Arsenal and other Premier League teams won’t be voting on Project Restart on Monday

Arsenal and other Premier League teams won’t be handed the chance to vote on Project Restart on Monday.

Teams are expected to meet on Monday again after this Friday’s meeting was postponed due to the postponement of Boris Johnson’s address to the nation.

The feeling had been that teams would be asked to vote on the restart proposals, but Football.London is reporting that teams won’t be given the opportunity to decide the fate of restart.

It claims that teams will be asked to approve certain parts of the proposal, but they would not have the power to vote and turn it down.

This comes after reports claim that the bottom three sides in the Premier League want to fight against the season being completed on neutral grounds unless there would be no relegation.

It claims that those teams have been warned that if they don’t comply with Project Restart, they could be relegated by default.

Arsenal is one of the teams that is looking forward to the restart of the season as the Gunners target a late push to finish in a European place.

The Gunners have already resumed outdoor training and they are waiting for the go-ahead from the government to train in groups.

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  1. So now the sick and evil plan is for the many clubs who play to make money, including our own “ethical and wondrous Arsenal” owned by that “great philanthropist” Kroenke, to wish to relegate the few who also worry about being relegated because they will then have not enough money. How sick is that plan!

    What a classic bullying mentality and how sick in the head can any fan be who actually condones or even wants this unholy alliance of corrupt billionaires and their daft followers on this site to resume playing while hundreds of their fellow citizens and fellow human beings die ech day, unvisited by their loving families who then grieve alone and in silence.

    Yet still some INHUMANE FOOLS WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL! Shame on any who support this monstrosity, whether fans, players, managers or owners. SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

    If this evil and monstrous plot actually goes ahead – which I AM CONVINCED IT WILL NOT NOR CANNOT – then I am finished as a lover of top level football. I will not condone this cesspit nor be any part of it. Nor should any REAL human being with even a scintilla of decency!

  2. Covid 19 is a scam. India population 1400 million. Mexico 128 million Nigeria 140 million Egypt 99 million Turkey 82 million. All countries with mega millions of destitute people living in horrific living conditions and with little or no social distancing and almost no PEP have lost less than 4000 people each to Covid 19. More people will have been murdered been killed in car accidents and plane crashes and drownings or falling off a chair changing a light bulb than died from Covid19. The only reason rich western countries like Italy Spain Britain and the USA have higher numbers is because they can afford to hospitalise terminally ill patients with the flu. There is no pandemic. There never was a pandemic Covid 19 is just another seasonal flu strain and a mild strain at that. The west trying to save terminally ill patients is commendable but to shut down the entire economy in the process was a huge error in judgement. All the country can do now is open up the economy immediately and prevent further damaging the lives of millions through the economic misery due to wreak havoc on millions because of the gross miscalculation by our Governments.
    Enough of the covid19 nonsense.
    Football should start immediately the players are fit and ready

  3. Jon, I could not agree with you more. To even contemplate restarting the the season in the midst of this horror befalling our country is sick, mindless and downright dangerous. Do they actually believe they could complete 92 matches without any risk involved? The answer is the EPL and the big clubs only care about one thing MONEY. Unlike you I think the idiots will cobble together some sort of deal and to hell with the consequences. If it does go ahead it will be a sad day for top flight football.

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