Arsenal Analysis – How far has Mikel Arteta progressed since his arrival?

After two and a half years, how far has Arteta gone? By Eddie Hoyte


Hi Gooners and Goonerettes.

It’s been over a month since I last made a comment contribution on here. Work, studio, and everything that keeps me away occasionally.

It’s been a year, 9 months, and 5 days since I had written my first article specifically on what Arteta changed when he came in December 2019, and how he was changing the activities and culture among the players.

Today I’m sharing another of my in-depth views and research, quotes about him and the club since then, and this might a bit long for some of you folks, but I hope you make it to the end.

For reflection, I’m going to explore the situations surrounding the club and manager, and of course, this will be my opinions alone and quotes from a few people.

You can check my first in-depth article about Arteta here.

No point going into how Arteta got the job or the moves he made when he got the job. I’ll like to believe everyone knows that at this point. Has he done the things he said he would so far? Yes, he’s done some very impressively, and some are still questionable up until this moment. I’ve been a vocal supporter of Arsenal, the players, and Arteta since he came in. I’ve had to stay quiet about his struggles for a full season because I always said his first season was going to be nothing to me, as I’ll give him the rookie pass and a chance to learn and experience the job before I’ll start having my expectations.

I did get questioned, about my loyalty towards the club and all, but I understood why some fans would think that way, and I understood what I was doing by standing behind the manager in his first season.

Contrary to how fans pretend to make it look, this is actually Arteta’s second full season in charge of the club.

He started this season poorly and understandably with a weak team that had to face two of the best teams very early into the season. After that, I’ll be honest, I thought okay the best we’ll be able to get is top 6.

I never thought at some point we’d be in the race for top 4, but here we are still in the fight with a few games to go despite losing our last two games, and deservedly so. From here, we’ll need to put in our absolute best and nothing else to make the top 4. If we don’t make it, we’ll only have ourselves to blame and we’ll have to settle for Europa League qualification. That’s not enough for me. I barely watched our Europa league games during the past seasons, nothing about it gives me joy, so I don’t put my time into it. In return, I never got affected when we crashed out or lost the final.

A couple of weeks ago, Arteta gave an interview and he said this…. “Until now I think one of the biggest successes has been to create – as a club – a culture and an atmosphere where our players, staff, and everyone can feel that this is a place where they can fulfil their potential.

“It is a place where they can grow, they can participate, and everyone can add value to the club. When you get that, you create a real sense of belonging and that’s something more powerful than just personal interest. I think that’s been one of our biggest wins so far.”

So far, we can agree with the fact that the culture in the club and dressing room has evolved a whole lot, and the team when they win, they win together, and they lose together, and even among the staff on the training pitch there’s a lot of togetherness.

He went on ahead to say this: “You have to be aligned to give the players the right environment and protection – and sometimes the right push – that’s necessary. Obviously, before we sign them we do a lot of work to understand whether they can adapt and evolve in our culture and if they have the qualities they need to be successful in our team.”

Also, after PSG got knocked out of the UCL and Arteta’s name was being thrown around for the PSG job. Kevin De Bruyne gave an interview, and I think about his comment, and I see where Arteta might’ve gotten his ability to bring together new players and form a strong bond between them. KDB said; “Man City looks for the best players but also learns about personal life, the way you behave. They know how to create a group. It’s a little different from what is done at PSG.”

It’s only fair to see where Arteta might’ve picked his recruitment ideas from. If you want to build a group of players and turn them into a family, you’ve got to make sure they’re players that can work in a group, whose personal lives and behaviour are important.

Perhaps this is why the manager got rid of certain players? We know, aside from Ozil being a player past his prime, his personal life and dealings with the media at some point became controversial, and somehow he’s still struggling with that, as he was currently suspended. Take note, this is not about Ozil or going back to what he was to us, this is not to attack him or incite attacks against him.

Another example would be Guendouzi, whose talent isn’t no secret but his attitude got him where he is right now.

Do we actually believe Arteta doesn’t seem to think he’s good enough to be around as a squad player, that he’s better than Elneny?

Oh, I think he’s aware of Guendouzi’s abilities and potential, but somehow, trying to create a calm dressing room without ego and attitude seems to be more important to him, hence Guendouzi had to go. Maybe some more players too.


Another one of those non-negotiables for young and new players to succeed under Mikel is to get a grip on the language.


“Playing in one of the more difficult leagues in the world is a different challenge depending on where you have come from. But also, it’s about how much they do to adapt. They might not speak English when they arrive, but what can you do in a month or two months? They might say ‘it’s difficult for me’ but how much are you really trying? Because for me the language is an absolute basic. It’s the platform for everything. If not, you cannot communicate, make yourself understood or noticeable. You cannot create your figure, your identity, within the dressing room and the club without being able to communicate.

“It’s impossible, so I always put a lot of emphasis on players when they arrive – the first thing is you have to learn the language. You have to be able to communicate. That’s whether you are coming from the academy or not it doesn’t matter – you have to be able to talk with your teammates. It’s something we talk about because, in my opinion, it’s a key to success.”

This is a big one because we experienced it with Unai Emery. Myself, I lost support for him even though I started out as one of his biggest supporters, just as I did for Arteta. Aside from failing to control the big egos in the room and putting his foot down, Emery’s only biggest flaw with us was his inability to communicate in English.

Obviously now it’s crystal clear the man is clearly a great and underrated coach in Europe. Perhaps in some alternate Universe, Arsenal got rid of the big ego players, and are a team with the togetherness and culture change Arteta brought and have an alternate Unai Emery as the coach who could communicate clearly with the team. Basically, in some alternate universe, Emery’s biggest flaws and let-downs with us never existed, and I know that’s some bomb movie I’d love to see or watch just to see how it ends. If only it works that way. Lol.

Back to our universe, You could also question why Emery refused to work with a translator. He’s the professional, one of the best and underrated current managers and I’m just some guy who got his football knowledge from years of watching the game and reading books about the game and its technicalities. If the common fan understands that language and communication are important, how come Emery didn’t treat it as such? I can’t wrap my head around it. I mean you’ve got to hand it to him for preferring to take the challenge and effort to try. He’d go on ahead to communicate with the players and media in English. What came out of it was being turned comical for trying and his accent by the media, fans, including myself. That was the infamous “Good Ebening”.  With leaks coming out about how players sometimes mocked his accent, and some couldn’t understand him whenever he spoke. Marcelo Bielsa worked with a translator, and you’d be left thinking, why did Emery refuse to get one for himself till he could handle the language properly?

