Is Jack back in trouble? Or innocent?

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere is in the newspapers this week again being accused of a Public Order Offense, having threatened and spat at an elderly man.

The 24 year-old has managed only six minutes of Premier League action this season, having been ruled out with injury since last May, and has only recently become available to play.

Shortly following his return to training, Wilshere got himself caught up in an altercation outside a London nightspot, and was pictured being questioned by police, and has now come under the spotlight for more bad press.

The midfielder is now claimed to have threatened an elderly neighbour of his in Hertfordshire, before spittng at him.

The supposed victim said: “It wasn’t spittle but proper thing, front and the back of the nose and throat.

“The car was playing very heavy music – as he was getting out of the car rap music was being played at full belt.”

Mr Cathcart, who called police to report a public order offence, said Wilshere turned up later and waited for him at the edge of the property.

“He just said to me, ‘a word please’,” Mr Cathcart said. “He said, ‘What about these lies, what is this all about?’

“Then he can’t help himself, his temper gets the better of him. His parting shot was, ‘You do not want to mess with me’.”

Mr Carthcart claims a man claiming to be Wilshere’s “personal security agent” then arrived. “He was quite intimidating, shouting,” he said.

The Arsenal youth product’s agent has since moved to deny any such incident, while the player himself took to Twitter to deny the allegations.

The elderly man is said to have not pressed charges over the incident, but surely if the claim was false, then Jack should sue for slander… His place is not yet sealed within the England squad for this summer, and this sort of slanderous claim could prove damaging to his reputation.

Do we believe our boy? Or is there simply more to it?

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  1. So Leicester will finally be getting their hands on the trophy. We’ve been waiting 16 years for it. Through various experimentations, winger to striker transformations, transfer rumours – most of which don’t happen, stadium move, injuries, banners and the inevitable top four struggle at the end of every season. Phew. Congrats once again Leicester.

      1. feels like 30 years
        feels like the last time we won the league duran duran were number 1
        blade runner was the latest film out
        an reebok had developed a new space age type shoe…the reebok pump

        good times

  2. It’s obvious that the pensioner got scared off by Prat Wheelchairs minder and declined from pressing charges.

    You can’t denie that jack thinks his as big as his beanstalk!
    And I would love to chop him down to size! ?

    For me, this incident should be the last of his off field shenanigans as an Arsenal player and if the club go ahead with the reported contract extension worth £110,000 aweek then more shame on them, as this would be more proof that Arsenal fc have lost even more of their standards on and off the field of play.

    Slander?… You have to be kidding, right? ?
    Why would a 71 year old pensioner make up this kind of storie?… he can’t be that skint, if his home is next door to a millionaire foorballer.
    And when you take into account that Prat Wheelchair has a history of incidents, you can’t help but to believe mr Cathcart side of the story.

    Shame on you Prat Wheelchair! … For Spitting at and abusing an old-age pensioner and then sending a bully around to scare him so that he wouldn’t press charges.

    Enough is enough …
    Wheelchair OUT! and take wenger with you!

    1. We have no way of knowing what this neighbour is all about. I remember having two neighbours next to me who were of that age and they were the worst one’s we ever had. Every little thing that annoyed them they came calling on peoples doors, over kids playing on the street doing what kids do, these people would be just looking for attention or for something to complain about. Wanting to be heard out of loneliness. Some get a bit narky for no good reason when they’re that age. Or he could be a spud fan for all we know trying to make things more difficult for Jack, because he’s an easy target right now. Might even be someone just wanting to get into the papers. My point is we can’t know what really happened, there were no charges made, so it’s wrong for anyone to presume a thing.

      1. You are right of course, there should be a presumption of innocence. However, truth be told, I have an easier time of believing this about JW than I would for any other player in our squad.

        1. I take you’re point. I’m not a fan of trial by media, BUT he does come across a bit of a scummers

  3. Who do we believe Alun Cathcart, ex chairman of Alvis (car rentals) or Jack Wiltshire. We have no way of knowing.

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