Arsenal Analysis – The pluses and minuses of signing Jack Wilshere

Wilshere Conundrum by Norbert

There is never a dull moment concerning Arsenal related news. The latest trend is the Wilshere contract issue with pundits, former club players and the man crying out. Wilshere coming out and appearing to blame the coach may work against him. Arteta does nòt tolerate undue pressure. I believe Arteta keeps him because he is seeing something special. Several players have gushed at his abilities as well. He might have taken him to Dubai to make numbers up in the way some junior players went as well. Does the player deserve the contract? Does the club need him? Let us take a look.


Jack Wilshere came in with a lot of promise and hype. It was deserved. Club fans have splendid memories topped by that Barca performance and Norwich goal. He never lacked technical abilities and passion. He has a sweet left foot capable of good short and long passes. His ability to drive the ball through the middle is never in question. He can make a good deep lying play maker for a team trying to build from the back like Arteta’s Arsenal. He can be useful against teams sitting back because of his ability to play in tight spaces and attract fouls. He can add experience in a team that lacks it on occasions. He is 30 and played against the best and the worst in his career. He is one never to be intimidated by any player or official. 

There seems to be a popular midfield play amongst top teams in premier league. Defensive and central midfielders rarely carry the ball. Forget Ngolo. Wingbacks are carrying the ball more than midfielders. There is a popular long pass bypassing the midfield to space between center backs and full backs. Examples are Jota goal vs Arsenal, ball to same player from midfield for Xhaka sending off. City plays it frequently every match. Arsenal plays it a lot especially to Martinelli, with examples being chance he missed against Liverpool from a Lokonga pass and his goal created by Xhaka. White plays a lot of this  pass too. Wilshere has potential to play this better than anyone in the current team.


His career was blighted by injuries and spates of disciplinary issues. History of injuries make any potential deal a high risk adventure. Arteta played with Wilshere and will know the baggage his former team mate comes with. This could be the cause for indecision, considering the coach already confirmed Wilshere’s quality as premier league level. While he is a special player, Wilshere faces competition for any midfield position in that team. He is good at what every midfielder available does well, passing the ball. He is not a better tackler than Xhaka or Partey. Xhaka devides opinion but is the coach’s first midfield name on the team sheet. Wilshere has not played a match in a long time and is possibly not as fit as anyone else. Training and match day are different things.

The hold up

Wilshere would make a good insurance signing for the club. Any injury, suspension in any position would easily be covered by his availability. His disadvantage is he available without signing anything. He is training with the team, familiar with club culture and can be drafted at very short notice if needed. Why risk signing him at all unless actually needed? A play as you earn deal can do the trick, but Arsenal fans are the most finicky around. The club could easily be accused of disrespectful penny pinching or someone would fly a plane with a banner over the Emirates.

Signings of any value have no success formula. There are no guarantees Wilshere may not fail. A fickle fanbase would cause an unnecessary furore in the event of failure. The club doesn’t need any more sideshows at the moment. Wilshere signing will only happen as an emergency . He needs to keep doing the most in  training and talk less. If  the chance comes, he is one player capable of playing to earn a year or two year extension with ease given ability and popularity amongst the fans.

Keep the faith Jack. Keep the dream alive. 


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  1. How I adore fantasy, cunningly disguised as having some possible truth in it. Even though in this case it has NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER!
    All Gooners I suspect love and admire Jack, as he is a Goner Gooner through and through and I guess many of us feel sorry for him, in varying degrees.

    But those among us who are not given to “fanciful what ifs” by our very nature, can very easily separate well meant fiction from hard but cold reality.

    1. Just noticed my own unintentional typo, “Goner Gooner” which though a little unkind, IF I had meant it, may be thought an appropriate phrase, albeit sadly!

  2. I doubt if we would sign Jack on any deal other than pay as you play, and not at a great salary. He’d make a decent squad addition, but is it too late now that the window has shut. Or does that not apply to none transfers deals?
    Personally I’d like to see him turn out for us a few times before the end of the season for no other reason than to see him in an Arsenal shirt again.
    I’m a bit of an old softy for the likes of Jack Wilshire.


      1. Jon. We have 17 games left in the season. If Jack were to play in just 10 of those his total pay would probably be around the same as two weeks of the recently departed Aubameyang. Not really that much of a great expense. Anyway it’s all moot now as Jack himself has just said that Arteta does not want to give him a contract.

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