‘Arsenal and Tottenham’ named as eyeing former PL manager

Reports in Italy are claiming that Arsenal are amongst the names eyeing a move to sign manager Maurizio Sarri.

The 62 year-old didn’t enjoy the brightest season in the Premier League with Chelsea before leaving to take over with Juventus, but they did play some positive football.

The Blues won the Europa League under Sarri without losing a game in the entirety of the competition, beating our side in the final, as well as leading his team to finish third in the division.

Sarri-ball was scrutinized throughout the campaign, but Chelsea actually played entertaining football for much of the term and they were dominating possession strongly under the Italian boss, but results didn’t match those facts.

The West-London side eventually announced that they would part ways ahead of his decision to join Juve, with a transfer ban over the heads of Chelsea, before Frank Lampard was later announced as his replacement.

Arsenal are now supposedly considering the former Napoli manager as a potential replacement for Mikel Arteta, with the Spaniard struggling to find consistency this season, and with reports of player unrest emerging.

Tottenham are also claimed to be following Sarri’s situation, with him yet to take on a new role since leaving Juventus last summer.

Journalist Ciro Venerato told the Goal Show (via AreaNapoli): “I received a phone call from Figline Valdarno (where Maurizio Sarri lives) from friends of the former Juventus and I discovered interesting things. Maurizio Sarri has not signed with any team, a month ago he said no to Olympique Marseille. Arsenal and Tottenham follow him, as well as Roma.”

The Gunners are at risk of missing out on European football for the first time in 25 years, and the rumours of player unrest may well force the club to consider Arteta’s position in charge.

Would Sarri be a good option for Arsenal? Did he get a fair chance with Chelsea?


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  1. Reggie says:

    Not for me, i dont think he is as top a manager as some make out. I will stick with my pick Rafa, he is for me the perfect fit for us, he doesnt need money and he would be great for our younger players, that have largely been ignored this season for the wrong reasons. I think also i prefer Nuno Esprito Sanchez or what ever way his name is spelt, again built a very good team at Wolves with little money but got his star striker sold.

  2. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    A good manager, especially when compared to Arteta. Napoli is not a high spending established team and he did well. And in my opinion, he did well with Chelsea, but they have no patience.
    My only concern is how good is he in dealing with a team of youngesters (I do not know).

    He is not the only famous manager with no current contract, there are a lot (and I am not saying that all of them is better than Arteta):
    Masimo Allegri
    Rafa Benitez
    Leonardo Jardime
    Villas Boas
    Arsenal ex players: Veira, Freddie L., Henri
    Marco Silva
    Eddie Howe
    Chris Wilder

  3. RSH says:

    Played some dire football with Chelsea. Even if it did beat Emery, lol.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      The players beat Emery in Baku, led by that diabolical display from Ozil.

      1. SueP says:

        That ‘display’ in Baku still haunts me

      2. A J says:

        Well said ozziegunner !

  4. vieralyn says:

    No chance…his only real success came in his hometown and/or on readymade squads…his Sarri-ball or vertical tiki-taka only really worked effectively in Napoli and he was rather fortunate as Higuain then Mertens overachieved in back-to-back years…once he adopted the 4-3-3, as hid base formation, he seemed unwilling to make any adjustments even when the personnel didn’t match his preferred tactics, like at both Chelsea and Juve…the last thing we need is another stubborn manager who will attempt to force square pegs into round holes…not to mention, he’s only ever lasted more than 1 year twice, at Empoli and Napoli…so it’s a big NO for Smoking Mo

  5. Odongo fredrick says:

    He is not a good fit for arsenal,NO

  6. A J says:

    “Reports in Italy” ?

    “Reports in Spain claim Arteta is being monitored by Barca”.

  7. jon fox says:

    This whole article is built on a profoundly false premise!

  8. Xhexlavo says:

    On it
    Jon Fox
    On it

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