Arsenal AND Spurs fans UNITE in booing Adebayor!

The wonderful person and lovable striker (lol) Emmanuel Adebayor has been a figure of hate for Arsenal fans since he forced through a big money move to Manchester City, and then compounded his errors by running the length of the pitch to antagonize our fans after scoring for City against the Gunners.

Since then he has not been one of our favourite players (to say the least!), but now it seems that Tottenham fans will be joining us in booing the mercenary twat after he abused the Spurs crowd and then tried to force a transfer to QPR in January. Since then the Spuds have turned on him.

The Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino was asked if the Spurs fans should get off Adebayor’s back, he replied: “Yes, yes, yes. It’s important that the fans forget the past. And I think he explained why he made the comments.

“And now, all together, we need to try to get the success because we are in a key moment.

“We need to put out the bad things, the bad energy, we need to try to help each other and try to get the success. This is the important thing.”

I doubt very much that that is going to stop the fans from making their feelings known on Saturday lunchtime, so I really hope that Pochettino picks him to play against us on Saturday. It would be amazing to hear both sets of opposing fans attacking the Togo Two-Faced Twat at the same time!

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  1. togo two faced twat? written on a post?
    you can write twat on here?

    holy mother of twat admin, you have twatted away all my fears.
    happy twatmas to you

    1. @gunman that was clever.
      i keep saying theres a shit load of poets on here- they just bit rough around the edges…
      ok very rough…what does it matter – dont be a twat!

  2. I honestly don’t care about him. Giroud is better anyway and he is overrated. I honestly conserve hatred for people like Levy, Nasri, Cole etc. Adebayor is small potatoes. Kind of funny that Spurs are still paying his salary and Levy could have easily sent him two west ham but his vindictiveness stopped him, like when Levy was calling Real Madrid begging them not to sell us Ozil. Levy is a real prat.

    I hope Walcott scores. I just read Spuds calling for him to be injured because of the 2 finger gesture. Really sick. It was just fun banter
    Walcott hattrick will make my day.

    I’m really up for this Derby

    We can do it

  3. Fellow Gooners, enough of the over-confidence. Let the players do the talking on the pitch. Some of us have already won the game before tomorrow even comes, yet they’ll all come and moan after the game.

  4. I don’t remember Adebayor forcing through a move to City like, say Fabregas did to Barcelona. I remember most folks thinking we did pretty well getting 25m for him. Am I just getting senile?

    1. @Trudeau
      I thought he was sold due to the friction between him and Bendtner. We should have sold Bendtner instead…

      1. excuse me? you do not ‘sell’ bendtner …
        you simply release him…back into the wild of the danish fjords.

        forgive him niklaus – he knows not what he is saying
        #balon d’or

    1. No – He is not! As a Spurs fan, I’d love to join you in the booing but I’m hoping to see us make a game of it – which MUST mean that Ade does not play. He was a slack ass for you and for City and despite that Levy bought him and he has cost Spurs much on many fronts. He was at one time, I think, capable of great play but unwilling. He is no longer either capable or willing.
      If he appears in the derby; you should cheer like there is no tomorrow because it means that Spurs have given up. Levy needs to release him and send him home.

  5. It’s good that we haven’t been a selling club lately. We haven’t sold our best players since RVP, on the contrary, we brought Alexis and Özil for over £70m.

    A turned corner? Hopefully! Though I still can’t see us keeping Barca, Bayern or Real Madrid at bay, good thing Alexis and Òzil have already been there, done that. Hopefully they’ll stick around and that’ll encourage the others to stay too..

  6. Fan should rather safe their energy for cheering our team to glory rather than dwelling on useless issues like Adebayor. He isn’t d first to force tru a transfer nd wouldn’t be the last.I guess its time we shld learn to let go afterall we are better than where he. Left us,he might not even get the oportunity to be selected tomorow

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