Arsenal Analysis – Which players should stay (or go?)

Arsenal players to go – and players to stay. By Galen

We have a very average squad of players who are not different from one another. They are all on the same level. Just take a look at Welbeck, Campbell, Ox and Theo? Who is better? They are all four average players who all have got one quality. They all lack consistency.

1) Cech . He should stay. Top keeper.
2) Ospina. If he is happy as number 2 then he should stay
3) Nacho. Good player. Should stay.
4) Bellerin. The present and the future. So he should stay.
5) Gabriel. I will keep him but I will be buying another CB with immediate effect. Squad player at best.
6) Koscielny. He is the Boss. Should stay.
7) Gibbs. You won’t find a better second choice left back.
8) Chambers: Great potential for the future so should stay.
9) Cazorla. Our best player. Just look how rubbish we are without him. We can’t create a thing!
10) Ozil. World-class. I hope he stays. I will understand if he wants to go.
11) Sanchez: Top quality. I hope he stays but will understand if he feels he deserves better than the Arsenal board.
12) Welbeck: Should stay. good player. Nothing much
13) Coquelin: Good squad player but we still need a DM.
14) Jack: I will keep him even with one leg cause he has got more heart than our entire team of chokers.

Players I have my doubts on…

1) Ramsey. Barcelona or Man City should bring their £50 million as quickly as possible. His head is gone. Since he started believing the hype he forgot to play. But I won’t mind him staying. He is a good player on his day.
2) Campbell: I don’t get the manager. He did nothing wrong and now he got frozen out.
3) Giroud: he can stay as a plan B for long balls. he is never and ever will be an Arsenal number 1 striker.
4) Elneny. Why did we sign him?

Players who must go.

1) Debuchy. He is so deluded . He actually thinks he is better than Bellerin. lol
2) Flamini. he can join our board and help us buy Messi, Suarez and Neymar. lol
3) Arteta: he passed it ages ago.
4) Per. Too slow for Arsenal.
5) Rosicky
7) Theo Walcott. £140k for that? He talks more than he plays.
8) Ox: he is too comfortable and has made zero progress in 4 years. maybe sell him to a mid-table club with a buy back option. But he needs a new start somewhere else.

Is that an accurate assessment?

By Galen Sona

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  1. Wilshere can take his heart and leave too,the reason he’s forever injured is because of his foolish style of play and contributes nothing same as his other english counterparts Walcott,OX,Ramsey,Gibbs they should all leave!

    1. Why should Giroud go ??? How much did we get him for ?? And hw many goals has he scored ???

      Please please please this bias towards certain players makes my head ache in anger..

    2. I just had to say this tooo…

      Wenger is not a good 21st century football manager
      The admin of this site is not a good 21st century site manager

      They both have the same bias views

      1. @supremejudge
        Aren’t your views biased also? Why get all butthurt because someone doesn’t share your biased views…

    3. I agree Wilshere falls into the category of players that haven’t contributed a great deal over the majority of 2 seasons past at least. And I agree that having just the “heart” isn’t enough.

      However, I will prefer that he stays for the following reasons:

      1) He is clearly the most talented British CM we’ve got at the moment. He possess qualities/skills that -if properly honed and redeveloped- can make him a potential candidate for filing in the Santi Cazorla role when the Spaniard is not able to do much for us any longer.

      2) “Heart” is definitely not the be all and end all.. but it helps a great deal in making a player have the wining mentality to go along with any talent he has.

      3) He is got the most amount of time/age on his side, so he has still got a bit more time than the others to develop into an influential player for us.

    4. Forget about the matches ,Just go to YouTube and watch what Bayern players do with the ball in training .
      The gulf in class is unbelievable .
      It is not surprising that they do the same things on the pitch.
      Douglas Costa cost only 20 million yet we could not find players to improve us.
      We are paying world class salaries for average or poor players . There is no doubt in my mind that we need to shift players.

  2. Wooooooosh. I can feel your pains and moan all the way from Nigeria because of the Man U Lost… The Story continues Beat City and Lose 4:0 to Sutton… Beat United 3:0, and Loose the reverse 3:2.. I wonder what the score will be Against Swansea etc.

    Moulding for the worst or Good? Til May..