Though Mr. Emery came out and gave an interview saying Arsenal fans weren’t patient with him as we’ve been with Arteta, and there’s really no lie in that. I was one of Emery’s biggest supporters, but I got tired of the game and the football we were playing after six months, even though we went on an impressive run. Perhaps if he had sorted out the dressing room first just like Arteta did, and the fans saw a cultural shift, perhaps he could’ve been given more time?

This isn’t an article written to criticize one man while praising the other. I started out writing this about Arteta and the team, and I think the Emery explanation coming into it actually proves Arteta has done one hell of a great job at the club so far. In his second full year as a football manager.

One thing I will admit to his time is I’m still unimpressed he keeps making some of the same mistakes he made last season. I think the Crystal Palace game was one of those days where it just doesn’t happen and everyone was off, but the Brighton game was a different ball game. I completely lay that loss on Arteta. After losing Partey and Tierney, there was no point weakening the midfield further by moving Xhaka to left-back when we had players who could’ve played the position.

So, I’m still impressed by the progress made so far but there’s also so much more to be done, and now is the time for him to show if he can actually handle situations like these.

The team has the chance to make one last big push for the top four.

Will Arteta and the boys make it to the finish line, or will they crumble further?  This period will be Arteta’s most challenging one yet.

Have a great weekend you beautiful people.


Tou can read Eddie’s original in-depth article about Arteta here

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  1. He’s been a down and up manager, he’s young and still learning many may say but age as a manager shouldn’t really count in my oppion, there’s been alot of great young managers over the years, it’s more if ARTETA can get the cash support to build a winning team again instead of here’s so much from kroenke and a couple of loaness , and this rumour of Barcelona wanting to swap 3 players for our best centre back Gabriel, well if that happens the club’s stupid, as were building a winning team not here to take 3 has beens of Barcelona who got beat with Frankfurt last night at the nou camp, we want to keep our best and just because Barcelona’s a big club deep down since they lost Messi they have struggled badly, but I I lay care about Arsenal and that Gabriel stays at arsenal as there’s not 3 players at Barcelona defence wise that could make a transfer happen with Gabriel, why give our best away to make them better ,just doesn’t make sense… And I hope ARTETA ,EDU AND THE CLUB AND READING THIS AS US SUPPORTERS WILL GO CRAZY IF THEY DO A SWAP JUST TO GET 3 PLAYERS IN, the got aubameyang for free then stuck a £80 million release clause on him (WTF)

    1. The club is not smart enough when it comes to sales and add to that we overrate our player too much. No wonder some years ago people here were saying they would reject 60m from PSG for Guendouzi. For someone like Gabriel if we can get 60m for him it would be a great deal. Suppose Barca bid that and we rejected it means that the club believes Gabriel will be or is world class. Now looking at Gabriel now can we say he’s world class or will be?? These are the 50-50 decisions where our clubs fail. We’ve kept numerous players in these kind of scenarios and have regretted.

      1. I disagree with you sir. Selling our best players who are starters (world class or not) tells other teams that we are a selling club and that makes them target others. After Madrid got Modric, they came back for Bale a year later. Levy made tham pay a world record fee to let them know that Tottenham Hotspur is not a selling club and they have since stopped disturbing Tottenham. It also shows a clear lack of ambition and will set us back. Players will also start seeing us a stepping stone to bigger clubs, something like what Dortmund is. Arsenal should be a destination for top players and not a stepping stone club

        1. Its not necessarily about selling your best players. Its about smart selling. If a club bid 100m for Gabriel you wouldn’t be saying this. Someone like Saka is untouchable but not Gabriel. You sell to buy better and you must sell at the right time. Gabriel is not world class or ever going to be so if a say a 60m bid came in for him we will regret not selling because he will not develop to that level. The Bale Spurs had was untouchable like Saka is for us whereas Gabriel isn’t. i want you to understand that in considering transfers you shouldn’t overrate the quality of your player.

          1. I think you’re somewhat correct. But I think that £60m will not buy us a significantly better player than Gabriel, especially in a market where average, over-hyped players are sold for £40m – £45m and Bayern Munich is demanding €80m from Barcelona for a 33yr old Lewandowski. £70m will be more like it

            1. Edmund Tapsoba is significantly better than Gabriel and even White and should not cost more than 60m or if anything slightly above that. Its those 50-50 decisions in selling players that this club always miss. Imo I fell like there’s even defenders costing 60m or below that are better that Gabriel. He’s good for me but not great or potentially will be. Saliba is the one who has that talent. I do agree with you that a swap for Gabriel would be a terrible deal. I know we wouldn’t just swap Gabriel for any of the three players in question.

              1. I actually agree with you Kev. Sell at the right time get as much as possible and buy a better upgrade. It’s how Liverpool do it and they are very clever at it

  2. No offense Eddie I highly respect the effort u put.

    A very different article

    But I think either u got the tittle wrong or u just deviated
    Nevertheless its fine 🙂

    Coming to the question I think even a person who is blind can see the progress we made

    Arteta is no way perfect
    But I see him just like any of our players young and inexperienced with an extremely high ceiling, yet he’s tactics (excluding past 2 games) was quite elite.

    No doubt sometimes he makes howlers but that’s all part of the process

    But it really makes no sense sacking him if we don’t get top 4

    I know for the history of this gargantuan club a simple top 4 is a failure

    But a lot has changes since, the amount we spent on 6 players is nearly the same amount Chelsea spent on a striker and the previous summer they invested over 250 million to a team that was already better than our team back then while we went down hill.
    I don’t see the need to mention man city n Liverpool they spent large amount too, basically buying success.

