Arsenal and Barcelona linked with superstar swap deal

Arsenal and Barcelona are claimed to be considering a swap deal for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Philippe Coutinho.

Neither player was a part of their respective clubs playing squads this weekend, as both started their league campaigns, although one team managed without their forward than the other.

The Catalan club kickstarted their season with a 4-2 win over Real Sociedad, and clearly were not missing the Brazilian forward, who returned to full training two weeks ago.

The Mirror claims that we had been monitoring his recovery from the injury that ended his season back in April, and we are now convinced that he has suitably recovered in time, and we could well make a move for his signature.

The report claims that the potential swap deal emerged over the weekend, with the Spanish giants keen to reduce their wage budget with Coutinhoโ€™s exit, and cites Spanish sources to claim that Barca have asked for Auba to be included in such a deal.

Arsenal have been strongly linked with bringing in an extra forward this summer, with the belief that they can fill in as a number 10 after Martin Odegaardโ€™s return to Real Madrid left us with Emile Smith Rowe as the only out-and-out attacking midfielder in the squad.

Would an Auba-Coutinho swap deal be a good move by Arsenal?


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  1. Auba and coutinho wages are alike so if barca want to reduce thier wage bill it makes no sense getting auba
    Laca for me makes alot of sense lower wage Last year of his contract so we will need to move him on

  2. Barcelona couldn’t afford to keep Messi but are now willing to ship out Coutinho for Auba – swapping a 200 plus per week for 300 plus per week. It doesn’t make sense unless Auba agrees to lower his wages or Arsenal agree to pay a big portion of the difference. Laca, in my view, would be the better fit financially. This probably explains why both players were “sick” last Friday.

  3. Coutinho could possibly do a decent job for us for a year but can he do the somersault goal celebration?

  4. It is more like, take my garbage and give me yours.

    But one garbage is better than the other.

    I will gamble on coutinho only if he will accept a pay cut.

    1. Mr. Cool. When arsenal sold giroud to Chelsea all are saying it is better deal. But giroud proved all arsenal fans and management wrong. Play auba to his strengths he will score. Auba plays like wing back

  5. Everything is pointing to the fact that Seems Auba has lost faith in Arteta ability to push the team forward, cause why wait this late to Wana move, that’s if the story is real

    1. Disagree, everything is pointing to Auba returning to his native state, a whiney individual. He pouted at Borussia Dortmund until he came to us. He was repeatedly
      late to meetings even pregame. He is not a good captain or pro.

  6. As I’ve stated on multiple occasions, since the smarmy unveiling of this “story” by Arteta during the pre-game last Friday, it’s always been clear to me that this was a boldface lie,, meant to intentionally deceive the fanbase…now all clubs, at times, have been known to stretch the truth to save face or to simply avoid the immediate on-camera ramifications of such a revelation, but remember we’re supposed to be different from the rest…for years, we were constantly being inundated with the somewhat highfalutin notion that we were a “big” club with a “small” club’s heart, which seemed to suggest that we were intrinsically motivated to hold ourselves to higher standards than our footballing counterparts

    of course, all of this changed significantly once we moved from the Highbury and Wenger joined force with our miserly overlord…such a seemingly honourable philosophical pursuit is a much easier sell when results are plentiful and everyone, on the surface, holds the same ultimate goals, but it’s infinitely more problematic when that narrative gets considerably messier

    so this blatantly manipulative act is simply part of the new Arsenal Order, where those in positions of power toy with that philosophical “bond” without a care or concern for the long-term implications of their actions…Wenger did it with RVP, Sanchez, Fabs, among others, which negatively reshaped the relationship between many within the fanbase and club representatives…as once Wenger, the originator of the “message”, pursued this course of action, there was no turning back, which, in turn, opened the door for Emery, with Ozil and others, and now Arteta to do likewise…despicable

    1. TRVL4e, what has Mesut Ozil produced on the football field since Unai Emery benched him and was then forced to return to the team? Name one performance please under Emery or Arteta at Arsenal or at Fenerbahce, since he went there?

