Arsenal and Liverpool looking to hijack Solskjaer attempts to sign forward

It is being reported in the media today that both Arsenal and Liverpool are making a move to hijack Manchester United’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plans to persuade Moussa Dembele to join the Red Devils this summer.

The Lyon forward is one of the more coveted players in European football and while United remain the front runners they now face stiff competition from us and the European Champions.

United are said to have already tabled an offer in the region of £40 Million and while that is a bit steep for us it does not mean that we are not in contention.

The only reason we would be looking to spend that sort of money on another front player is if we are about to lose one, which could easily be the case with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

If that is the case then I have to say I would welcome it, it would mean we land a player that would cost us less than we would receive for Aubameyang, so that is extra money in the kitty and an ideal replacement for the Gabon international.

Naturally, Liverpool would be very attractive and they can easily afford his fee so competition is indeed tight but the fact we are being linked with the 22-year-old is encouraging and shows that we are at least being ambitious which can only be a good thing.


  1. Solskjaer and Klopp can fight to get this Dembele, but I hope Emery would have sufficient funds to get Barcelona’s Dembele

    Klopp’s wide attackers (Salah and Mane) are more dangerous than a tap-in chaser like Moussa Dembele

    I’m sure Emery has examined the ineffectiveness of his strikers that brought us down to the fifth position and I believe he is planning to buy a wide attacker to replace one of them

    1. I wouldn’t exactly call a total of approximately 50 goals and around 35 premier league goals to be “inefficient”

      Also now Is not the time to replace them when most of the other areas are weaker ie Rb, LB, CB, Central midfield LW RW

      Let’s have priorities. Fix the weak areas first and then get rid of our prolific strikers that big teams like Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid and Barcelona are interested in

      1. The big goal tally has concealed the fact that both strikers missed many easy chances, that could have changed the outcomes of some crucial games

        Had they been more lethal, we would have sit in a top four spot

        I’m glad we have two high profile strikers, but they should leave if there is a 60+ M offer

        1. Every striker misses some easy chances. Every single one. Just name one who has never done that. I agree with ForeverGooner, we cannot afford to have a team that is always in a state of flux. Auba and Laca are just settling into a good striking partnership. Look at the Liverpool striking trio. What we should be doing is adding not subtracting and replacing. Barca’s Dembele gets my vote the add.

      2. You keep talking about who we want. Let’s start selling the deadwood first then we might be able to see the wood through the trees

    2. ^
      The defending brought us down, the strikers could’ve been playing for a league chasing team.

  2. Ah, I remember the days when he was a young lad at Fulham, always being linked with Spurs so that Mousa and Moussa would be at the same club. If we at Arsenal are bidding for him that must mean Auba is on his way out

  3. These links and links with the Russian chap this morning make me nervous that one or both Laca and Auba are going.

    I’m sure gonna miss the bromance between these two, their relationship has been the most enjoyable thing about this last season!

    1. I agree Will. The fact we are linked with strikers means we are losing one of them for sure. (I hope it’s Auba if we do have to lose one). It could turn out to be not so bad if we get a lot of funds in return.

  4. i had to reload my page a couple of times,i thought i was lost,love the new format guys

  5. I doubt Emery or Arsenal will want to sell Auba, unless he wants to leave I don’t see it happening. Emery had Cavani out wide at PSG, the money they had yet he decided to keep Cavani happy because he scored and assisted with the best of them, well almost. I don’t see him letting go of our most potent goal contributor we’ve had over the past 15+ seasons, I’m amazed that some people can see it. People look at the age I presume, look at Higuain, Raul, managers aren’t stupid they know how important a CF’s contribution is, they also know how tough it is to find the top calibre in this field, even when you spend to get it in it doesn’t always work like that, Falcao, Balotelli with his huge AFC following, Adebayor at city, even Suarez at Barca is gone off the boil.

    I think we’re a big enough club to keep our best finishers and have wide players who contribute towards goals, why is that a difficult thing to ask. All those seasons finishing in top four, broken promises, and now you say it was all for nothing.

    1. At his age if Auba is stalling on a new deal, and expecting astronomical wage what would you have the board do other than sell him to interested clubs. I seriously do not expect any of the players to expect a pay rise for now owing to the disappointing season we had.

      I believe there are hungry strikers who can give us better work rate, goals conversion and keep the team happy overall. Remember there is a new policy about not letting player’s contracts run lower than 2 years. For me I will accept anything up to 60mil for Auba but i will use it on a prolific wide player like Pepe.

        1. Kolasinac is on higher wages because he was free agent. I’m fine with that because we didn’t pay any transfer fee

          Why the fk we gave Mkhitaryan 180k is beyond me

    2. you have a bid to sell a player for 60 million pounds who will be 30 years old and has two years left on contract and decent high wage and how many years do you want to extend his contract?? 2 or 3?? then will be smart business

  6. Martin you start of your previous post with words along the line of “ the usual boring repetitive rumours”

    And in this post you do exactly that ?

  7. Our link to a striker isn’t a replacement for Auba or Laca.
    It’s a replacement for Nkethia as he may be going on loan.
    Strikers linked so far:
    El Neysri,Claude Maurice, Moussa Dembele, Chalov and *Sturridge
    Hope our transfer is done as quick as possible.

  8. Arsenal are close to completing a deal for William Saliba and have rejected the chance to load him back to Saint Etienne.We are also expected to go for Claude-Maurice but West Ham are giving competition for his signature.

    Expect to hear some news about William Saliba in the media soon.

    Sampdoria’s Andersen and Praet are also interesting Arsenal very much.

    1. Nice one Kev, I like your guts even though people don’t appreciate you I do but trust me if this one fails. You will have no place to hide…

      1. Thanks.I see your point but as you see I’m taking time to report on the deals unlile past times.Saliba is more or less within our grasp and unless we pull of a shocker like we are capable of he will be an Arsenal player.Mind you their former coach left because the club’s hierarchy were prepared to sanction the sale of several key players of which Saliba is among

    2. I read Saliba transfer mayn’t come through because we don’t want to loan him back to them

      1. They will give in because they need the money.Saliba is already a goner hence why their former coach left since the hierarchy were prepared to sell several talented youngsters

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