    Despite all of this we were and still (unlikely) in a top 4 fight

    I see this transfer market is the most critical. Let him sign the players he wants even if that means we have to spend another 200 million

    And next season is what defies his success
    If he gets the players he wants a top 4 semifinals in at least one domestic cup

    The Europa league victory if we finish 5th
    Minimum quarterfinals if UCL if 4th is a must


    1. Good points. But I beg to disagree that Liverpool is buying success. They sell talents for good money (something we obviously do not know how to do) and they buy well (after extensively scouting a player to know if he fits their system). Most of their transfers in recent seasons are spot on (Van Dijk, Allison, Fabinho, Mane, Firmino, Salah, Jota, Konate) and they do not spend obscene amounts on transfers and wages like the Old Trafford club on mediocrity. We need to learn from them

      1. I don’t think it is only the scouting, the coach is refined and helps the players become better. Here at arsenal, players become worse than they were at previous clubs or start to be inconsistent. I bet if a pepe went to liverpool, he’ll be a beast. Heck u just have to look at chamberlain for us and chamberlain for liverpool and see the gulf of difference.

      2. They spend when they need to they have the most expensive defender Virgil van Dijk, they have the second most expensive gk Allison they spent 60 million on Naby 50 million on fabinho , 50 million on jota while

        NO DOUBT thats smart investment but while we spent 150 million on 6 players they spent 275 million on 6 players

        we need to spend like them this summer

        1. Liverpool have invested well but there is little doubt that they have spent a lot of money.
          Before last summer’s transfer window Arsenal had not invested consistently well. However, that window’s investments look reasonably sound so far.
          In my view, Arteta has done well overall given the resources at his disposal and the situation when he took over.

          1. exactly i find #artetaout pointless i say let him sign the cf he wants the midfielder he wants the backups and i can see a better progress next season

    2. Liverpool have not been buying success. They have mostly spent wisely and been swift in the market. They buy players who at their current level don’t look world class but could be so plus Klopp in buying attackers make sure he buys players with end product. Even for Chelsea Lampard left Tuchel a squad that it would take a smart manager to properly fit in all the midfielders in a very good system for all of them to properly function effectively. Tuchel should be applauded for what he’s done at Chelsea and for being smart to use the 3-4-3 to win the UCL.

      1. This is what Arsene Wenger was doing in his first decade, the money made for the club was astronomical.
        Sadly, he lost that magical touch later, both in buying and selling, but the CL money was still funneling in to the club.

        I don’t believe, to5date, that either gazidis’s mob or the MA /Edu partnership have come anywhere near the likes of Liverpool’s expertise in this area and I suspect Silent Stan feels the same!!!

            1. No, but I don’t believe that Wenger was the problem. He kept us top four with all kind of players and with limited funds. David Dein was very influential and was a crucial part of Wenger’s first successful decade.

              1. Absolutely correct and in my opinion, David and Arsene were the dream ticket.
                Listen to how each one talks and thinks about the other, better than most marriages I suggest!
                There is a case for some kind of recognition regarding David Dein, but it’s difficult as he was so opposed to the Emirates and in favour of Wembley as our new home.

                1. I agree with you, there’s always something Ken. I felt he was genuine and he had good skills with young lads. Ian Wright considered David as a father figure, taking good care of hime in a challenging time of his life. How you are treating other people tells me a lot about your character.

  3. I agree Arteta has overseen a cultural shift as he said but I also thought he would be competing for the Champions League in 3yrs, again like he said. Moreover, speaking of Aubameyang, would Arteta have paid him to leave if he was banging in goals, considering the cultural shift he spoke about? Didn’t Arteta take notice of his “indiscipline” while he was still scoring and even gave him the armband and pushed the club to give him obscene wages? Why use a lateness excuse to bring up all his past sins and exorcise him in such acrimonious circumstance? My simple point is that we need a more experienced and proven manager and technical director to handle a global brand like The Arsenal

  4. Even if Arteta does fail I still believe he has potential. Of course potential can sometimes take a while to start producing. As a fan I want him do well now though. If we don’t get top 4 then on hindsight, it may look like we’ve gone backwards since Wenger’s sacking. Wenger in his final years was actually consistent in getting 4th but only dropped out when there was a genuine threat for that 4th position. Imo if he had stayed in 18/19 and 19/20 we could’ve gotten top 4. In 18/19 I would tip him to finish 3rd or 4th because Sarri and Poch with inconsistent with their clubs and in 19/20 I tip him to finish 4th over Lampard. This theory is proven right because you can see that in 15/16 he got 2nd and that was because the clubs that should’ve gotten 2nd and 3rd were all off form. At the time Liverpool were still not themselves too. I also think Wenger finishes 4th this season easily because of how inconsistent Spurs and Man Utd are. I know he should’ve left in 2008 but this is an interesting thought I had.

  5. Did we appoint Arteta to progress or the team. Arteta might be progressing but the main priority is the team here. Considering he has never managed at any club before, anything would be achievement for him, but when you think of the club he represent then you will know it’s not really an achievement. Coaches at the top team are meant to improve, and challenge and win trophies for the team. Anything beyond this is totally irrelevant.
    This is why we see top teams sack their manager regardless of what they might have achieved in the past.
    It’s part of their job.
    Unless the standard is low like us, anything is acceptable.
    Even Rodgers is now sitting on a hot seat despite lifting two trophies for them as Arteta did. And when you compare the quality of the team it’s incomparable.

    1. Why do ManUnited still struggle with all their resources if it’s so easy…

      You are totally ignoring state of the club when Arteta arrived in December 2019. We had been on a negative trend for several years, and had lots of internal and external obstacles, on top of that we got the pandemic.

      Many experts said we would need at least five years and £500 million to rebuild our club, it seems like they understood much more than you mate.

      1. Compare man u since Ferguson left till now and us and compare their achievement.
        Man u finished 2nd last year, come this season, they sacked their manager.
        Our manager finished 8th last year and he still got his job.
        Van gal won man u the same FA cup our manager won and he didn’t even beging the next season with them simply because he was sacked.
        It was never enough to keep your job at such club.
        Mourniho won them 3 trophies and still got sacked.
        Like I said whatever arteta might have achieved, he doesn’t mean the team has progress.
        Wenger was still winning the Fa cup before he got sacked.
        But that was never enough for us fans, we know where we should be hence we want more.
        I can’t argue weather Arteta has improved or not, but you can’t use a manager that finished 8th twice and go out of every competition in January to judge the team progress.
        There’s a reason why we said a player is not good enough for one team or league. Doesn’t mean they are bad, just that the team they want to represent are bigger and wont settle for less.
        We cherish ode so much, same thing can’t be said about Madrid.
        It’s call standard.
        They see him not being good enough and they went to splash his sales fees on another young talent.
        They signed a striker, late loan him out and now we are being linked to that striker.
        It’s simply call standard.
        The players or manager might be improving but still not good enough for team with high standard.

