arsenal fan would do even if we would play the Conference.

    3. @SoOpa…. My friend, I don’t know how long you have been an Arsenal fan but I will tell you this, it does not matter where spuds are (League 1 or 2, Conference, Championship, Blue square etc). We will always look for their poor results and it makes us feels good..

      Our rivalry goes back decades and generations, the moment we moved from Woolwich to North London it has been that way… I can watch Chelski, United, Liverpool, City etc win the league and I will be okay, but Spuds even finishing in the Top 4 is worse to me than the other clubs winning the CL or EPL..

      If you have grown up in North London through primary school, Secondary school, College, University etc then you will know how both fans think of one another.. We despise them and they despise us..

  13. Newbie Gooners need to learn a little history.
    When you become a Gooner, even at the sage of 3, you also learn to completely dislike spuds, I won’t use the word hate as it is wrong with all the real hate that is happening in these troubled times. They are our closest rivals, distance wise, local rivalry has played a major part of football rivalry for decades. Much of this is before football went global, you supported your local team. If you was born in North London as I was you supported either The Arse or spuds. Usually you supported who your Dad supported, it was an unwritten law. I am glad we have supporters all over the world and have met many on my travels who have become friends but they all needed to know about the rivalry with the other team who live just a kilometre away from us and usually got it when I explained it. Respect everyone but a true Gooner will never have anything good to say about spuds! Peace and Love to everyone, especially our French friends.

    1. I am aware of History. Spurs last
      won the EPL 53 years ago.
      Chelsea ignore QPR + Fulham.
      Man City no longer compete with Oldham.
      Nobody rates Leeds anymore.
      Liverpool have never won the EPL .
      Forest won the ECL twice 79/80 but who fears them now?
      Wolves were mighty 60 years ago but are now 3rd tier.
      To rate Spurs is to give them far too much credit.

      1. As a Gunner fanatic you have to admit Spuds got the shaft when the First Division was formed. Chelsea should have gone down that year. Arsenal got in by a “miscalculation” ahem. Henry Norris made a few deals.

  14. @alien,Do you have a problem with that? Do you expect every1 here to be a saddist like you? We beat team, its “we beat a weak team”, we loose, its “we are shit”. Stick to your negativity and leave others to feel good

  15. Bunch of money loving fleece the fans loving Dunts in charge of the club!
    Screw the lot of them…tonight I drink & Enjoy!

  16. spuds have never won the EPL, the the old first division yes.
    Sorry for being pedantic and nobody rates them either.

  17. please gimme a break y’all!….. I Like to Laugh at the big -big Teams….. Cuz when they Lose it makes more sense and is not related to how long i have been a fan……infact, i was the happiest when Chelski Lost to Newcastle…….. Tottenham may take ages to Lift the trophy….. They are the underdogs people think……. Forget about Local rivalries….. The world already knows arsenal are the kings *coughs* of North London… Lets just stop making further announcement or noises

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