Arsenal and Liverpool target says Barcelona won’t sell him

Many Arsenal fans have a wish list for this summer, and after the fact that we need a defensive midfielder and more defenders, many of us also want to see a new younger goalkeeper arrive after Petr Cech had the worst season of his premiership career, and made many blatant mistakes.

One keeper we have been linked with is the Barcelona reserve Jasper Cillessen, who played in every Copa Del Rey game for Barca which they ended up winning. The 29 year-old has been closely linked with a move to both Arsenal and Liverpool this summer, but he doubts that Barcelona will sell him any time soon. “I think that I played well in the matches I had in the Copa del Rey,” Cillessen said. “I need to wait patiently. The only thing I know is that Barcelona won’t sell me.

“Arsenal and Liverpool aren’t bad clubs but if Barcelona say, ‘We love you’, then I’ll accept their decision and continue there. I’ll wait until we return on the July 16 to see what they’ve decided.

“I don’t know anything. If the club wants to keep me, I’ll accept that. I signed a five-year deal with them.”

And why would they let him go? He conceded just 3 goals in the 11 games he played last season and is the current Dutch Number One. If Arsenal did even try for him, the cost would be better spent on getting our defence sorted out – as with Cech, Macey and Ospina we have more than enough cover in goal.

Do you think we still need a new keeper?

Sam P


  1. ArseOverTit says:

    YES, YES and YES!

    Ospina before Cech and Cech off to somewhere else for a fat Pay cheque! Get someone young, talented and hungry in..

    1. gotanidea says:

      Cech still has vast experience and he is very big, hence he is good in the air and in blocking

      Whereas Ospina is much smaller and he rarely plays, therefore he is rusty

  2. barryglik says:

    GK is the most important
    player on the field.
    Cech has had a great career
    but will need to be replaced soon.
    Unfortunately none of our own young
    keepers are any where near ready
    and Ospina is clearly not at the necessary level
    (and a good world cup will not change his PL form)
    So we will have to source a keeper from another club.
    I would be happy if our biggest single spend was on a top quality GK.
    The second biggest biggest spend should be on a quality DM.
    Please no 32 year old GK and /or 32 year old DM on a free 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. gotanidea says:

      I beg to differ. I think even De Gea would have difficulties, if he has bad defense in front of him

      A better DM should be the first priority, followed by a better playmaker (the current ones suck) and a skillful/ pacey left-footed right winger (coz we don’t have any)

      1. tas says:

        I BEG TO DIFFER TOO David single handedly saved Man-U from a huge embarrassment from us at Emirates and many other teams Man-U have just as bad defense as us the difference was De Gea

        1. McLovin says:

          And there are at least 5 conceded goals where Cech is DIRECTLY at fault. And those were just from last season.

          – Niasse goal vs. Everton
          – Okazaki goal vs. Leicester
          – Ayew goal vs. Swansea
          – how many times he’s beaten from near post?

      2. John Ibrahim says:

        Utd defense was extremely weak and yet De Gea save them from relegation

  3. Pablo Picasso says:

    There better and younger GK’s out there than him.

    Arsenal needs a young, tall, flexible, ball playing GK. For a club that likes possession & dictating play I hated how we started pumping the ball forward each time last season, even without Giroud on the pitch & combined with Cech’s poor distribution.

    If we want to play modern football we need to ship out Ospina, demote Cech to number 2, get a younger ball playing GK, get a ball playing CB, a monster DM, midfield wizard in the mould of Carzola or D. Silver, throw in a tricky winger & it part time.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I thought Ospina possesses a good technical skill to distribute the ball ala Bravo, Ederson, Navas, Valdes and Stegen. But he rarely plays and Wenger’s system did not work well with him

      D. Silver, you mean David Silva? Ozil was expected to be Arsenal’s midfield wizard, but he cannot adapt like David Silva, De Bruyne and Eriksen

      Curious to see how Ozil and Xhaka would perform under Emery’s system

      1. Pablo Picasso says:

        Yes David Silva, thanks for the correction.