  6. Thank you Pat for a very interesting article.
    We should never forget state of our club when Arteta arrived in December 2019, and the hostile and very negative atmosphere at the Emirates.

    From my point o view Arteta got a hell of a job, with all our internal and external obstacles. On top of that we got the pandemic which wasn’t beneficial for Arteta at all. We have been in a mess recently, but Arteta has sort it out bit by bit.

    We don’t have a top four squad, but a first eleven with top four potential. To get to the next step we need to invest and sign more quality players. If we want to go all the way we need a quality squad like Liverpool and ManCity.

    Arteta isn’t perfect and will keep on making mistakes, like most of us. Consider the situation when he arrived and all the challenges he has been facing, it’s my opinion that he has done a decent job. I’m behind him and expect further progression next season.

    1. Didrik, you are so intent on remembering the club as YOU see it when Arteta arrived, you actually have forgotten the actual situation.
      MA was handed a squad that, the previous season had finished fifth and played in a European final AND the year before had finished 6th and a European semi-final.

      Of course there were internal issues and covid, but the latter affected every club of course.

      1. You forgot to mention that the same “problem players and dross” that Arteta inherited won him the FA cup six months later when even his only two signings at the time (Mari and Cedric) were nowhere near the starting eleven and he had not imprinted his style on them

        1. My mistake and without the “dross” we got knocked out in the 4th and 3rd rounds following Wenger/Emery’s “dross” players departures… not to mention two 8th PL positions and no european football… but hey its all down to what happened 7/8 years ago, covid, Wenger, Emery and players who ruled the roost it seems.

  7. Arleta is a good manager with a high and great future same as his players I think this coming summer transfer window he should be back financially and let him sign the players he wants and if he can’t perform he should pass through the exit door

  8. Emery got Arsenal to 5th playing 15 European games. Arteta after two 8th place finishes has the team in 5th with no European football. So are we succeeding or not? It all depeds on one’s expectations. Then by cherry picking statistics it is easy to “prove” Arsenal is doing well just as with other cherry picked stats anyone can “prove” Arsenal is doing poorly. For me my expectations this term have always been 5th/6th. Top 6 in a very competitive league is fine while top 4 is a bonus and Cup runs an optional extra. So if we finish 6th or above Arteta should stay. 7th and he should go

    1. I can see what you’re saying but I strongly disagree. Expectations are managed as the season goes on. In 07/08 and 15/16 when Arsenal finished 3rd and 2nd respectively the expectation prior to those seasons was not for Arsenal to win the league but as the season went on I’m sure the fans expected us to go on and do so. This season Spurs and Man Utd have been very inconsistent and they were even in Europe putting more pressure on their already inconsistent squad. We were supposed to take advantage of their poor form and steer clear from them but we haven’t especially Spurs. If we don’t finish in the top 4 this season Arteta must shoulder a huge part of the blame and the season will be marked down against him which will put pressure on him for 22/23.

    2. Emery lost the dressing room and most of the players went against him, just like they did in PSG. I was positive when we hired Emery, but I was happy when we sacked him. He left Arsenal in a mess, and we weren’t a top five club when he left!

  9. This is what makes Just Arsenal such a great site for the Gooner family.

    Two excellent articles, one after the other, from both ends of the spectrum.

    Larry, in his article and Eddie in this.

    I still find myself, why I don’t know, thinking that Mikel will come good at the end of the season, despite the so obvious (in my opinion) rookie mistakes he keeps making.

    It’s like being on the end of a yoyo – but my long term concern is seeing how the clubs above us are strengthening and pulling away, while those below us (Brighton and Palace for example) can read MA like an open book tactically.

    Got to the end Eddie no problem and it would be interesting to see you and Larry commenting on each others article.

  10. Pointless analysing this season because we’ve had no European football pressure and we were out of the FA Cup as early as possible so we’ve done well but off of a false base….

    Leicester, Man U and Spurs have all been relatively poor to add to the above.

    The reality is that next season:

    – we’ll have a lot more games to play
    – at least 2 of our top 4 rivals will likely be better

    Next season will be the true test if Arteta is a good manager, so far I’d say average. He’s also thinned our squad to the point of costing us games so he’ll be asking for another huge budget. If we were planning on spending a lot then we should’ve gotten a proven manager.

    MA was supposed to be the “cheap” option that coaches up our youngsters, that simply hasn’t happened. (Saka and ESR were already great before he arrived). Look how youngsters have faired that needed coaching, Eddie and Flo as examples. So this false narrative of development youth is getting a bit old now.

    1. While I disagree with some of your points I agree with your main point that we had no European football and Leicester, Man U and Spurs have all been relatively poor. It is for this reason that this season can’t just be a write off for Arteta to just say that we were expected to 5th or 6th so its ok if we finish there. The analysis of the season must not only consider the expectations at the beginning of the season but must also consider the happenings in the season. That gives the actual reality.

        1. I think we’ve missed a massive top 4 chance this season if we don’t end the season there. January I believe will end up being what costs us. And not finishing in the top 4 could harm who we end up signing players wise

    2. PJ-SA,do you know that it’s under the tutelage of MA that saka,esr and martinelli have improved their goal contributions?They were’nt this good under emery and wenger,so don’t take that away from him.

      1. They were younger so obviously not at the level they are now but still brilliant! Are you trying to suggest that they wouldn’t have made progress with another manager? Say Ten Haag, Conte, Tuchel if we had gotten them? 🤡

        You obviously forgot Martinelli was left on the bench when we could’ve had these performances a year earlier? Or that ESR wasn’t brought though and given a chance, he only got a chance when we had a ton of injuries and he had no other choice. Selective memory!

