Arsenal and Everton to battle for £30M striker?

Arsenal and Everton are supposedly to be leading the chase to sign Wilfried Bony from Manchester City this summer.

The Ivory Coast international is believed to have been put up for sale by his club, with the likes of Kelechi Iheanacho and Sergio Aguero already ahead of him in the pecking order. The club are also believed to willing to listen to offers for Elaquim Mangala and former Gunner Samir Nasri this summer, as Pep Guardiola looks to stamp his mark on his squad for this season.

The striker is now said to have come of interest to Arsenal, who have been on the look-out for another strike-option to Olivier Giroud for the coming term, with Danny Welbeck having already succumbed to a five month absence through injury.

Everton are also claimed to hold a keen interest in signing the forward, with current main striker Romelu Lukaku believed to be pushing for a move back to Chelsea this summer, and have had their bank balance bolstered by the £47 Million sale of John Stones to Man City.

The North-London side may also believe that preventing the Merseyside club from landing Bony, could also hamper rivals Chelsea’s bid to bring Lukaku back to West London, which would no doubt strengthen their bid to challenge for the Premier League title this term.

Arsenal’s other targets are looking harder and harder to attain, with a reported rise in the asking price of Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette, as well as Mauro Icardi looking like joining Napoli in the current window.

Bony has proven to be a more than capable goalscorer previously, but having scored only six league goals in his 18-month spell with City, he does not scream out as the saviour to our attacking options. His 26 league goals in the previous 18 months with Swansea however is a different story.

Could Bony impress in an Arsenal shirt, given that we play in a possession-based style to that of former club Swansea?

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  1. Bonny to Arsenal for 30 mill.
    Yeah right. Ha ha ha.
    Old hack, has been for 30 mill.
    Whatever 🙂

  2. This make no sense why would we offer £30m for Bony a player Man City no longer want,if we were to make an offer for him it shouldn’t be over £16m

    1. Guess what’s funny?? We made the same bid to the best player of the year (Mahrez). No wonder Henry ask what they were smoking at the emirates.

  3. Try this to get the fans jumping.
    Wenger in talks to resign
    Samir Nasri 🙂
    All is forgiven. Welcome home 🙂

  4. Bony is literally a hit and miss, we got more than afew like that, already!.. Why Not mess Chelsea’s plans by offering Everton exactly what they want, for Lukaku? ?

    1. I”ll tell you why. Mino Raoila. Same reason we were never in for Zlatan,Pogba or Mkhitaryan. Wenger will never deal with the likes of Raoila. This is the same guy who convinced Pogba to leave Juve(who win their domestic league each year, and have made the finals and semifinals of the last 2 CL’s) and join United to play Thursday nights in Europa League just so he could have a huge payday. Huge stepdown for Pogba IMO but maybe he will take United back to their glory days. I hope not.

  5. What about the James Rodriguez rumours? You’d think he would want a move to Arsenal, given him and Zidane seem to be having problems, Ospina plays at Arsenal and him and Ospina seem to be good mates. On top of that he is married to Ospina’s sister.. So it would just be the fee that’s the question mark, I wonder what RM would value him at..?

    1. Some newspapers reported that an unnamed PL club had bid 71 mil GBP for James but it was rejected as Zidane wants to keep him at the club. Nothing has been confirmed yet from Real so as of now these are just rumours.

  6. Is Bendtner still training at Arsenal? ? Wasn’t Flamini doing the same thing when Wenger resigned him? ??

    Back in the day, a smirk from Wenger during the transfer windows, used to be a good sign, but now …. it just means that the old man is just plain Crazy! ?

    1. Bony my foot! He won’t improve us a bit…am sure this is just a gabbage rumour,even suggesting we would play 30m for Bony?,its not even funny…

      Being busy has really helped me to steer clear of this useless speculations and irritating rumours BUT have also denied me a lot of fun on here,its a pity.

      Everyone believes Ozil and Sanchez not renewing their contracts is because they want to see more ambition from Wenger and Arsenal which could be true

      But could it also be that they are waiting to see if Wenger renews his contract before they do???
      As they both said Wenger was the major reason they chose Arsenal, just a thought……..

  7. I think Wenger won’t buy that real world class striker because he is still protecting Giroud, if we did buy a Higuain or Suarez , Giroud would automatically lose his place and he would become a bench warmer and his arsenal career will slowly come to an end. That’s why Wenger will only go for players who can challenge Giroud as opposed to completely replace him because he is way to invested in Giroud, he has had so many chances to replace him and hasn’t always at the detriment of the team.

    Welbeck kind of worked out for us but we should never have bought him when he has never scored more than 9 goals a season in his life, it was a wasted purchase imo and one that didn’t benefit the club in the way a new striker is supposed to.

    So when you see links to mediocre/washed up strikers link Bony be afraid be very afraid as wenger can say he made the purchase in the position we asked for whilst still keeping Giroud as his main man!

    1. Not true. Giroud was bought as a reserve striker from the get go for RvP. Also, once RvP forced his move Wenger was always in for Suarez and as a proof board activated his clause. Wenger is stuck with Giroud just as we are and in reality he is not as half bad as people make him to be.

      1. There is a difference between bidding for a player and wanting a player.

        If wenger really wanted Suarez knowing that he was one of the top 5 strikers in the world he would have bid more than £40m + £1.

        If wenger really wanted lacazette he would have put a second bid after the first one got rejected.

        It’s simple haggling you always have another number up your sleeve you are prepared to go to knowing that your first offer will get refused.

        I’m not saying Giroud is not without any benefit. I’m saying if wenger wanted another striker he has the money he could have bought one literally years ago!!! It’s as simple as that!

  8. Wenger will not spend the amount of money needed for Lukaku or Lacazette (Lyon have just predictably increased his valuation to 60 million euro).

    If you work of the statistics Higuain who was sold for 90 million euro, you can understand why the valuations of the Lukaku and Lacazetts are at numbers that would have looked silly last year.

    The problem is that the longer you wait in a market flushed with cash and light on supply prices will rise all the time.

    Had we paid Lyon their asking price of 42 million euro one months ago we might have been able to close the deal. But since we are so indecisive, we effectively wait long enough for prices the rise high enough so we can’t afford them.

    If Higuain is 90 million euro and Lacazette now 60 million Euro, Bony is indeed at least around 30 million.

    Had we bought Gundogan for 21 million we would have saved 9 million on Xhaka and be able to add it to our offer for Lacazette and offered them the 42 million Euro they wanted.

    I have said it before, Xhaka might be a great player but with Elneny and Coq doing a decent job, a striker was a greater priority and to miss a striker on 5 or 10 million seems stupid to me if you paid 30 for Khaka.

    But then again money is no object Wenger said, when it comes to buying a player. So maybe we go for Aubamayang who can have a great resell value in one year time and give it a go :-).

  9. 15 Million yesterday he wwas worth now today 30 how’d that happen ?
    And i see no rumors anywhere linking us to him (not yet anyway).

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