        Ospina has better distribution but his height will always be an issue especially in the EPL. The days of Pepe Reina, & Burtez (sp – the former Man & France GK) are all but over. Look at all the current WC GK’s out there, they all have height & some physicality about them. I would maintain Cech for his experience plus his the best GK we have at the club currently. One thing I don’t like Ospina is his unpredictability, one minute he makes a fantastic save, the next he concedes a goal which leaves you feel even Aluminia would have saved.

        I wonder how Martinez is doing, his got the build required for the position but I have no idea on his other attributes.

  4. Counsel says:

    Emery is overrated the payers he
    is bringing in
    says it all,

    1. tas says:

      its no longer up to the Coach to decide who we bring in its Emery’s job to do the best he can with what we have

    2. Phil says:

      Yeah I agree-We should sack Emery now and bring back Wenger.Let Wenger bring in a CB for £35m like Mustafi and £35m on a midfielder like Xhaka.I just can’t understand why he was SACKED in the first place can YOU?

      1. Counsel says:

        99% of the arm chair managers here wantsed xhaka saying he is a tough tackler and gets yellow cards ,later when he was signed someone here said the one who scouted xhaka should be in jail,

        1. Phil says:

          It was the at the time,a certain ARSENE WENGER who signed the player.A scout SCOUTS.Wenger signed him So is totally and solely responsible for Xhaka being at the Club.Nobody else.So your right.Arsene Wenger should be jailed immediately for crimes against Arsenal Football Club.
          And to think I’ve just wrote all that from the comfort of my armchair.

  5. Counsel says:

    A 34 year old player is like a 80yr old man in real life,that’s spent cartridge, and if sven and Raul are the ones chasing these old players I hear nzonzi and socratis are almost a done deal then know that this club is being built like a card house, am not happy about these kind signings to be honest.I would rather buy an overrated youngster than a spent cartridge

    1. Pablo Picasso says:

      Counsel not sure if this might help but here goes.

      Yesterday I watched a repeat of Germany vs Italy WC semi final WC Final on one of the WC pop up channels. Some interesting things I noticed were:

      Young players entertain – while men win tournaments.

      Germany had Basti, Lahm, Poldoski, Klose & the likes firing all cylinders & making defenders look like fools, while Italy had Canavaro, Gatuso, Totti, Pirlo playing there socks off but still keeping the discipline & showed maturity, focus, fight & determination even under pressure. Germany were no push overs & played a good game. The match went into extra time & both sides made subs, Germany threw some fresh younger legs, Italy threw old Delpirero (sp) towards the end. Guess who won the game with 2 minutes to go to penalties.

      Italy played like Jose’s 2005/06 Chelsea / Carlo’s AC Millan / Allegri’s Juve. Key to these teams is having leaders all over from the backroom staff to the pitch coupled with young exciting players.

      When it comes to leaders I don’t see any at Arsenal at the moment, Kos, Cech, Nacho & even Mert did not command enough respect from the young players & they just did what they want all the time & papa Wenger allowed it. City & Man also have spoiled brats but they have players around them to keep them grounded & provide the balance needed. If you followed Henry you would also remember he had some rude boy attitude in him but surrounded by leaders all ever he also matured & became WC.

      You might not have the time so I will edge you to just watch the final 10 minutes of this great match & see how valuable it is to have an experienced & mature team.

      Emery & the board might have noticed this (& its about time) & are working on it. A balance of young & old will do us a lot of good in my opinion.

      1. Counsel says:

        @pablo noted but it seems we are still after old players over 3oyrs

        1. ClassyGunner says:

          Easy to understand why we are after older players for now. Like it or not we have a crop of young players that must be given the chances and the environment to blossom. Holding, Mavro, Chambers (though not that young) are being given an opportunity to learn from proven men.

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