  11. More so, we have heard about how emery lost the dressing room, yet we see more rift between our now manager than any of our previous manager for the last 20 years.
    Apart from the xhaka incident that happened during emery, we barely know what was going on in the dressing room except for rumors.
    Now with our current coach, here is the least:
    Sokratis of a recent
    Now these are the players that have come out to speak out against the manager treatment towards them.
    I am yet to seen any of the players speak against emery for one reason or the other except elneny because he was loaned out during emery’s time.
    So how come we praised one of getting rid of players with ego, and accused the other of losing the dressing room without any evidence to back it up.
    Now xhaka and ozil are what both managers had to deal with and it was quite easy for ozil not to go against arteta simply they played together.
    Many people mentioned out emery failed at PSG.
    Can you mention one coach who have succeeded there.
    Ancelloti, Emery, tuchel none of them won them any European trophy.
    Pep with a world class Bayern team couldn’t do in 3 years and he’s yet to do it with city in 5 years.
    But guess who get mocked for not winning psg something they never won before.
    Just like we Mock chealse when we can only hope we reach their current achievement with our culture.

    1. Why did we sack Emery, and how did we perform when he got sacked? Why did we have a hostile atmosphere at the Emirates if your friend Emery was so successful? You need to update yourself and be more critical to what you are reading.

      1. I don’t know if you are aiming dig at emery but if that’s the case, you know Arteta is yet to achieve what emery achieve with ordinary Villarreal not to talk of Sevilla.
        And Frankly speaking majority of the fans would definitely choose an Europa trophy to that of FA cup.
        Credit to arteta and I am not trying to discredit his fa cup run, but even Wenger in his declined years was winning fa cup back to back.
        There’s a reason why we were dominant in fa cup trophy and that has nothing to do with Arteta.
        Now back to how we perform.
        One of them finished 8th in his first full season.
        The other finished 5th.
        One got to Europa final, the other get knocked out by the same one we sacked.
        I have gave Arteta credit for the fa cup, but I bypassed the first 8th finished you can have that.
        We reach our highest position in European trophy with one in 14 years.
        I don’t know, we had our worst home record in more than 2 decade with the other.
        The only reason Arteta still got his job is simply because he was an ex player, we all know anyone would have been sacked with his awful record before this season.

          1. Yeah wenger won it back to back.
            You can check it up.
            2014 and 2015.
            Against hull and Aston villa

        1. I have nothing against Emery, he got sacked because our players and supporters went against him. If you are visiting Emirates stadium from time to time, you should have noticed how much better the atmosphere is now compared to November 2019, when Emery was sacked,.

          Arsenal wasn’t a top five club when Emery got sacked, we where 8th, with 18 points after 13 games. He left us in relegation form with our worst run of games in 27 years.

          1. So Arsenal was top 5 club last season and they finished 8th.. where is the logic?? How can you compare 2 years and half and one year and half.
            Remove this season then Arteta has all the bad record except for the fa cup run. Oh didn’t we finished 8th last season.
            Was emery the reason why we were not playing European competition this season??
            I gave Arteta credit for the fa cup win and I decided not to mention where he finished that season.
            So will you be kind to remind me who finished 8th last season ??
            Cause Emery finished 7th and won the Europa.
            I can’t remember him doing that with Arsenal last season.
            So wasn’t Arteta the manager last season.
            Ooh we should declared last season void as well and the season before.
            Well we would definitely be challenging for more than a 6th place after spending 250million if we could void the season season spent by the manager before him too.

      2. Didrik, it’s called opinion, so rein yourself in, because your opinion is just that!!!
        Your friend Arteta has left us with a squad made up of five inexperienced young players, trying to get back into the top four.
        I take it you weren’t at the Brighton game, because the atmosphere was certainly not one to boast about… at least that was the case when I left 20 minutes before the end of the most turgid, dispirited, clueless excuse of a PL game I’ve ever seen.
        The “mess” you love to refer to when MA took over?
        Well that mess, had just played in a European final and finished 5th – Arteta did this wonderful job of clearing up the mess and finished with no European football and a stunning 8th PL placing… COVID I hear you cry!!!
        But not before praising him for winning the fa cup with the mess he inherited, that he then disbanded and then??????

        Strangely, covid didn’t just effect The Arsenal, but let’s move on to his first full season, where he wielded the knives, cut out the bad apples, bought numerous players and sent half a team out on loan… the result?

        No european football – still 8th – knocked out in 4th round of the cup – giving players away – and here we are TODAY :

        Out of the cup in the 3rd round – every “dross” player he wanted gone either out on loan, sold or given away, sitting 5th in the PL, equal to UE’s final placing and having spent over…. £250,000,000!!!!

        So tell me, when do you stop blaming UE, AW, the atmosphere, covid, fans who have a different opinion to you and start to actually address Mikel Arteta’s shortcomings /mistakes?
        Hindsight is easy to use, a lovely and easy way to opportune blame away from your opinion – it seems Mikel is a Teflon manager to you!!!

        1. Man is trying to compare Arteta success to that of emery.
          I understand if you want to support your manager but at least be honest with yourself.
          Rodgers has achieved more for licester more than Arteta has depsite having limited budget compare to Arteta.
          One finished 8tiwce and the other finished 5th twice.
          They both have the same trophy and they are still calling for Rodgers to get sacked.
          He’s in the quarter final of Europa, we are hearing still trying to call 6th finish a progress.
          The highest Arteta ever got was semi, Rodgers is just two matches away from that.
          Remember he didn’t spend 250m to get all these.
          So what is the all hype about.
          His team is young and unite the team that’s all we hearing all the time.
          Well you don’t need to unite the team if you do the right thing by winning games and not finishing 8th twice.
          Young team that we couldn’t seen any of our academic products with regular features apart from those who were in the team before he was appointed..
          Then they tell you he brought the team tradition back. I didn’t know giving out younger stars opportunity doesn’t belong in our tradition again, then I wonder what is!!!

          1. How much silverware did Emery win us? I think if was 0, please correct me if I’m wrong. I was behind Wenger, Emery and now Arteta. At the moment I don’t see any reason to replace our manager.

