Arsenal Analysis – The additions that fans should expect this Summer

What Arsenal fans should expect this Summer by Sean

This Arsenal team has a lot of quality and are on course for a Top 4 finish this season to everyone’s amazement, including my own, and are guaranteed some form of European football already next season at The Emirates.

We do have the advantage again after our 3-game losing run but did ourselves proud with the turn around against the bigger teams and we are where we are now, 2 points ahead of Spurs in 4th awaiting Leeds this Sunday when Tottenham play Liverpool the evening before.
Mikel has now just signed a new contract with 4 games remaining of the season, maybe just a tad early, but whatever, Congrats Mikel. He is the reason we are in this position with his rebuild so kudos to him as the fans are onside with him as is the whole club.
If we do get Champions League Football, even if we don’t we still have EL, but according to Mikel he wants 22 outfield players & 3 GKs. We have a few returns incoming this summer and a lot of exits. This is what we may have come the summer.
Ramsdale, Turner & Okonkwo.
– Leno will be sold. GKs ✔️
Gabriel, Saliba, White & Holding.
– Dino only departure. CBs ✔️
Tierney & Tavares.
– LB ✔️
Tomi & ???.
– Soares & Bellerin to leave. RB ❌️
Partey & ???.
-We need someone to help. CDM ❌️
Xhaka & Lokonga.
-Not enough. Elneny gone. CM ❌️
*We need 2 good midfielders*
Saka & Nelson.
-Pepe to leave. RW ✔️
Eddie & ???.
-Get Eddie on a new deal, let Laca leave & go buy a goal scorer. CF❌️
(Balogun season long loan)
Martinelli & ???.
– a new winger is needed on this side, Smith-Rowe can play there too but we need a replacement for Pepe but for the left side. LW ❌️
Good thing about our youngsters is they can play in various positions for rotation, form, fatigue or injuries. Plus they are growing as a team together, gelling more & playing some great football, only to get better over time.
Our youth system is full of talented youngsters playing there or out on loan & they will get a chance if they are good enough. One of the reasons Mikel is also doing a great job with the young guns by showing them the step up can be done and will be rewarded if good enough.
With Bellerin, Leno, Dino, Elneny, Soares, Laca, Matteo, Lucas & Pepe all having one foot out the door already, we will make some money off some sales and save on the wage bill, which has came down loads and will continue to this summer with the exits. At least £70m in sales & all wages off the books to add to our pot to add to the squad, a proper CF may take that whole pot.
A lot of money could be spent for a CF, CDM, CM, RB & LW but I can see a few Academy players maybe stepping up also.
1. Is Mikel deserving of new deal & was it right time to announce? Would getting the Top 4 not have been a better time to announce it?
2. Who would be the right profile of player to slot into the positions mentioned to take us to next level especially if we are in UCL?
3. How much can we get for the players leaving above apart from Elneny & Laca? Would you keep any of the departures to be?

Just something to discuss. Bring on Leeds this Sunday…

Sean O’Hara

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Video – Mikel Arteta on his new contract, Leeds game, and incoming players…

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  1. Keep Mo as a squad -layer. Useful for depth and willing to come on and do a job. Loves this team and deserves a new contract from what he has shown

  2. Xhaka Pepe nketiah Nelson all need to go .. not top half of premiership level let alone CL … … bellerin Leno guendouzhi and torreira I assume are all off but elneny is a very useful utility player and Cedric under appreciated but probably gone … Tavares needs a loan spell … so back up full backs a quality midfielder … should go all out for Frankie de jong imo … and a couple of quality forwards essential to make progress

    1. Fans….

      Can you exclude Xhaka from that list.

      What the hell is that Swiss gonna do to prove himself to you guys?

      1. Play well for more than a few games without losing his head. Even at his best, he’s nothing special that couldn’t be improved upon.
        We used to dominate in midfield regularly, but not so much anymore. Partey at his best is capable of meeting the level we need imo, but xhaka is just below it

    2. Couldn’t had said it better this is those players over achieving let’s sell xhaka el neny nketiah Pepe Nelson Niles one good player could replace all of them

    3. I’m sure you said the same of Serge Gnarbry, Nelson just exploded into life at feyenoord: now has six goals and assists in his last three Eredivisie starts, and provided an assist in the Conference League semi-final first leg against Marseille.

  3. Well written article SEAN…

    Well I doubt if 5 players will walk through our door come summer.

    Nketia need to be retained, same with elneny…

    I think Partino and Marcelo need to be integrated into the first team, then an impossing center forward marque signing in caliber of Osimhen/Nunez

    Though Osimhen would be the ideal signing, guy is a beast, good both legs, in the air,already have 5 headed goals …but sadly we may not be able to afford him.

    We missed out on Tammy, however Nunez, Lauturo or the Villarreal pointman (remind me his name) might be cheaper and better.

    DYBALA for our midfield …..too many signing ain’t necessary…two strikers, a right back and q midfielder…

    Pepe’s situation …..makes me weep

  4. I still hope we can still re-integrate Guendouzie in the team. Of course, both MA and MG will have to reign in their egos to make it happen. But that can only be good for the club.

    1. I have always liked Matteo & have stated on here numerous times how much I wanted him to return, Imagine him returning now the form he is in. He was put out of the team for sticking up for his team mate, ironic when we are told we fight for the badge/team and that’s exactly what he did. Whatever he said to Maupay, he said and it could’ve been brushed under the carpet as hes was a kid, hes grew alot since then, becoming a father was one.

      One of Mikels biggest mistakes so far… BUT, it’s done now and he’s off to Marseille permanely unfortunately. Hope Saliba doesn’t do the same but can see it happening because of Mikel. We will see

    2. Guendouzi isn’t good, if he were that good, he should be in Lyon, psg, Liverpool, Sevilla, Man United, Dortmund, Bayern,

      None of this clubs have come for him, even Newcastle, Aston Villa and Leicester haven’t inquired and you say he’s good,

      Please let’s be factual and not sentimental,

      Guendouzi isn’t up to standard.

