Arsenal and England star’s words on Welbeck a warning to Giroud?

It must be terribly frustrating for a pro footballer to have to sit and watch their team mates from the sidelines and not be able to do anything to help them. And the Arsenal players must feel this sort of frustration a lot more than most, because for some reason we seem to get more injuries and spend longer periods in the treatment room that any other club.

So it is already a tough time for our France international Olivier Giroud, who will not be able to play for us again until some time around the new year. And as if that was not bad enough, the man signed by Arsene Wenger to replace him and compete with the big man has got off to a flying start in his new centre forward role.

After scoring a third international goal in two games for England since he became a Gunner, Danny Welbeck will be full of confidence as he lines up for the three lions again today, and the words of his club and international team mate Jack Wilshere, reported by the Daily Star, will surely help that, but will not be music to the ears of Monsieur Giroud.

Wilshere said, “The main thing for Danny is his confidence.

“I said before we signed him for Arsenal that he could play centre forward and he would score goals.

“He proved that in the Switzerland game and since he’s been at Arsenal he’s been fantastic.

“He didn’t really get that chance for Manchester United to play at the top and be the key man, the goalscorer.

“He’s got that chance at Arsenal and he’s showing everyone what he can do. I wouldn’t say it’s the start of him – but he’s really starting to grow up.

“He’s the key man and he likes that pressure of being the key man. His attitude is fantastic.

“If you look through the leagues, there’s not many centre forwards who give you that work rate and score goals.”

I’m sure that Jack is not intentionally having a go at Giroud, but you could certainly take it that way if you wanted to. At least the French striker has the knowledge that Arsene Wenger is right behind him and appreciates what he does, as proved by the recent reports of a two year contract extension, but it must be clear to Giroud that his position in the Arsenal starting line up is under serious threat from the new boy.

Who do you think will be the main man once Giroud is fit again?

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      1. why would jack ??!!!
        seeing as hes been improving his game
        slowly but surely he will get back to his best
        our whole team has been slow to get going jack has been one of the best players on the pitch in most games so why is he getting slatted in every article ???

        1. While Jack has been doing this so-called improving have we won games??the answer is NO we are now draw specialists!

          1. what so jack is now the only player responsable for us wining or losing games ??
            how does that make a point ??

            1. At the beginning of last season we won more games with Ozil at 10,Ramsey b2b he was scoring and with Jack Wilshere benched he’s the reason we not winning enough he stops the flow of slick passing like the Galatasary game we were good without him as soon as he comes back we are play poorly as a team!

              1. so do you think jack should be sold ?
                i just think personally that if he keeps working on his game as he has been he could be a very important player for us

                1. It is Wenger who is at fault and not single player in the pitch. Mesut is forced to play on the wings. Fans turn on him, thinking you are a 42m buy so you have to perform on the wings aswell, we dont give a damn.

                  Some of the fans we have are slightly stupid and Arsenal is suffering from a small club syndrom. We have only a handfull of good players and Fans do demant miracles from any one.

                  Jack is playing good, but the stupid fans dont appreciate it. They will probably never will and continue to hate on him without any big reasons. What makes people hate Jack is bec of his guts. He is not a sunshine bear like Messi or Ramsey who whenever they do something or say soemthing, rainbows do come out of their moughts hahaaha. Jk but you should get my point with this.

                2. @sollygunner
                  Jacks game, even at his best is not good enough. And by saying he has been our best player so far this season, is a damn lie…

                3. agreed k s
                  even when hes playing well people are talking like they want him out of the club and i dont get that
                  and the couple of games we played well with out him ,, maybe some of the other players just had a better game or like the galatasaray game they wernt great at the back

                4. n y
                  i didnt say hes been our best player this season
                  i said he has been one of the best in a majority of our games
                  and if he keeps improving hes gunna come good ,,
                  surrely he deserves a chance now injuries dont seem to be holding him back ??

    1. Welbz is more exciting to watch, he’s forward ever backward never! Giroud have the physicality and ariel ability, they will help one another to improve through competition. Good for AFC

  1. Giroud scored some great goals last year. I’m looking forward to him coming back. He misses a lot, but also creates good chances. I love Danny’s work rate. He’s proven himself against lesser sides, but getting behind the defense of good teams we shall see. I hope he continues to grow and we can rotate our strikers and win some games.