  3. As much as the players are responsible for our results on the field, I think it’s high time we shift the focus from them to the management. For 12 years now, players have come and gone but the manager has remained the same and so have been our performances on the pitch.We used to blame the likes of arshavin, djorou,santos, silvestre, Eboue, chamakh, denilson etc, but they all left,and yet not much has improved in terms of our on field performances.Now we have new scapegoats in Flamini, giroud,mertesacker, arteta, Walcott etc.Some will leave and I doubt much will change on the pitch. We will only have new players to blame. But the manager has always been the same, and seems to be immune to criticism, why?We can talk about how much we need a new striker and cdm, but am not sure they will improve our performances because of how they will be managed. Take a look at Leicester, they were fighting for survival under one manager and now the same players are looking to win the league under another manager.
    We might think that the likes of Walcott,Ramsey and ox are bad,but maybe it is how they are being managed and tutored that is bad.Sanchez and Gabriel were really good when we signed them,now they look lost, we need to ask ourselves why.Let’s first change the manager and coaching staff, see what the new manager will do with this group of players and then we can decide who to move on.Something tells me that a player like ox can really turn into a beast of a player under the right tutelage.

    1. you could be right there the players might need a more tactical coach the likes of ozil and sanchez are used to working under the best managers and tactical systems, like at barca with pep and ancholotti at real mardrid, they must be wondering what the heck wenger is up to sometimes with no game plan or tactical observations to help the team to win. wenger might have been a good coach to teach players years ago, but maybe he has lost his magic coaching touch, these players need a manager who can teach them something new, so they have something to believe in at least.

    2. This is the best comment I have seen on this site,it has made me drop a comment for the first time here.kudos bro

  4. wenger will be gone soon he is talking like a man who knows the end is near whichever it be retirement or just moves upstairs, like statements such as i will be leaving the club in a much stronger position for the next guy to do something exceptional, i have never heard him use us words in any of his years as manager for us. maybe the players sense this this and the uncertainty of it all getting to them, really wenger needs to come out and say if he is going or finishing his contract for certain, then get knuckling down with the players and really crack the whip on them as he is running out of time to win the league, he should be behaving like a man possessed to win things on the way out. not someone going through the last motions of just moving on to retirement.


    1. Why move upstairs? I hate tht statement, he should go for good. Ferguson was God at Man U, bt he left and has nothing to do with the team, having this clown around will make the new coach’s hands tightened by him, and control every move, we won’t progress.

  5. maybe a new manager who can inject a sense of purpose into these players is whats needed, oh sorry that is an obvious statement my bad. lol

  6. Wenger should do the Honorable thing and ask the board to be excused from his duties, and recommend Diogo Simoeni from Atlectico Madrid,

    1. simeone is a top draw manager, but his football would have us back to the old george graham era for sure, not really sure that is a great way forward, maybe a koeman or low or maybe de boer with bergkamp. someone who knows tactics, but keeps the emphasis on great football too keep the club moving froward smoothly.

  7. Is it just me or has Monreal been poor in the last 2 games? If you go back and watch his defending in Barcelona’s first goal, you will see how poor it was. He should’ve been man marking Messi rather than letting him score an empty goal. I mean Neymar 1-on-1 with Cech could’ve easily ended Cech winning.

    Anyways, he wasn’t convincing at all against United either. Maybe just few bad games?

    Let’s say we get rid of Walcott and OX. Which English players will take their place for the quota? Jenkinson will replace Debussy so that’s 1.

    1. All of the Spanish speaking Arsenal players have been not as good as they should. Perhaps they also are wondering why another Spanish speaker has been dropped. You habe to remember Joel and HB are big buddies and have fromed a really strong bond on and off field. Campbell’s overall performances certainly do not mean he should have dropped below Iwobi, Ox, Theo and Danny. He is being punished for something, question is is it fair?

      1. I think they will have to come up from the youth acadamy. Qualification is not just about being English if I remember correctly either, but also if you have been trained since a certain age in this country over x number of years. God bless Sonogo may become our saviour.

    1. Swansea is the team having tht Gomis guy who always jumps over Mert to score in every match, Gab will do well here, strength is needed coz Mert will be like one tall giraffe trying to stop an elephant

  8. I’m still trying to understand what Campbell did wrong to be sitting on the bench. I love his energy and work rate!

  9. Galen.

    Well written article. Simple and straight to the point.
    Maybe the reason I appreciate the article is that I was about to write something very similar. And you state exactly my thoughts in the article.

    Enough of this having 6 or more average players who are contributing little to the club either because they are only available for selection very little of the time, past the age, or simply lack the consistency to go with their very average talents.

