Arsenal and Roma fail to find agreement over Granit Xhaka transfer

Xhaka deal dragging on

Arsenal and Roma are still in the negotiation table for Granit Xhaka, according to Italian news outlet Roma Press.

The Swiss international was hopeful of finding an agreement with the Italian side before the commencement of Euros.

The player had already agreed personal terms with Roma, but the final fee for the services of the 28-year-old is proving to be a stumbling block.

The new Roma manager Jose Mourinho apparently wants the former Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder as his first signing at the Stadio Olimpico.

The Portuguese tactician is believed to be a huge admirer of the Arsenal man. “Xhaka is the main man in the entire Arsenal midfield, you can’t see it unless I lend you one of my eyes,” said Mourinho in 2019, who has previously tried to sign the Swiss ace.

After Arsenal rejected the third offer for the Switzerland international, it is still to be seen whether the Giallorossi will return with an improved bid.

However, as things stand, waiting until the end of the Euros to make a solid offer looks rational as the player tries to have the European Championships as his only focal point.

The midfielder himself told the media: “There are always rumours as soon as the transfer market opens but I don’t want to talk about my future.

“I am 100 percent focused here with the national team… what happens afterwards, you will then get to know about it.”

AS I said in an article last week, Granit Xhaka leaving Arsenal is far from certain….

Yash Bisht

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  1. He will leave definitely, but I’m glad to see us playing hardball with the transfer fee for a change.

  2. We don’t NEED to sell Xhaka this Summer and would have to spend more than what we’d get for him on top of the central midfield signing we already must make.
    The Swiss still would be an excellent #2 choice to partner Partey, with ideally an upgrade like Bissouma becoming the main man.

    If Roma/Mourinho wants him, we have no reason to offer them a cheap deal & put ourselves in a worse situation.
    Arsenal must learn to sell its players properly like all other big clubs do so this is good news that we’re not letting ourselves get swindled again.

    1. zTom, I totally agree with your rationale. Arsenal should either receive their full valuation for Granit Xhaka, or retain him as a squad player, given that other players may be affected by Afcon.
      Unfortunately some people let their personal animosity towards the player colour their thinking.

  3. Personally, I’ d say we should even pay for someone,anyone on Earth in fact, to take him. The rag and bone man, a.k.a. the rubbish man, comes to mind as most appropriate!

    1. I hope you can kick a ball further than 10 yards, and we will happily give you the Jersey and boots and see you partner with Partey.
      Otherwise JF Never talk about Xhaka in that manner again.

  4. People don’t realize how complicated selling Xhaka could make things. We should get as much as we can from him because even if we got Bissouma, we’d still need a replacement for Xhaka as they are vastly different players. Hopefully arsenal are asking for closer to 25m, that way we can be sure to get Bissouma and another passing central midfielder.

    1. if Arteta ditches his rubbish and negative pivot system, we might not need to buy a like 4 like replacement for Xhaka.

      Gilberto and Vieria were not known for their passing abilities yet they worked together.

      IMO, Bisouma and Partey can work together as long as Arteta tweaks the system.

      1. While I agree with you @zert on Bissouma & Partey working as a unit, I can’t stop having this feeling that we might not see both powerhouse play together in an Arsenal shirt as our dilly-dallying may cost us missing out on Bissouma as other top teams in Europe pounce on the opportunity to sign a proven player like him.

      2. You clearly never watched Gilberto. That’s all I can say.

        But please answer me this. Why are people convinced Gilberto and Vieira were similar? What did they do alike? Secondly, why hasn’t any team been able to succeed without a passing specialist in the middle?

  5. I can only hope we’re delaying this deal in the hopes that Xhaka’s value goes up during the Euros, as he usually plays considerably better in international affairs than at the club level, largely due to the fact that it has a tendency to be a little slower from a build-up and pressing standpoint…these factors are crucially important considering his more languid style of play, not to mention he usually plays farther up the pitch and a bit more centrally in his Swiss kit

    in fact, the only reason I ever even coveted Xhaka, many years ago, is because of his international appearances, where his play was far more progressive and his positioning not so incessantly static, which is weird considering that the Swiss aren’t known for their expansive nature or offensive aggression…it’s clear that he needs the time and space on the ball, farther up the pitch, that international play and/or other Leagues afford him…this of course isn’t the case in England, which is why he’s been so typically underwhelming…hopefully this will all be settled soon, so we can properly move on from this failed project

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