Arsenal and Wilshere boosted by sloppy England showing

I am well aware that in the modern global phenomenon that football has become, a great many Arsenal fans are not based in England. As we see from the readers on this one Arsenal fans’ website there are Gonners in every corner of the world and they feel the pain and pleasure that comes from following Arsenal just as much as those of us that are English.

However, these Arsenal fans abroad have no real reason to give a monkey’s chuff about England, unless it is because there are some Gunners involved. And the fact that the current England squad is packed with Tottenham players means that Arsenal fans from abroad are a lot more likely to be supporting the teams facing England in Euro 2016 rather than the three lions themselves.

Unlike me then, you may well have enjoyed the lacklustre and uninspiring win for England o9ver a pretty poor and Ronaldo free Portugal last night, especially as the spuds involved still seem to be suffering from their end of season slump. It was not good for England but any Arsenal fan not bothered about England should be heartened by it.

And there was some good news for the Arsenal star Jack Wilshere from the game as well, because after being left out of the starting line up by Roy Hodgson he could not be blamed for the insipid showing. In fact it was his introduction in the second half that changed the tone of the game and saw England actually start to look like scoring.

I reckon that Jack now has a much better chance of starting the serious games in this summer’s tournament and I think this would be great for Arsenal and our chances of success next season, as long as he does not pick up an injury of course.

Do you think Wilshere and England will have a happy few weeks?

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  1. Just 2 things, if Wiltshire starts in the European comp you can be guaranteed that he will miss the start of next season through injury. England will never win anything when there is 5 spuds starting, pure dung. Having 5 spuds who incidentally came 3rd to 1 Leister who won the league. AMAZING! 1 player (Wiltshire ) who has only played 30 mins of football this year and Sturage who has had more sick notes than the NHS you just wonder what is in Woy’s head.

    1. Then there’s captain Swine Rooney, having scored how many goals in the last 24 months? Disregard Kane and Vardy, and all there’s to this team are inferior players in ever position compared to France, Spain and Germany. England will not reach the semi’s.

    2. Are you suggesting that the tottenham players selected are better than the Arsenal english players who were not selected, theo, ox, gibbs, jenkinson?

  2. I always laugh a rival fans saying Wilshere didn’t deserve to be selected. Without him England’s midfield is non existent. If you noticed the whole team was unable to attack through the centre until he came on, even though Portugual was down to 10 men. He’s responsible for dictating the way England attack similar to what Cazorla does for Arsenal. And he carried the team through the qualifiers so he actually had every right to deserve being selected for the Euros.

  3. England should qualify to the last 16,
    But I have a feeling that Wales will top that group.

    The home advantage will help France to get to the quarter or semi- final’s and no doubt that Spain, Germany and Belgium will have some say in the matter, but my dark horse to win this tournament, is Poland with Lewandowski being the tournaments top goal scorer! ?

    1. “England should qualify to the last 16,”

      Uncle Woy getting advice from Wenger…?

  4. I appreciate we’re all biased Gooners here but come one, Wilshere makes the midfield? I like Jack and I think he is a quality player but it was the formation/team selection that led to the poor performance. Rooney vying for Kane and Vardy’s position’s too much, Alli out wide, lack of true width, amongst other issues. Yes Wilshere did have an impact but Sterling more so. This is my England XI for anyone interested: 4-2-3-1
    clyne cahil smalling rose

  5. As ususal, you can look to the staunch opinions on both sides of the issue and the truth lies somewhere in between.

    Wilshere looked good as a sub vs. Portugal. I believe this is because Roy played him in a suitable position and he is now getting some playing time.

    I also believe Jack will do well if they play him in the right position. But this has nothing to do with his status as a Gunner. You can always argue about a few players here and there but for the most part England’s squad is made up of deserving players.

  6. Currently we have injuries to Walcott, welbeck, ox and jenkinson. Wiltshire has just come back from a season long injury. For most of them injuries are common. No wonder our english core has not developed as we had hoped.

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