    I’d rather move on this players and bring in additional 2 star players in the mold of Alexis, Ozil or Cech.


  10. we lost yesterday because our best defender, Kosielny, simply was wrongly positioned in all 3 goals
    otherwise a good article
    for me Elneny is another Flamini not better not worse but he may still develop further. Mertesacker should stay another one season but we need another CB
    Giroud is ok as plan B
    sell Ramsey Walcot and Ox and buy one midfielder one winger one striker
    the problem is of course that beside English teams nobody is intrested in our deadwood like Walcot and Ox

  11. So here we go with an article which will be considered by many to be a knee jerk reaction to yesterday’s appalling performance but is in actuality more related to the state of play at the club the problems with our manager and ultimately the utter lack of ambition from the board.
    This year has panned out to be the best opportunity for our beloved club to actually win the premier league, a combination of factors have come into play which include the horrendous management of Manchester United as well as their gradual decline since Fergusson’s departure , Chelsea’s utter implosion which happened to my mind because of too many Ultra Ego’s in the team and dressing room as a whole and Manchester Cities drop in form which is a little bit of a mystery but probably down to just a dip min form that has lasted too long.
    Arsenal football club as a whole can NOT be blamed for not considering this highly unusual state of affairs and because by and large no one saw this coming and in twenty years of premier league football this has never really happened before.
    HOWEVER, what is more apparent now than at any other time since the premier league was conceived is that Arsenal football club has something desperately wrong going on inside the hallowed halls of power.
    Many people who support other clubs often cite the fact that we are @Overtly expectant@ that we are lucky to have a manager that gets us into top four and that we should not act like spoiled children when we don’t win things, arguing that clubs like Everton and West Ham have to be happy with just being in the premier league and imply that we are far luckier and should stop moaning.
    Well to a point they are right, maybe we are luckier than your average PL club, but then we are NOT your average PL club, we are charged the highest ticket prices of any club in the EPL for starter’s and we are now apparently debt free and according to certain sources inside the clubs Hierarchy can buy any player we want, in short we are financially as big as any of our competition with regards to the ability to buy in top quality talent, and while we don’t have the money to burn that Man city or Chelsea have we are in a position to spend more and spend it more often as long as there is a degree of prudence.
    However, we don’t and haven’t and the opportunity that has arisen in the premier league this season which will likely never come again has slipped through our fingers yet again with the very real risk of Spurs finishing above us for the first time and also perhaps winning the PL.
    This has got to be the biggest missed opportunity in the history of sport, last summer the whole world said that all we needed were three key players to make the side almost perfect we needed a new keeper, a new defensive midfielder and an utter goal scoring monster!!! What did we get?
    We got an excellent keeper but it was not enough and even without knowing how the EPL would work out it was clear that the lack of an y out filed players being purchased would come back to haunt us and thus it has been proved.
    I mean c’mon people what other team of our stature would have players like Arteta and Flammini in our first team? It took a number of years to identify where the problem position was and yet Wenger did not strengthen that area but fell back to relying on two aged players, one of whom was more than happy to leave us when he was in his prime for what he thought was a bigger and better club.
    Theo Walcott has been less than impressive un yet he is one of our heist paid players and will likely never be sold yet for all his supposed promise he still does not deliver the good that a 150 Grand a week player should, Danny Wellbeck has got us out of trouble on several occations but again his inate scoring talent is severely lacking and its telling that he was bought in without Wengers beady eye being on the deal and was offloaded by a club who should he have had any real promise would have charged us a far greater sum or point blank refused to sell him.
    Olivier Giroud is another point in fact, he misses far more than he scores and while I am impressed with his hold up play he is NOT fast enough or sharp enough to deliver the good that a sole striker or main tip of the spear should do.
    I am a huge fan of jack Wilshire but the brutal fact is that he is highly unlikely to ever fulfill his full p[otential due to his penchant for serious injury a descsion needed to be made on him and thus it was but was it the right one? We are paying out millions to two players (Walcott and Wilshire) who are either not willing or unable to deliver the good on the field and this seems a very odd stance for a club who refuses to get involved in the big buy figures than many other clubs do when purchasing their new players.
    There are many other examples of the clubs lack of ambition and ineptitude over the last ten years and I don’t have either the patience or the time to go through the whole catalogue, its clear to anyone who is clear headed and able to for a reasonably intelligent opinion that our beloved club is being run by a bunch of silver spooned business men who car nothing for the clubs status within the areana that it operates only for the share prices and profit and loss margins and they are aided by a stubborn and deluded manager who has failed to deliver the EPL to his clubs fans for over ten years and who has failed to move with the times simply because he can retain his role in the club and deliver the minimum of results but maximum profit to the shareholders and board.
    I HATE jose Mouriniho but when he called Wenger a specialist in failure he was right on the money, who else in the world can retain a top notch role in a company and yet deliver the minimum results over a protracted period of time? AND be paid one of the highest wages in the industry for it? Why do we NEVER buy the players that would make the difference? Why have we not rebuilt a modern and up to date team that could seriously compete? Why do we continue with players that are either under talented for the expected standard of the club or unlikely to ever play a full season due to innate injury problems?
    Why y is this allowed to happen? Why do we have a ultimately mediocre team? Why do we pay such huge sums to follow the club? Why are we not able to compete with the big boys when we boast of a war chest that is vast?, Is AW on a percentage of what he DOESN’T spend in transfers? Why do we offer far less than the asking price when bidding for players that would make a real difference?
    What is true is that come next season all of our competitors will be back at the trough seeking AND buying new talent and getting rid of players who either are unable or unwilling to perform, this chance will NEVER COME AGAIN.
    I think we all know the answer to these questions, but the answer as to what to do about it is far more elusive. Id love to know the answer to the following questions but I doubt very seriously if I ever will
    1) What does Stan Kroenke bring to the club?
    2) If he does not invest any major sums into our balance sheet why is he here? And what does he take from us?
    3) Why is Alisher Usmanov denied a place on the board? He is after all the second largest shareholder
    4) Is AW on a percentage of what he does NOT spend in transfers?
    5) Why did Lady Nina Bracewell smith REGRET her selling of the shares to stan Kroenke?
    6) Why does the club persist with substandard or constantly injured players ?
    7) Who actually has the final say on transfers? Wenger was not even in the UK when Danny Welbeck was signed
    8) When the BT sports money kicks in will we spend big on superstars or will we stay with the same tactic?, and will prices for season tickets come down or stay the same?
    9) Why did the club bid 40 million plus one pound for a player that was clearly worth far more? was this just to be seen to make some kind of effort though in reality there was no intention of ever being in for Suarez? Or any other big signings for that matter? .

