Arsenal and PL rivals set to profit from new TV deal

The Premier League is set to to agree a new six-year US TV rights deal which will see them bring in two billion dollars into the division, with Arsenal to get their fair share of the profit.

The Gunners were the biggest spenders in the summer as they looked to overhaul their squad, and bring themselves back into contention for the European places, and that appears to have gone to plan thus far.

That splurge may well be offset somewhat by a new TV deal which the Premier League are believed to be closing in on, with NBC, CBS and ESPN believed to be bidding for control over the fixtures between 2022 and 2028.

The English division continues to bolster it’s ever-growing grip on world football with another blockbuster deal, which is expected to be around double what we made in the previous negotiations, the BBC reports.

They claim that the playing times of our matches avoiding those of America’s other major sporting events is a huge plus for our commercial rights, while other countries are less in line with their later kick-off times.

It remains to be seen how much of this increased income will become available to the hierarchy in charge of signings, but with our recent impressive record in the transfer market, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if we were allowed to spend a little more if that expense continued to bring improvements for us in the division.


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  1. $2 million is peanuts, it’s less than Arsenal earn on every match day at the Emirates! If equally divided by the 20 Premier League clubs it equates to less than £100,000 for each club.

      1. Cheers AdPat, I really should have realised there was an error there. If equally divided that’s £10 million to each club which is a similar amount we get from our Rwanda sponsorship and certainly not to be sniffed at.

  2. All this sounds great, unless you are a fan who cannot get to the games. As a pensioner, I am being priced out of watching live matches.

    In the US we get several EPL matches on NBC TV each week. However, NBC has started putting many of them behind a pay wall.

    Often this includes an Arsenal game. I subscribe to their streaming service so I do not miss any games.

    Now ESPN has put its UEFA and World cup games behind their pay wall. Another subscription.

    CBS own the rights to the European games (all three competitions). These are now behind a pay wall (if you want a commentary in English). Another subscription.

    If Amazon get involved with the EPL, that will be yet another subscription.

    I really think eventually the greed of FIFA, EUFA and the EPL will lead to football’s demise.

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