Arsenal and Fulham come closer to striking deal for Bernd Leno

Arsenal lower demands for Leno

According to English news outlet the Evening Standard, Arsenal have lowered their asking price for Bernd Leno.

Fulham are the only club in Europe that has shown interest in the Gunners’ German shot-stopper. After weeks of negotiation, it now seems that both the London clubs are close to reaching an agreement.

The fee that is being quoted is £8 million, lower than what the North London outfit would have hoped to generate.

After barely playing last season and the recent acquisition of USMNT international Matt Turner, all the stars align to Leno departing the Emirates Stadium, four years after making a big money move from Bayer Leverkusen.

Leno is thought to be very open to a move to Fulham as he is keen to stay in London and continue playing in the Premier League.

With the World Cup fast approaching, it is only natural that the 30-year-old wants a fresh start somewhere, sooner rather than later.

The German has been a robust signing for Arsenal, as he has kept 37 clean sheets for Arsenal in 125 appearances.

The only reason we are talking about his exit is majorly due to his inability to play out from the back, which resulted in the club splashing the cash on Englishman Aaron Ramsdale last summer.

If we only talk about shot-stopping skills, the former Leverkusen man is definitely one of the best in the league.

That’s why I believe Fulham are getting a world class goalkeeper for a nominal fee.

Yash Bisht


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  1. 30 year old keeper with probably 7-8 years of his best years in front of him ,amazing deal for Fulham and wish him well ,always a big fan of his .
    8million 😂 only at Arsenal .

    1. Why only Fulham?. I guess he is not that world class after all. Good luck Leno. More to go.

        1. Why the 8million only at Arsenal dig?. Fulham is the only club interested in him and that’s what they are willing to pay for him. It’s either we accept the offer or he sits on the bench for the remainder of his contact. 8 million or nothing. I know which I will take.

          1. Because he’s worth a lot more ,asset management side of things at Arsenal are awful ,case in point Leno .

            1. Also How do you know that Fulham are the only club In for him ,maybe he only wants to stay in London .

          2. You obviously don’t spend a lot of time on
            this board CRAZY..LOL

            There be complaints if we sold him or 2X
            that amount from the Usual Suspects.

  2. Never felt he had the presence of number 1 keeper at arsenal, which i thought was detrimental to the defence – however, agree he is a talented keeper and a top shot stopper. Wish him the best, but think it is best he moves on now

  3. In reply to crazygooner, if you look at the clubs that we are trying to emulate, they all have top class keepers…. and paid a lot of money for the privilege.
    We spent, it is rumoured, over £28,000,000 on two keepers and are now (once again a rumour) letting Leno go for a paltry £7,000,000 plus add ons to a PL rival.

    I agree with the statement above, that he couldn’t play out from the back, but we have brought in better defensive players that would have helped him.

    If Mikel wants him to leave, we have to respect his decision, but it seems as if, once again, we are giving players away for peanuts.

    Thanks for your services Bernd, another model professional, who never brought the club into disrepute.

    1. “but we have brought in better defensive players that would have helped him.”
      That works both ways, though – Mustafi actually looked pretty solid for a while when martinez was in goal.

      1. And of course you remember that Mustafi was one of the players hounded non stop for his overall performances?
        Meanwhile, Leno was performing well enough to get Player of the month I believe, (before his injury) while Mustafi was NOT performing very well.

        1. Until martinez was in goal, then pundits were saying we might actually miss him for the cup final because he’d actually played really well! The defence in general looked less nervy because we had a gk who could deal with crosses
          Just saying, it goes both ways

  4. Very, very sad! Arsenal players under MA is going for clearance sale! Very smart business manager!

  5. What is £7 mil .
    Unless we are trying to aid his word cup chances.,

    Leno is a loyal servant who have serve us well so for that reason we could wish him well, but I dont like this deal and with Turner not exactly rooting up any trees.

  6. If we sell Leno for just £7 million the management will get slagged off for selling him too cheap, if we don’t sell him for that amount and he stays with us without playing much this season and then leaves for nothing next season then the management get slagged off for allowing that to happen. It’s not as if clubs are clamouring to sign him. Can’t win can they……

    1. But they knew this was going to happen, when they brought in two new keepers… and that after letting Martinez go and obviously putting their faith in Leno.
      Why didn’t they offer him a new contract then, or keep Martinez?

    2. Management will get slagged off because their decision making led to this point where we have a decent player that we will recoup very little from the sale and has only 1 year left on his contract.

      If this wasn’t a reoccurring theme then they wouldn’t get slagged off….but….it is!

    3. I agree, past decisions by management have resulted in us being in this position with Leno and they deserve criticism for that but I’m talking solely about the situation now, Arteta obviously doesn’t want/rate Leno and surely to sell him even for 7 or 8 mill is obviously better than him leaving for nothing at the end of the season.

  7. I belive it’s best to sell him for the amount the interested club is willing to pay instead of leaving for nothing afterall there is no bidding war.great shotstopper but the style of play seem not to suit him leading to loss of confidence and therefore leaking goals just like we experienced earlier last season before signing ramsdale.Goodluck to leno except against us of course.

    1. How many goals did we concede with Ramsdale between the sticks and with a back line of players costing a fortune to assemble, last season?

      I believe we let in less goals when Leno was there and we had “no defence” as some would say and that’s why Mikel bought Tomi, White and Gabs.

      In fact, last season’s GA was the worst since AW left, so what’s your point?

  8. Leno is a good keeper and seems like such non drama personality.. But we will only get what potential buyers are willing to pay..
    Any player is only worth what any given suitor is willing to pay..

    Right now United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spuds etc are struggling to get rid of their unwanted players..

    It’s being reported that Chelsea has unwanted players worth about £180 million that they are struggling to move on.. These players combined are making more than £700,000 a week.

    Spuds are begging any potential suitors to take or loan the likes of Ndobele, Lo Celso, Reguilon, Winks etc.

    United already let Pogba and Lingard walk for free. And Ten Hag is going to have to clear out a lot of current squad season by season..

    Chelsea could only get a loan fee for Lukaku.

    No club will pay what they don’t deem value for their money. We had a lot of players that we overpaid for and have underperformed to a level where serious clubs are not even willing to pay a very small amount for them or even take them on a free..

    1. Agree Goonster it is also happening to our rivals except City and Liverpool because we pay hefty fees and wages to them and latter they become surplus (I wouldn’t use the word deadwood)

  9. And we scored more goals with ramsdale in goal than 2020/21 season out of the fact that we play out from the back and don’t tell me he did’nt make some crucial saves which if not stopped it could have cost us points.i do rate leno a lot shot-stopping wise but he giving away possession trying to make a long-range pass to team-mates is awful and we can’t pretend that’s not part of a goal keepers game cos top sides have to use this to excel,so struggling to master this skill had an impact on his mental as we witnessed earlier last season conceding nine goals in three games which lead to his relegation to the bench and therefore lower value now that there is just one yr left on his contract,he can’t adapt and won’t mind leaving i’ll say goodbye and goodluck.Great keeper but has’nt worked so far.

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