Arsenal announce two contract extensions in one day

As Arsenal fans all wait with bated breath to see if the Gunners are going to reinforce the senior squad for the second half of the season, the management team are also looking to secure our future by extending the contracts of some of our young stars.

Bukayo Saka was given a long term contract earlier this season, and now The Mail is reporting today that a contract is being prepared for the 20 year-old Emile Smith-Rowe for this summer, which will increase his wages from £15k-a-week to closer to £40k.

Two other youngsters signed new extensions yesterday, and one was for the 20 year-old goalkeeper James Hillson who has been a Gunner for a year after spending his first year here on loan from Reading.

And the second is the exciting defender Alex Kirk, who has impressed so much for the Under 18 side this season, he has now been promoted to captain.

The official Arsenal website said this about the centre-back: “Alex is known for his calm composure on the ball. He has featured regularly at the back for our under-18s this season and made his debut for our under-23s in October. Alex has also trained with our first team several times.

We congratulate Alex on his first professional contract and look forward to supporting him with his continued development.

So, we have another two ‘for the future’, and they are in positions that could be very useful going forward. We can probably expect to see them going out on loan very shortly to gain more experiemce…


  1. Tying down the youngsters is good but Lacazette’s contract is running out. Don’t we need him 4 long term or do we want a repetition of the Sanchez saga ? Pls who advises Arsenal cuz I’m available.

    1. I have to agree. A lot of our senior players are being loaned out to subsidize their wages but all of their contracts are running down!

      We loaning them out because we want “x” amount and no one wants to buy them. Rather take less for a player and get them off the books and at least a little cash. At the moment we are going to end up letting a few seniors go in a year or 2 and get nothing for them!

      We have always been, and continue to be, a terrible selling club(barring the odd exception like Iwobi).

    2. ADMIN COMMENT – JustArsenal is multinational and multi ethnic, and we don’t discuss religion on a site dedicated to discussion to Arsenal topics.
      Thank you.

      1. I respect your right to worship whatever you choose, however …..

        ADMIN COMMENT – JustArsenal is multinational and multi ethnic, and we don’t discuss religion on a site dedicated to discussion to Arsenal topics.
        Thank yo

        1. Abusing what you know others hold dear in a public forum is not free speech.
          ADMIN COMMENT – JustArsenal is multinational and multi ethnic, and we don’t discuss religion on a site dedicated to discussion to Arsenal topics.
          Thank yo

    1. supported.
      Its time to get ruthless and serious we nedd a striker in mid-twenties at most, someone we can get stability of 5 years consistent performance from, not lacazet who is 29 already. and we should be careful how we increase wages exponentially, this affect the players psychology too

      1. Make some sense please.. What has age got to do with class?

        How old is messi, how old is ings, how old is Ronaldo and auba.?..

        Lacazete is doing a good job of late.. Club should extend his contract to concide with Aubas contract.. Let them leave together.. The experiment with the youngsters and him is working.. As a back up striker, he also great.. Aresnal needs to milk the last drop of him, and new contact is the way

  2. The likes of Lacazette and Auba any of those guys given an offer by others clubs Arsenal should just acept the offer to buy another younger ,sharp, fasters and dangerous strickers. insteady of keeping the the slower old ages players.

    1. I too would not mind if we got any good offers for Laca and Auba.
      Then we can reinvest it in new younger blood.

  3. I just can’t believe how insanely amateur the club has gone about contracts extensions and new recruitment over the past seven or so seasons?

    It’s players like ESR, Willock and Nketiah that prove you don’t need to spend £72 Million on players who just cannot justify that amount! When the club gave Ozil a massive bumper contract I remember thinking, “what have the club done? It’s wage structure and philosophies are shot!”. This is nothing new to Arsenal. It was being done under AW. I just hope the club can get its core values back on track with giving the youth opportunity!!

  4. Dont see Taylor-Hart on the list… Get it done. Less fussed about Balogun now, but again, Arsenal needed to make a decision IN THE SUMMER. Letting him go on a free is a crime. Either give him what he wants, or you tell him to go. It’s more potential transfer fees down the drain!

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