Arsenal and Tottenham chasing 40m up-and-coming AC Milan star?

Reports say Arsenal are considering a move for AC Milan midfielder by Martin

Talksport is reporting that Arsenal and Tottenham are once again considering making a move for AC Milan midfielder Franck Kessie.

Now, before I give my reaction I should also point out that Talksport does cite and Corriere dello Sport as sources for this rumour.

My initial reaction is this is unlikely to happen.

The fee being proposed is 40 Million Euros, a figure we can probably afford even with the so-called restrictions in place but when you read the article there is absolutely nothing solid to go on, no official comments, no quotes from the player and nothing from any of his representatives, it all appears to be just conjecture.

I am not saying that it is blatantly false, but when comments like “suggest that that the Gunners and Tottenham are among those monitoring his situation” it is flimsy at best, any of us can suggest that Arsenal are interested in a certain player but that does make it realistic.

For the record, Kessie is a bloody good player, I have actually watched him in Serie A a couple of times this season and I reckon he would fit in just nice with us, but until there is a far more substantive rumour with some sort of verification within it I am putting this down as wishful thinking and nothing more.



  1. Another fake news because the next transfer window is still far

    Why would the stingy board spend 40 M for another central midfielder, considering the fact they still have Xhaka, Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan, Willock, Iwobi, Chambers, Ozil and Suarez in their arsenal

    The next rumor is probably gonna be Coutinho. His no 10 playing style apparently does not work well at Barca and they are willing to sell him for 80 M

    1. Arsenal haven’t bought Suarez, I assume that it somehow doesn’t time-travel back to Jan which means Suarez loan deal will be at an end if Kessie.

      I’d much prefer to see Arsenal spend the rumored 40 million on Win-Bassaka and allow this would free up AMN to be that CM guy.

  2. Martin… I’ve noticed you’ve written a lot of articles lately… are you as bored as I am during this international break?!! ?
    I’ve not heard of this Kessie guy…

    1. He played against us last season in Europa League ? did you watch the San Marino game Sue I’m changing my allegiance to them I feel something big is happening with them ?

      1. Well I didn’t take much notice of the opposition ?? Ha surprisingly no I didn’t John… yes they concede 5 instead of 10… they’re on the way up!!

        1. lool! A crap Inter Milan absolutely outplayed AC Milan last weekend???. Sue, you should have seen it – Inter Milan can hardly string 2 passes together and they usually depend on Icardi for goals (who has fallen out with Inter’s management and is not playing). Milan only got back into the game when Inter eased off of them.

            1. Kessie is Tottenham quality, belongs with no-talent Sissoko, overhyped Alli, and Mr. claim-your-goal diver Harry Kane. Tottenham are going to have some interesting transfer windows now that their $ 1B stadium is done.

        2. Haha funny Sue ? for Italians you’d think they could be at least ok ? he’s ok, not as bad as people on here making out ?

  3. Hope its not true
    i follow AC Milan
    and he’s not that good
    Bakayoko (chel$hit) is having a better season
    and Lucas Paqueta, its great, we should have gone after him

  4. Great con to create a rumour , then shoot it down as tosh , thus saying nothing worth reading at all but getting copy. The oldest cheap journo trick in the book, done by redtops and wannabee but amateur writers, as here.

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