            1. How many did pep and klopp win in the first full season? When you answer that, then you have your answer.
              So arteta won fa cup in his half since, he’s automatically better than both klopp and pep who couldn’t win anything in that same period when they were appointed.
              Like I said Arteta is not even in the same level as Rodgers in terms of achievement. So emery is not his mate.
              Even klopp was calling emery “king of cups” . Let me see any coach call Arteta a king at something first. Maybe a king at finishing 8th twice. Cause can’t remember any top coach with such record.

              1. Arteta is 40 years and have been a manager in 2,5 years. Brendon Rogers is 49 and became a manager in 2008 (Watford). He won his first title as Celtic FC manager in 2017.

                Guardiola and Klopp didn’t win anything their first seasons, but they have kept their job and have much better communication skills than Emery. Emery’s biggest challenge was probably his communication skills.

                I find it difficult to believe it’s possible to be successful in the EPL without the ability to communicate on a decent level with players and media etc. I believe that was also the main issue with Bielsa.

                I’m quite sure that Emery is a very good head coach / manager especially in Spain. I’m not sure that he will return to the EPL, if he decides to be a manager again outside Spain, more likely France or Italy.

        2. Many thanks Ken1945

          Arsenal was 8th with 18 points after 13 games when Emery got sacked. He left us in relegation form with the worst run of results in 27 years, according to the Mirror.

          The past is history and I think we should focus on present and future, where we can influence a lot. In general the atmosphere is much better now than in 2019 when Emery got sacked.

          1. Well Arteta has the worst record of our first 3 games to the season ever in our history. 9 goals conceded , zero goals.
            Meanwhile this is happening at the season many claimed to be the best in ages and we have such a poor record.
            Didn’t Arteta drop us at 15th for some period of time last season?
            I mean emery left us at 12th before he left, meaning we are more closer to euopean position than to relegation.
            But you failed to mention how many home games we went without scoring a single goal last season.
            Didn’t we go 10matched last season with a single win .
            We we managed by Emery then as well.
            Oh I forgot it was emery that’s why we end up in 8th

          2. So why do you keep trying to defend Mikel by bringing up the past?
            This is his squad, his team, his tactics, his results and his management style.
            Let’s hope it produces, at the very minimum, what he inherited with regards to results.

            1. What do you expect? Do we have top four squad? Or a top six squad? I hope we will manage top six, but it depends on form and the injury situation.

              I have been behind most of our managers since 1971 to present. I was behind Wenger, I was behind Emery and I’m behind Arteta.

              1. We don’t have top4 squad? Then that must be emery fault then .
                So meaning emery over achieved with that squad since it’s not a top4 squad.
                The last time chealse didn’t have European competition they went on to win the league, we are here accepting top6 as a progress. In 2 years plus we still don’t have a top4 squad. If it’s going to take 250m to build a team that can challenge for top6, then I wonder how much the likes of westham and leceister are spending to finish in those positions.

                1. Sorry, we can only influence on ourselves and have no influence on our opponents. EPL is getting better and our opponents are progressing.

                  We are building a new squad with younger players and this process isn’t finished. I expect a significant increase in squad quality during the next window.

                  1. Didrik if you were a football club owner would you hire a young inexperienced assistant manager and give him 350 million to make top 6 ? No I don’t think you would so top 6 is not progress it’s an embarrassment and yet he’s asking for another 7/8 players probably costing anywhere from 150/200 million… We could possibly spend upwards of 500 million plus to challenge for a top 4 spot that’s half a billion! Come on.. anyone with their eyes wide open can see this is a very expensive project that still hasn’t got going.

                    1. It depends Kev.

                      In the final stage of the Champions League there are two EPL teams left, could have been three but being Chelsea isn’t easy nowadays. Three EPL teams are among the best in the world and how do you expect us to compete?

                      From my point of view we need to have a squad of equal quality if not better. Six teams have better or similar quality to us, but only four can play CL football. How much money have been invested to reach this level?

                      Experts said that Arsenal needed to invest £500 millions to get a competitive squad, when Wenger left. They said five years and £500 million, in the meantime we have sacked another manager and the league has become even better.

                      It’s not important to me Kev, I will remain an Arsenal supporter if we are 1, 4, 8 or 10 in league. I’m travelling from Norway to watch Arsenal play every year anyway. I enjoy being in Islington and to walk to the Emirates.

                      My point is, if we want to be a title contender or fight for a CL spot we will have to invest, because the EPL competition is tremendous

  12. I guess it was always going to be “up and down” under Arteta, because he has been learning his trade, in the most difficult of circumstances.

    It’s been a classic case of 1 step back, 2 steps forward so far. Arteta is improving and evolving, but will it be quick enough for some of our fans?

  13. Sadly people are judging Arteta’s accomplishments and position rather than the club.

    5th for Arteta is improvementfrom 8th, out of CL again for Arsenal is bad. Giving players away for free, getting mugged for Guendouzi (8 million) & Mavroporas (2 million) great for Arteta rebuild, but costly and financially harmful for the club.

    My concern is Arteta and the psychological aspect to coaching he lacks.

    Man management is a part of that, but he tends to freeze out rather than build up players. I would point out how Conte spoke to the media couple weeks ago about spuds, and look at the response from his squad.

    That nuance to managing Arteta has not grasped in over 2 years. For me the top managers apply that psychology, that mental intuitiveness that separates them from other managers.

  14. I have to say that I am disappointed and surprised that Eddie admitted that he was of those fans who mocked Emery’s English and accent.imagine being an adult and thinking that it is even remotely funny. I’d like for Eddie to tell me how many foreign languages he does speak fluently with a very good accent.
    I also think that the reason UE didn’t move some of the disruptive players,was because as a head coach he didn’t really have the power to do it or even the backing from his bosses,he barely had any say on transfers,it is a well-known fact that he didn’t get the players he asked for Guendouzi”he is where he is now because of his attitude..”making it sound as if he were playing for some 3rd tier team,the guy is playing for Marseille 2nd in la Ligue 1 and in Europe which we do not while performing very well hence why he is a full French international now.people seem to forget that he was still a kid when he signed for us,his coach said in an interview last week, that not only is he improving week in week out but he also has matured a for Emery,while MA is spending and wasting money ,with a team that could be described as a team of “rejects” or” flops” from other teams, players apparently not good enough for the Sp*ds,Arsenal… he’s made Villarreal a lot of money this season, definitely over 50M,not

    1. Great point regarding the power Emery had… I tend to forget that, while MA and Edu have it all of ours, especially with the backing of the owner.