  5. Classy Gunner

    Guendouzie Arsenal days are over, he had already met his clause to become a Marseille player and had agreed a permanent deal with the french club two months ago

  6. Agree with the article but I hope we prioritise more effectively this summer. For example, CF is by far the most important area for improvement, we don’t just need another player, we need a bone fide starter who can do everything we need them to do. So don’t go spending 50m on another new defender.
    CM is the next biggest area of weakness in the first team (our strongest 11), so I’d be looking to get a player who can realistically improve us there.
    The other areas are for strengthening the squad, and as mentioned, it might be possible to improve from the youth team. I’d also be happy for us to keep soares if possible because he’s solid and does the job when called upon.
    Finally, I’m not convinced it will be so easy to convince Nketiah to stay or saliba to come in and fight for a place. Just have a feeling it won’t go so smoothly there

    1. I would prioritise CF also and go all out for a Top Drawer Forward once we ehave secured UCL, targets we want may not come without it like Nunez, Osimhen etc… possibly £60-£70m.

      Same with a CM. Possibly £35-£45m.

      All depends on the budget as these 2 signings take up most of it I would think though with the sale we make can provide the funds for a RB, LW & another CM. I forgot to Put Niles & Mari in the sales above In the article which both will generate something to the pot.

  7. I think apart from a good CF, we need 2 solid CMs, I would love to see Bissouma / Partey / Tchouameni (this one would be a dream!) and Tielemans and Odegaard playing in the midfield, next season.

    Now at the wings, we are solid I think. A signing like Mousa Diaby would be a good though. But not a priority that I see. We might as well go for Gakpo type player who can fill in as both CF and a winger.

    For the LB/RB, the Bologna guy, Hickey seems like a good deal, for the way he is playing. And he’s tall like Tomi too. Really like him. And his injury records are encouraging too. And like Tomi can fill in as a CB too. So lots of versatility there.

    For the CB, we are good imo. And with Tomi and also the Hitchey, if we can get him, can fill in that role too, so no problem there.

    Apart from the new signings, I am optimistic of our academy players who are ready to step up now. Patino, Ajeez, Flores, Norton Cuffy, Biereth, Swanson among others. I hope we might see a few of them playing for us coming seasons. I have a feeling a few of them will be as good as Saka or Emile.

  8. LB Hickey (Tavares loan)
    RB Molina
    DM Tchouameni
    CM Neves
    CF Osimhen
    FW/Wing Gakpo/Jesus

    Would cost more money than we have though…250million+

  9. Had SEANS INTERESTING ARTICLE been written by JA in house writers, they would have made at least 6 mini articles out of it, as they almost always do anyway, and kept them going for another day.

    They will STILL DO THIS ANYWAY,so be prepared for this fine article to be REPEATED, though first chopped up in little bits and regurgitated many times, by such as PATRICK, PAT and MARTIN.

    1. For Christs sake Jon, you are becoming extremely annoying.
      How many of your MASSIVE articles have been made into 6 different ones??? How many of ANY Guest articles have been made into 2, never mind 6.
      It seems your new aim every day is to just criticise JustArsenal and the writers, and I assure you I will put you into moderation and delete them bfore I allow the others to be posted.
      You made a promise to me once that you would stop, so now I am promising I will take action if you don’t.
      Your choice

  10. 1. Don’t need a transfer window to do his contract…once the window opens concentration will be on out goings and incomings signings
    2.DCL and Richarlison of Everton..Arsenal should get both of them cos they are EPL proven and have been playing regularly together for two seasons..also Marcus Rashford..add Saka..ESR..Martinelli and we can have forwards who can keep us in Europe…..let’s be serious..players like Harland etc won’t choose Arsenal over e.g. Man City….
    3. Cannot answer the first part
    No..won’t keep any of the departures to be
    Please excuse my English..thank you

    1. Rashford would be a waste as with DCL.
      Richarlison is a good shout though!

      Agreed Haaland is super, possibly a slim chance but anything can happen especially if we get UCL, have Øde here as Captain & his agent mentioned he wants to go to a project. If we buy a proper CM to partner Partey then Erling finishes off the starting 11. He could be the final piece and that may suit him.

      You never know. Everyone will activate that clause and he will get to pick where he wants to go. City is favourites though I do agree as they also have him as the last missing piece up topples offering him serious wages which we won’t match as we are changing our structure on wages. That’s another article in itself

  11. Niles has to go now???? I don’t get most of you fans.

    Earlier most thought Arteta had a thing against Niles and you now realize he isn’t up to standard and should go
    now that it seems Mourinho has confirmed it?

    Oh no. He aint going no where. Niles must stay for you fans.

  12. IMHO for us to be able to compete on all fronts next season we need at least 7 signings (RB, LB, 2 MF, Winger, 2 ST) I think the majority of the funds will go towards the strikers and winger acquisitions. So trying to be as realistic as possible here’s my list: Backup GK-Matt Turner(£7M) RB-Spence(15M) LB-Hickey(£?) 2MF-Ruiz(£16M) Grilitsch(FREE) Winger-Gakpo(£?) 2ST-Jesus(£25M) Toney(£40M)

  13. I think we should go all in for the Cucurella from Brighton. I don’t know how he gets his stamina and zeal but that’s exactly what we need. Arsenal should try to sign him as a maximum priority. He is a bulldog.

  14. How about 5 Brazilians…Martinelli..Richarlison..Gabriel Jesus..Raphinha with Saka and ESR
    and Douglas Luiz from Aston villa with Party

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