  2. as long as Wenger is managing the lineup, anyone can play anywhere. anything is possible.
    – pigs can fly
    – there’s life on Mars
    – Hogwarts exists
    – Ozil’s conspiracy theory is true
    – John Terry is faithful

    1. The conspiracy theory is true. But what really pisses me off is that I reunited Mustafa with his family and they sent the bill for all 26 air tickets to me! I mean why did all 26 of them have to come to London to collect him?

      Shit is a joke. Wenger’s stubbornness is costing ME money.

    1. I see that, you see that, the rest of the football world sees it except for Arsene. Sadly for all of us Giroud goes straight back in as a guaranteed starter when he is back

    2. Let’s be happy we have two competitive fc who can offer different things giroud has been good for arsenal wether you like it or not he played best when we had theo in the side same as Rvp who looks to be struggling now

      The welbeck who can’t shoot also ended up with the same shot accuracy as Rooney and higher than Rvp last season so let’s give both of them confidence to push one another to new levels

  3. Giroud was 6th in goal scoring last year. His link up with Ramsey and Ozil at the beginning of last season was great. Danny’s been given a chance. It’s too early to tell if he can lead us in goal scoring. Currently we have a couple players with a couple goals. WAY behind many of the strikers from the other teams in the league.

  4. This Giroud bashing proves they are not true Arsenal fans. You truly want someone who scored 40 goals in two seasons to go. Haven’t you heard of injury. What happens if Welbeck gets injured, you want Sanogo or Campbell who are not proven goal scorers to play instead of Giroud. Giroud won us the Community Shield, helped us win the FA Cup and scored a crucial goal against Everton before he got injured.

    Yes Welbeck seems better and I hope Welbeck starts instead of Giroud when Giroud comes back. I also would love it if we got Cavani or Huntelaar or Martinez. However, Giroud’s 40 goals shows that he isn’t crap as many of you claim. He deserves criticism, but NOT disrespectful comments.

      1. The problem isn’t Giroud. The problem is Giroud being the only striker. Last season he began the season as good as any striker could – in fact better. Not only can he put the ball in the net but he can do stuff like the sublime Wilshere goal and the FA Cup final.

        But Arsenal needs more than Giroud. And that is not Giroud fault but Wenger’s. A sharp Giroud is a nuisance that Wellbeck could never be. But at the same time when I was watching the Villa game I thought – ‘damn we haven’t seen that kind of pace for over two years’. Other managers pick and select per game. Big names get dropped for the better option (e.g. our own Wellbeck got the nod for the RM game from SAF). Shame Wenger never does that – not just striker but all over the pitch.

        Our players always play to a pressure that makes them look bad in situations where they should be looking.g to have been replaced by a more appropriate colleagues.

  5. Why do people keep slating Jack? How about having a pop at Ozil on a regular basis instead.
    Ozil has been shocking, and doesn’t even bother trying to do anything. I was at the Chelsea game last week, with really good seats pitch side. So I had really close look at Ozil…and he was pathetic! At least Jack tried to open Chelsea up, and was Arsenal’s MOTM. Also, Jack didn’t cost 42.5m, and he isn’t the highest earner at the club.

    1. For your information ozil has been arsenals best performer hon the leauge this season source squawka

  6. I lov Gioud, hes not as bad as eople say. He has a very decent goal tally, and ffs we won the fa cup with him and so much hated link play. That back heel pass to Rambo….excellent.

    Nonetheless, he got injured and its nobodys (nor his) fault, and Danny boy has taken his responsibility well, stood up for the challenge and took his chance. I love Danny as well.

    This competition can only be good, they can even play together.

    But as it is, in my opinión, AW should leave Danny, he earned it, like os earned his place vs Verm. and if som then Olivier has to be there when called.

    thats why its called a team.

    1. did you seee the balls he was putting on a plate for rooney ?
      i know san marino wernt great but still some very good passing abillity

  7. Danny is superior to Giroud. Miles bette then him. And the funny thing is that Arsenal should still have a player up front who has to twice the striker Danny is.

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