    1. glad someone has time and patience to spell this out…i have lost patience with most on this site who have been in denial on these points for so long it has become dispiriting…the number of people who spent time telling barcelona that ramsey was not for sale was as big an indication as any to me that delusion had become systemic among too many fans
      only disagreement is with wilshire..injury prone for sure but some of these have just been bad luck and on his day the closest we have (with santi) to the kind of playmaker that can control a game…just hope he stays fit for a season to prove it


    I mean WTF??!!
    5 years in one of the biggest clubs/training centers in Europe that emphasizes footballing technique …and still you haven’t mastered the most basic technique for any attacker -Shooting to score!!!! Plus, he isn’t even superb at any other thing except to run endlessly with the ball.

    Yes I may be a little bit too harsh on him… yes he is an ongoing project for Arsenal.

    But he seems to me like a project that will fail because it is moving too slow or in fact stagnating. I’ll rather prefer we focus on the Campbell project for obvious reasons:

    1) He isn’t as INJURY-PRONE.
    2) Unlike Chamberlain, he isn’t too comfortable with just being a part of the team.

  13. Can someone here be kind enough and tell us what is Walcott use?
    I mean, this is another case of Wenger propping up a player who is delightfully one of the worse in the club… But when you hear Walcott you will think his next objective is the Ballon d’or?
    No news, he said one day that he could have not make it in school because he was to much behind… He is a clear “idiot” and Wenger loves his “idiots” and talentless players because they follow instructions like muppets.

  14. Arsenal one of the “biggest” club!!!
    Based on what?
    Fans affluence ?
    Money in the bank?
    Trophies? (We know it is not this one for sure)
    The manager status? (Wenger is only rated in the UK)
    So what is it?

    Because to be a top firm you need to win major trophies years after years and we are no where near doing that.
    As for Chamberlain is a Championship player, like Gibbs, Walcott, Wilshere, Jenkinson and more.

    Fans are dreaming of they think they will see more of those players… They are below average and should play in lower leagues.

    1. Sadly, we are one of the richest clubs in the World with one of the largest followings World wide. Forbes compile this from a wide range of accounting, legal and consulting info. That, however, is why it is insulting that we have persistantly underperformed since 2006, and even more galling the fact that we have yet to win a major European title or one since GG was in charge.

