Arsenal and Spurs target confirms contract issue with current club

Willian has confirmed the reports that Chelsea are unwilling to offer a three-year contract, whilst admitting that he is concentrated on seeing out the season.

The winger’s current deal is set to end next week, but the Premier League has said that clubs will be allowed to thrash out short-term deals to keep players until the end of the season, and Willian looks likely to do just that.

The 31 year-old also looks likely to leave the club at the end of the campaign, admitting that he is holding out for a three-year contract despite Chelsea only willing to offer a two-year deal.

“It’s a difficult situation because Chelsea offered me two years and they are not going to change what they offered. I said I wanted three more years,” the winger revealed.

“The situation is difficult because of this. I really don’t know if it will be possible [to stay]. My goal is to continue working and focus on the remainder of the season, so that Chelsea can continue winning games.

“I have a clear head and I’m focused for the rest of the season that we have left. I think it’s difficult [to stay]. Let’s see what happens.”

Willian seems defeated in his bid to secure another three years with the Blues, and the club’s stance doesn’t look likely to change regardless of how well the Brazilian sees out the remainder of the season.

With the player seemingly settled in London, we could well battle it out with Tottenham for his signature, although Jose Mourinho may well hold the key to his future away from Stamford Bridge.

Could Arteta persuade Willian to snub Tottenham? Could the 31 year-old give in and accept the two-year deal on the table still?


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  1. Robert Acedius says:

    I like Willian as a Chelsea player. But I don’t want him at Ashburton (more than once, twice a year). And I can’t feel the same about Chelsea that I feel about Tottenham. My relationship with the blues goes back to the Swinging London Era of the late 60s, when they had players and party goers like Peter Osgood, Alan Hudson, Chris Garland… And David Webb, Ron Harris, Eddie McCreadie, John Hollis – and Peter Bonetti between the sticks. Who was said to be the best keeper in England, next to Gordon Banks. I thought Bob Wilson were better than Bonetti, though. No, I can’t “hate” Chelsea. But it’s nice beating them.

  2. Robert Acedius says:

    CORRECTION: John Hollins. Sorry, John.

  3. Sue says:

    OT.. La liga to restart from June 8…

  4. jon fox says:

    Scowler(as I call him, because he does scowl) Willian is not going to be offered a 3 year deal at the sort of wages he will want by ANY club. He is typical of the type of player who is going to get the shockof his financial life in this next period of the game.
    And THAT is the best hope we all have to rescue our game from the selfish grip of players and agents who leech off us hard pressed fans and take our future support for granted. Those days are behind us all now but footballers are the last to realise. They may be talented and Willian certainly is but they are not forward thinking or perceptive at all in most cases, even though not in all.

    But few have ever pretended that most footballers have an IQ above average. And THAT is a deliberate understatement, if I have EVER used one!

  5. Sue says:

    Not interested in Willian… only 😄

    Another win for Dortmund, not a great game, but they got the job done! Haaland didn’t find the back of the net 😱 Up next for them – Bayern on Tuesday 👍
    One thing I’ve noticed is how lean and athletic their refs have been….complete opposite to ours – Moss and Dean 😂😂

  6. Siamois says:

    Cech,Luiz …is Arsenal becoming the club for nearly retired players from Chelsea just because they want to keep living in London??

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