Arsenal and Tottenham joint faves for Europa League – Can we win it?

Arsenal have had an excellent start to the Europa League campaign, beating all three of our opponents with an aggregate score of 9-2 in our favour. We reached the semi-final under Wenger and the Europa League Final under Emery, so can Arteta be the one to help us win the competition for the very first time. He has shown by his selections for the games so far that he is taking the Europa League very seriously indeed.

Currently we are vying for the postion as favourites with the bookies at around 6/1 alongside our massive rivals Tottenham, but obviously the Europa League betting may change significantly after the big teams drop out of the Champions League, but I doubt very much if our price will get much better whoever comes in.

David Luiz definitely feels we have a chance, and he told “I think when you’re a big club you have to think about winning every competition. This competition is no different, we want to do our best and our best is getting to the final and winning.

“We go step by step, it’s always difficult to play against good teams like today, it was difficult. The teams are very good, good shape, good players and I think you have to be humble and take it step by step, but the ambition always has to be there.”

Under Arteta we certainly seem to be much more ambitious than in recent years, and I believe we have the right manager that is hungry to win every competition he enters, and the Europa League could be one of the easiest one we are in so definitely may be worth a small investment.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could beat Tottenham in the Final?

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  1. We are forgetting that teams which will finish 3rd in groups stages of CL will also come in EL
    There are lot good teams in CL who are capable of winning EL except Arsenal and Tottenham..

  2. Lets be patient and see how we’re doing in all comps come January.
    It’s good we’re up there as one of the favourites for sure but we need to have a sense of reality, we’re still a work in progress and we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.
    A lot of people thought we would 100% be challenging for the title this season but then a few bad results and its all doom and gloom.

    What I say is this, lets sit back, enjoy the evolution of the team and see where it takes us this season.
    We may surprise everyone, we may win a few trophies or we may not but we’re in a really good place right now with the team and manager

    1. Sensible post VAL, with true perspective too. There will always be fans , at any top club, who have wildly unrealistic expectations and we have our fair share for sure, but I believe the large majority of us share your view

  3. Sure we can win it, but we can lose it. Of course we must try 100% because it looks like we may not be up to 4th place in the league. Spurs are good team but we are too. Any game between the two are very close. The only thing Arteta lacks is experience and that could count. Of course we could win it if the team match Arteta’s enthusiasm.

  4. At this point in our club (Manager setting his philosophy and style) combined with blending in youth (Saka, Willock, Martinelli, Nelson, Saliba) I hope most fans can keep things realistic. We were spoiled a little with the FA Cup and Community Shield trophies which caused some to go overboard in terms of competing.
    Speaking for myself, I’m looking to see the team adjust to and execute Arteta’s philosophy, as well as develop the young players to become valuable contributors to the team. I love seeing selections based on performances and long may it continue.
    I’m actually amazed how quickly things have progressed at Arsenal and how our trajectory is similar to that of Liverpool. I’m not comparing Klopp and Arteta by any means, based on Klopp’s accomplishments. Merely in the sense that the philosophy and style of play are evident, the change in defending is obvious, and the players are onboard with the club’s direction.
    I hope ownership realizes how fortunate they are with Arteta as manager, and not stuck in the merry-go-round of mangers like Utd and others.
    I consider the implementation of Arteta’s philosophy and youth development as the true measuring stick this year. This time next year I hope to see us as legitimate top 4 contenders with an outside chance to compete for the PL title.

  5. Of course we stand a realistic chance of winning the EUL, but bear in mind that the big boys from the CL group stage who finish third will be in the running come January. But one thing is definitely sure, under Arteta the team is making genuine progress in terms of playing philosophy, fighting for every ball, supporting each other when someone looses the ball, fighting for each other and carrying a winning mentality. Also the young players like Saka, Willock, Nelson and Gabriel are making rapid strides, with Martinelli to join them in January, with Arteta having confidence in them and backing them to the fullest extent. Btw, the Saints are on top of the League and that shows that anything is possible this season, we should just keep the belief and continue playing in the right way.

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