  15. Normally, all the butt hurt moaning is mainly done on this site,
    But now it’s everywhere! … Fans ripping up their Arsenal shirts after yesterday’s result, former player’s ripping into wenger!… Basically, all media outlets are either laughing or slating Arsenal fc!

    The pressure is seriously on Wenger now, if he doesn’t get 6 points from our next two games. .. He will be gone at the end of the season.

    Wenger’s has been getting away with the poly filler and the papering over the cracks for years now!… And I am sure that the Board and owners will buckle to pressure of the fan’s if they demand for the sacking of Wenger.

    The next two games are crucial for Arsenal fc season and most importantly for Wenger’s Arsenal career.

    1. your having a laugh aint you?
      The baod LOVE Wenger as its him that takes all the flack for thier decisions , do you honestly belive that the board give two Sh!ts for what you or any other fan thinks ?
      they are waaay above any of us in terms of pay and position and they really do not care what we thin.
      Unfortunatly there are a million people out there who will happily take your place if you throw away your season ticket and for every “torn Shirt” three more will be bought so tell me do you really think the baord will sack Wenger?
      and really who is there to replace him should he walk away? who is gonna come to us knowing the way the baord works ? we are in an almost identical position to chelski but noone will take thier job because they spend sooo much and DEMAND a result where as we wont spend bugger all and expect the same .
      until the top Hierachy changes nothing else will its a business to them and nothing more

      1. Of course they will buckle under the pressure of the fan’s,
        FAN’S Meaning those who pay large amounts of money to go to the games!… You have obviously forgotten the banners! Of “spend the ‘F’ing Money” and the” Wenger Outs” that prompted the signing of Ozil?

        And if all fan’s at the Emirates protest their anger at wenger and call for him to be sacked, your telling me that the Board won’t react? ?

        Especially after failing to beat Leicester or the Spuds to the title. …Man City could still sneak it!

        The ways things are going at the moment, we will struggle to finish 4th,
        A lot of open minded fan’s on here, saw this coming!
        Me included, like I said months ago, we are only were we are now because of the bad season City, Chelsea and Utd are having. .. Otherwise would have been sitting 6th or 7th position in the league.

        I read a report a few weeks ago, saying that a Board member leaked information about Wenger being sacked if Arsenal failed to win the premier league this season.
        Time will tell, if that was true or not.

        We have more chance of beating Barcelona away than winning the premier league this season, so give up on that fantasy. …. It’s Over!…. just like Wenger’s managerial career at Arsenal.

  16. First of all get rid of wenger, then Mertisaker, Gerioud, Ramsey, Walcott, Flamini, Wiltshire and the money for this lot should finance a few world class players for the new manager that comes in. People say that Campbell why? The work rate this man goes through should embarrass some of the squad. Keep this man.

  17. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed that since Wales have qualified for the European comp Ramsey has not kicked a ball for Arsenal and since Walcott said that we are going to win the league a few months back he has been very very poor as well infact non existent.

  18. If based on the last month or so, then everyone with the exception of Ozil and Cech can get the fook out of Arsenal. I’m completely and utterly disgusted with my club, and I’m usually the one who keeps a cool head. Ox, Wilshere, Gibbs, Theo, and Ramsey (the so-called “English core”) should all leave, or at least take pay cuts, because they are not earning their wages at the moment, and I have a feeling they never will. Ospina is a terrible backup and we should definitely look for replacement. There was a point when I used to think Gabriel was a good defender. I don’t think that now. I think he’s even worse than Squillaci on his best day. Koz, Mert can stay, and I’d work on converting Chambers to CB. Flamini, Arteta should start packing their bags now. Elneny too – he’s terrible, and has no understanding of the game. Basically, a younger version of Flamini. Cazorla is great, but we desperately need a backup for him. Rosicky should retire. Welbeck should stay, so should Joel, but I have a feeling he’ll be gone in the summer. I have a soft spot for Ollie, but we need another striker, someone a little more mobile, like Aguero. Sanchez? I think he’s done, tbh. Not only he’s lost his touch/form since his injury, but he’s a one trick pony. Defenders figured him out, and he doesn’t offer much offensively anymore. I’d say keep him for now, but sell if he doesn’t improve drastically in the next couple of months. So there you have it. We need a complete overhaul. Probably 5-6, maybe even more new bodies. I don’t see it happening, do you? …

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