      1. I’m not sure what you’re driving at OG, my comments were directed towards this clubs deceptive and/or manipulative practices when it comes to using media outlets, visa vie leaking information or planting seeds during interview sessions, like Arteta did prior to the Spurs match, for the sole purpose of undermining fan sentiments towards particular players…the once common belief that these practices were beneath a club like ours, no longer rings true, if it ever did, which makes it even more despicable when they use this to manipulate those within the fanbase who desperately want to believe we’re fundamentally different from other footballing organizations…as for your question, I can’t think of one offhand

  7. I would take Coutinho any day providing that he agrees to reduce his salary. He should know he is no more the player he once was at the time he signed for Barca.

    1)With Coutinho at least we are guaranted 10 goals from the midfield in each season.

    2)He is 3 years younger than Auba.

    3) He is used to the rigorous of the EPL

    4) Taking Auba away from Arsenal will only restore good atmosphere in the dressing room. Auba being a club captian and sitting on the bench several times constantly ruin our team’s morale. At least it will pave the way for KT to step up and lead the team.

    1. ‘Auba sitting on the bench several times constantly ruin our team’s morale’… eh?
      When was this?
      You’re a regular in the dressing room witnessing this so-called bad atmosphere created by Auba then? I wasn’t aware of this..
      And who exactly gave Auba the armband?


      1. It all started the day he, as a team captain, delayed to attend to the hottest derby with Tottenham. Look back and see if afterwards you still saw the same Auba he once used to be.

        1. Stuck in traffic and he paid the price – was dropped and rightly so… but you haven’t answered my questions

          1. because he can’t Sue without making some entirely fictitious claim…just another pawn leaning into a contrived narrative that has been pushed by organizational weasels to media outlets for the sole purpose of undermining Auba’s relationship with the fanbase, just like what happened with Sanchez

    2. I’m sure I heard the same excuse several times before that’s right with Ozil Mustafi MG… They apparently were disturbing the dressing-room and once gone things were meant to magically get much better now people have to find another scapegoat why not Auba who will it be next?sounds like the neverending story!

      1. True Siamosis. Wonder what were Saliba and Mavro disturbing without even being in the change room for any significant period of time.

  8. Even if it is true why are fans complaining. More fans are lamenting that Auba is no longer effective since he signed his new deal forgetting what he did for the club sometime past. Ungrateful fans keep on moaning

  9. IF there is a grain of truth in this, i think Auba could be an astute signing for them and their play would suit him more but only as a central striker. Coutinhio was a great player for Liverpool but not for Barca. He had a big injury last season and would be a huge risk but he was not long ago an 130 mil player. Would it be a disaster to swap?

      1. He also said their priority is selling players. Considering the state they’re in financially, I’d say that was right ๐Ÿ™„

  10. Logically for Barcelona, as they still have to give money(millions) to Liverpool if countinios plays and his large salary issue will also be resolved as aubamayang will accept lower fees as Barca is a champions league club, but this transfer feels like all made-up fantasy cant trust this until it happens.

  11. Dont see an issue with that. I cant understand why many fans are still supporting auba. Hes a striked that doesnt score goals, or contribute to the team. Nuff said. Even if coutinho doesnt improve things, it couldnt be worse. Ive bever seen such a blatant drop in effort after signing a new contract before. Even ozil didnt stip playing that fast! Get shot of him

    1. Err because he’s an Arsenal player! Since when has it been a crime to back one of your own? I suggest you try it sometime…

      1. So you will blindly support a player just because hes “one of our own” even tho he does nothing to earn the over inflated wage that hes on and hasbt performed since he got it? I support the team. I wont pander to faulty cogs thanks

          1. You must have a memory tho? So you remember that up until he got that contract, he was scoring for fun? Then the second he got it he stopped scoring at all? It is possible to look back too fondly at things and put a spin on it. Are you honestly saying that he was able to score for fun, then as soon as he got a new deal he was automatically not given enough service, or arteta isnt managing him right, or whatever? Also, what about every other player that gets slated to death on this site? It reminds me of a doting mother at the trial of their thug son, taking the stand and sayine “hes a good boy really”. Your MEMORY is of a time when he was earning exorbitant wages for doing bugger all

      2. “Since when has it been a crime to back one of your own?”

        Except for Iwobi right??? when he was an AFC player..

  12. I still think Auba has something to offer, one bad season and still he scored goals…my thinking is we continue to work together, unless hes inciting the dressing room which I think not. We need to back up ESR and endavour to improve by giving our youngsters more playing time. Laca is in the final year and needs to go along the way. Bolagun is growing well. GK needs good back up…

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