Arsenal and London big teams want to appease fans with new exclusive preseason tournament

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham are planning to host a mini preseason tournament in London with the proceeds going to charity, the Daily Mail reports.

The three teams have faced a backlash from their fans because of their involvement in the suspended European Super League.

Arsenal has seen continuous online and offline protests from their fans even though they have pulled out of the agreement.

Most of these fans want the club’s owner, Stan Kroenke, to quit, but he isn’t willing to do that and instead wants to invest in the team.

As a way of appeasing the fans, he is joining forces with Chelsea and Spurs to create the new preseason competition.

With fans set to be allowed into stadiums before the end of this season, the competition will permit fans from the different teams which will help each of them to raise funds from gate receipts.

The payments that each team gets will be donated to charity and they hope that this would help to make their fans happy.

Kroenke is expected to spend more money on the team when the transfer window reopens adding this new competition should help to bring more positive air to the Emirates after this season.

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  1. why not let the fans for free in every game, i am sure it would not be too difficult. while i am all for charity i would prefer if the powers gave something back to the fans, for a change. so in this instance forget the charities and pay back the fans loyalties . simple enoughh to do. this is just anothher money maker, i am certain the charities will ger a percentage of the gate after “expenses” are deducted.pulling the wool, and all that me thhinks.

    1. While some might feel that your comment is overly cynical, they would be dead wrong…kudos to you for raising awareness towards an event that would be little more than their collective attempt to conduct some much-needed damage control…when all was said and done they would pat themselves on the back, allocate the least amount of “your” money, that was legally required, to a particular charity or two, then pocket the rest under the guise of administrative expenses…I would love to see the charitable fundraising ratio on that little endeavour

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