  15. Arteta’s ‘process’ imo is building a talented young team to eventually develop into title contenders. There is a huge risk involved in this process if sufficient progress is NOT achieved year on year. In EPL history this has only been achieved once by Alex Ferguson and Man U following that infamous “you won’t win anything with kids” remark by Alan Hanson who essentially was proven right.

    What happens if the process doesn’t work? MA gets the sack with a big payoff, a new manager then starts another process? With top football clubs you don’t have the luxury of time, if managers do not achieve quickly they are moved on. I wouldn’t mind betting that Nagelsman will be discarded by Bayern for ONLY winning the Bundesliga title and losing in the UCL quarter finals. We have a manager who will have his contract extended if we end up in 5th or 6th spot and glorified if we achieve 4th, a position that we took for granted only a few years ago and indeed the then manager Arsene Wenger being was mocked by supporters for that achievement. What goes round comes round?

    It may sound pessimistic to some but, with our current squad, I cannot see us challenging for the EPL title in the near future.

  16. Is Barcelona a bigger club side than Arsenal is? Well, going by the numerous high rate successes in title winnings domestically and externally. Which Barca has recorded in recent and past seasons as against the medium kind of successes which Arsenal has had after their invincibles season. And the Barca’s 100,000 fans Camp Nou Stadium capacity against Arsenal’s 60,000 fans capacity Emirates Stadium. Yes! Barcelona is a bigger club than Arsenal is. But this is just my opinion.

    Has the Arsenal centreback Gabriel Magalhaes for these reasons has his head turned with the prospect of him joining Barca next summer looking to be in the offing seemingly? Which could have accounted for the 2 match poor performance that he’s had for Arsenal away to C Palace and at home against Brighton, i just wonder how come he has performed poorly for Arsenal in their last 2 consecutive matches. Or is he burnt out suffering from game playing fatigue? Well, I wouldn’t know exactly.

    But I think Arsenal should be careful to not allow their top CB asset Gabriel to go to Barca on any low quality 3 Barca players swap deal reportedly proposed to Arsenal by Barca. Which will tantamount to Gabriel joining Barca on the free.

    But if Barca desperately want Gabriel but they don’t have £100m to pay Arsenal to get their man. Arsenal could allow Gabriel to join Barca on a 2 player swaps with Dembele joining Arsenal. Or any other Barca top quality player who Arsenal may want. And Gabriel going the opposite direction.

    I don’t think Emery with his “good ebening” English will cry for his getting sacked by Arsenal. He is now at another club Villarreal doing well. I think he did fairly well at Arsenal where and when he got us to a top-5 finish. And a ELC final. I think the Arsenal Board which took over from Ivan Gasidiz’s Arsenal Board leadership made a mistake by not giving him the freedom which they now give Arteta, to Emery have the players who he wanted to have signed for him. Unlike the free hand that the Board now looks to give Arteta to have the players he wants signed for him. Emery kind of English was not responsible for his sack by Arsenal, But by Ozil, Xhaka and some Gunners who gagged up against him that made the dressing room toxic for him. And Arsenal fans who vehemently protested to the Arsenal Board to sack him.

    Finally. i think Arteta 2&1/2 seasons performance success ratings as Arsenal manager is mixed. As in his first half-season at the club, he won the FA Cup and the Community Shield for us. But followed up those 2 achievements with Europa League Cup semifinal loss to Villarreal. And had 2 eight placed finishes in the EPL. And this season, the Gunners had early exit in the FA Cup. And lost at home to Liverpool to get knocked out from the League Cup at the quarterfinals stage.

    But this season, Arsenal are currently placed 5th in the table behind our arch rivals Tottenham Hs who are currently 4th. But if Arsenal are to attract top quality players or the world class kinds of the kinds of the talked about Cardwin Nunez. Or the world class Mbappe. Then the Gunners have to finish in rhe top-4 this season to play in the UCL next season. So as to attract the top quality and world class players the club might want to sign next summer to join us. For, those kinds of players will as a preference want to play in the UCL.

    Therefore, I believe Arteta and the Gunners have already known that they have to make the most of it by winning all their 8 remaining matches of the season that will undo Man Utd and possibly Tottenham Hs too to a top-4 place finish this season.

    For Arsenal to get a win away to Southampton tomorrow. I think Arteta should take the bull by the horn to do something different from the usual by benching the Gunners who are looking to be suffering from burn out and fatigued thus needing some games rest. Such as Lacazette, Ben White, Gabriel and others. And start the fresh legs of the likes of Holding, Nkethia, Pepe, Martinelli, ESR and Nuno at leftback for the match. Which will allow Xhaka to return to his midfielder role. And I think it will work fine if Arteta does it in the interim before returning his preferred starters to the lineup after they have rested.

    I am not teaching Arteta of what he should do in our Saints match tomorrow. I am only making a suggestion to him which he may take or leave it.

  17. Smoke and Mirrors, people saying Arteta inherited dross or deadwood are wrong. As has been stated, the deadwood or dross had won an FA Cup for Arteta, the friendly cup in the summer and many were predicting big things but gradually the team was dismantled, ejected from European competition completely, now this season has no European football, got knocked out at early stages of the domestic cup competitions and are faltering in the league with the players Arteta has bought in and playing his brand of football. We are not in anyway progressing, it is all a sham and falling down around him. The money has been invested in the team and top players have been allowed to leave for nothing or peanuts. Please we have no evidence of any process or progression and until we do lets not talk silly and make out its all happening. It isnt. Wait until it does, then we can praise. The team Arteta had his most success with has been broken up!!!!!

    1. Not many football experts with your perspective Reggie, perhaps they understand something you are ignoring 😉

    1. Let’s get him back here then, so he can clear up the mess Arteta will have left him… 5th place in the PL and a European final… hang on though, is that possible?

      1. I find it difficult to believe it’s possible to be a successful EPL manager without decent communication skills. In the long run you need to communicate with your organisation, players and media. I doubt Emery will return to the EPL, more likely France or Italy.

    2. This is true, but by your logic, Arsenal MAY win the League next year!

      Considering this “Emery” has won Villarreal the Europa League last season, and taken them to the Champions League semi finals (so far) this season, your logic is impeccable…

      1. Pat, is this for me?
        My logic has never been called impeccable before, so it can’t be.
        My point was that this was the “mess” that UE left for MA… can’t really see him wanting to come back anyway, can you??

        1. Sorry mate, it was a reply to whoever wrote “this Emery you are hailing may get sacked next year”.

          My point was anyone can GUESS what happens next year…

    3. What’s wrong In getting fired? every exceptional coach except for few get fired.
      Mourniho, ranieri, benitez, ancelloti, Mancini, conte, sarri regardless of their past achievement and the list goes on.
      It’s call standard man, that’s why most of those manager mentioned manage at a top team.
      If you have a company and you are spending loads of money to run in and the manager is not competent enough, you fired him.
      Or will you give him reward by promoting him.
      Any top manager won’t be scared of getting fired cause it’s simply part of their job.

  18. Massive massive article.

    You may have cleared up or reinforce quite a few things I have been struggling with.

    The Guendouzi, Saliba, the togetherness, the deadwood, the atmosphere, but most of all I could never understand why Emery was never given an translator, now I understand it was his choice not to use one, was a miscalculation on his part if that was so, I must admit he did make a concerted effort to speak the language and was getting better by the weeks.

    You are right about the gaffer and the last two games too as well, your article makes for very good reading as you comes across very objective.

    In my opinion, if we should finish the league in 6th position, that would be good progress, to build on. when considering all the in house activities.

    The gaffer seems to have hit the Jack pot massively, how he has been able to fester that togetherness, after maybe bruising a ego or two.

  19. Ken1945 think I saw you making a comparison of Ozil getting a huge pay rise to Auba own.

    Ì know you have a vast knowledge, can you tell me what Ozil huge pay raise was for, I know Auba was banging goals all around at the time, but I was of the impression Sanchez was going to Man city, which ended at Man u.

    Your response would go a long way tickling my memory on the assist king.

    1. Gun smoke, my knowledge is only what I have by listening, watching, reading and then forming my personal opinion – nothing more and nothing less.

      I have no inside information and, living in Scotland, couldn’t be further away from any juicy scandals or leaked information.

      Any facts and figures I quote or produce, are from The Arsenal official website or the Official Handbook

      So, taking your question at face value (I’m not sure if your taking the p**s in other words) here are my views are and you can do with them as you wish my friend:

      Ozil had made 162 appearances, made 61 assists and scored 36 goals.
      His arrival had seen back to back fa cup wins, ending our trophless run (Hull and Villa).

      His link up play with a certain Sanchez was superb and (despite Sanchez welching on an verbally agreed deal and leaving for United on a reported £400,000 a week plus deal) Ozil put pen to paper.

      He could have left on a free and received a signing on fee of £4,000,000 with another club, but was courted by Wenger, Gazidis and the board (along with the fans), desperate to keep one of their two star players.

      Gazidis had signed Aubemeyang days earlier and this is said to have also swayed Ozil to sign.

      It was a ludicrous, grotesque deal that the club offered, but it WAS offered and the player accepted the legal and binding contract.

      The club (Wenger and Gazidis) had allowed to develop, due their ineptitude in letting players contracts run down, the scenario that (as some see it) left the player in complete control and it is something that still happens, as was seen with Aubameyang being a recent example (Arteta and Edu).

      My comparison of Aubemeyang and Ozil’s similar contracts was with regards to the financial side of matters and what happened after both players signed said contracts…. nothing to do with their abilities, attitudes, loyalties or even “shirt selling” powers!!!

      In both cases, the players fell out with the manager and we, as mere fans, will probably never know what really happened.

      Regarding Ozil – all I can say is that, before covid and political statements by the player and the pay cut issue, Ozil had featured in every game during the unbeaten run from January until the suspension of the PL due to covid and (I believe) every match from when MA took over.
      MA said he was a vital part of his setup and, with results going well, everything seemed fine.

      He never played a competitive game after PL football returned and he was left out of the “dross” winning fa cup side, while a winners medal was received by a player who then went out on loan to Swindon Town.

      There is a really interesting story behind Sanchez and his move to United – in my opinion the guy got away with murder over the way he let the club down.
      At this moment in time I can’t remember who it was that disclosed the details, but it was someone from the backroom staff at The Arsenal who dealt directly with the agent of Sanchez, by phone, in Chile.

      I’ve suddenly realised I’ve gone away from your original question, so I’ll leave it there and hope I’ve answered it to your satisfaction.

      1. Thank you very much Ken, appreciate every single bit of your argument,

        The whole Sanchez debacle to this day a don’t quite follow,
        But I genuinely wanted to have a better understanding of Ozil contract situation, as I wasn’t impress about it at the time.

        You couldn’t have responded any better for my liking

  20. I know other managers can do the same or better But he did it so give him that credit stop being sentimental,and mind you he is the first manager to give esr a run of games after discovering how good he is,look how good he is this season compared to last one’s so i don’t agree with you saying he has no impact in their devt just because he’s not the one who got them promoted.

  21. Proper building from the start prevents future collapse.a top coach hired today and ends up getting fired even b4 his contract expires leading to being paid off can never be better than a coach hired to build a team to compete for tittles in few years time on a long lasting project.we just can’t hire and fire a coach within a year or two and assume it’s a normal thing just take a look at pool and city their managers will remain till whenever they wish.why?Cos the board have no reason to fire them,about time we think outside the box.

    1. Spot on Fk!
      I’m optimistic about our future and I stick with Arteta at least another season. I expect our squad to get stronger and further progression.


    1. There are at least four clubs with better squad than us, and a few with almost equal quality.

      We have an exciting first eleven, but our performances drops too much when a few key players get injured or have a drop in form. I’m sure we are going to do something about this issue in the next window.

      If we want to compete we need to get better and to increase our squad depth. Next season our opponents will get better and the competition will get more challenging.

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