Arsenal appear to have missed out on Buendia signing

Reports are circling to claim that Aston Villa have secured the signing of Emi Buendia from Norwich, despite strong interest from Arsenal.

The Gunners woes appear to be getting worse after they failed to secure European football ahead of the coming season, and they now appear unable to beat the likes of Aston Villa to a key target’s signature.

I imagine in the coming days we will be hearing that our club wasn’t attempting to sign Emi, and in fact were pursuing other targets, but there has been a lot of smoke for there to have been no fire.

Our interest appears to have fallen on deaf ears however, as Buendia’s proposed move to Villa appears complete.

Arsenal correspondent Chris Wheatley is insistent that we did table our offer, and we were trying to sign the Championship Player of the Year however.

I can’t help but feel downbeat on the news that we are being beaten in the transfer market by Aston Villa, a club who themselves were in the lower division recently, and should not even be in competition with us for targets.

The only acceptable reason to choose Villa would be that we couldn’t guarantee him first-team football in our star-studded squad, but the chance to play alongside our players should have been the icing on the cake…

Do we need to brace ourselves for a long summer of rejections?


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  1. We can’t beat Aston Villa in a bidding war? Oh, my… I think that Arsenal are going to the struggle next season. Another season like this season. If Arsenal really wanted Buendia, it should have been “peace of cake” to secure this deal. I am afraid we are mostly going for mediacore players on the cheap. Very young promissing players with a bright future. It’s OK to some extend, but we have to buy quality players as well. Buendia was such a quality player IMO. Definitely sad to see him go to Villa.

    1. You can’t beat Villa on the pitch either as for the bidding war only a few teams could ever compete with Villa and Arsenal not being one of them.

  2. How arrogant are some of these comments? The truth is that Arsenal are on the way down (big time!) and Aston Villa are on the way up. I know where I would rather go. And do you really imagine that Jack Grealish would sign for Arsenal? Get real.

    1. I can’t believe how crap we were yet still finished above you with a better defence – funny that!

      1. Love it great reply Villa will be sorry when Grelish leaves for City Buendia is his replacement 🤣🤣🤣

        1. The season that matters now is the season coming not the season past. Neither side did well enough last season to challenge for Europe – the difference is that Villa are doing something about it. What are Arsenal doing?

          1. Bro, the transfer market isnt even officially open and it’s definitely not closed. I will say this though, if you have managed to get this signing over the line…hats off to you. It is a good start but its far from over!

  3. This is beyond embarrasment. If anyones seen him play, he’s extremely creative and works very hard off thr ball.

    And we got outbid by Villa. Beyond embarrassing.

    Btw, Villa bought Watkins from Championship and he did quite well in PL too.

  4. Arsenal will always be Arsenal. Same story, not doing business ontime and at the end involve in a panic buy. If arsenal like they should sign players or not, if they like they should get less quality player. Just waiting for the excuse Arteta will give the fans again.
    By now, we don’t even know which way the club is moving. Arsenal football club will not give us high BP….

    1. We talk of top 4 then we compete with AV and get beaten on and off the field of play. Home and away, this is record breaking. AFC is a disgrace under this second class management.

    2. This is a clear indication of where Arsenal are now, the lack of appeal, and the mess of a club

  5. So, is this Transfer Window to be yet another in a long line of cheap and cheerful Kroenke affairs.

    Is it already circling the bowl?

    Please prove me wrong MR ED….oooooh

  6. Aouar next, we will offer 30M pounds, I predict.
    Then we will end up keeping Willock and Willian and they becomes like a new signing.

  7. Villa on the way up,Arsenal going the other way.Quality players at Arsenal?Better than Grealish,Watkins,EMI,Mcginn,Cash etc.I think not.Throw in a couple of our youth team champions ,Job done.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised, if Villa succeed in getting Smith Rowe as well by enticing Arsenal with a large sum of money (Grealish money). Arsenal can’t say no, I’m afraid.

    1. I was never overboard on the transfer of Emi Buendia, given the players Arsenal has “in house” and other players out there, at better prices, like Aouar as stated by Ba above.
      Yve Bissouma is another matter. If Arsenal don’t get him from Brighton & Hove Albion to strengthen a position Arsenal is in dire need, I will be really pissed off.

  9. I’m happy for him, arteta would have turned him to another partey and Martinelli.

  10. Let’s wait a month and see.
    Then we judge.
    Buendia no caps for Argentina at 24 years old.
    Did well in championship.

  11. Sadness bfall me if villa got him. It just show one thing that d owners of this our beautiful club does not have d interest of the fans .

  12. Another name added to the ‘players we’ve let slip through our fingers because we’re so bloody tight’ list…


    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if arteta and edu go back in for aouar at his reduced price of £25m

    2. Once again you are correct Sue.

      The manager submits his “wish list” to the movers and shakers , then it’s down to them.

      Once again the bean counters have failed us.

  13. the times they are a changing you need to remember Aston Villa have the third richest owners in the EPL so a bidding war has only one outcome . If only arsenal had a goalkeeper of Martinez class they may have qualified for Europe

    1. Means nothing- Usmanov over twice as rich as Kroenke, and for whatever reason Kroenke was backed by Arsenal and won the deal. Usmanov and Kroenke together three times as rich as Aston Villa owners. Pepe almost twice the cost of Buendia – could’ve afforded him if wanted.

    2. Wait, so you have Martinez and you didnt qualify for Europe!?! Buendia, if he ends up Villa – will be your CLUB RECORD signing. It’s touch laughable really. Acting like ur the new money men of the league!

      1. No, what’s a touch laughable are comments like yours. Villa are are the way up, Arsenal are on the way down – it’s a fact. Laugh all you want – all the way down to the Championship.

        1. All jokes aside, we will never be in the championship that is your lane. Arteta would not be given the time to do that. Failure for us is to finish where we did. Failure for you is relegation, stay in your lane!

  14. About 8 years ago i stopped being a red member and before that I stopped buying any Arsenal merchandise because I felt like my small investment would go into the owners pockets and no investment would be put into improving the team.
    Although Arsenal will always be the club I “support” I simply can not throw my hard earned money at a lost cause.
    I remember well the season we was the only “big” club in Europe to not spend a single penny on a outfield player and I truly believe that any business we do is off the funds we gain through selling players.
    I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if our total outlay of funds is less then 30 million over the last 5/10years, I could be well wrong and I’m happy for someone to show me the total incoming and outgoing funds from players sold against players brought.
    I am not optimistic about Arsenal’s ambitions at all .
    As long as Kronke is here I will never buy my boys a Arsenal top (which I used to do every season)or any other merchandise.
    Why would I?
    I actually apologise to my boys for the piss taking they receive as Arsenal fans , sad times ahead unless kronke is gone.

  15. Incapable of organising a “piss up in a brewery”.Outbid and outmanoeuvred by Villa.This seemingly sets the tone for Arsenal and their forthcoming Season.
    OK…a little more expensive than we would ideally like to pay…but a player with Premier League experience will necessitate a premium in comparison to someone from the French League.. who may not necessarily be able to adjust.
    If Arsenal are to re-emerge from the 2020-21 malaise then they need to be pro-avtive and sort out transfer business quickly and efficiently…thus giving Arteta time enough to prepare his new squad for the Season ahead…Some hope!!!

  16. Many of us have been saying how poor Arteta and Edu are. The rookie show carries on and on… do some of you stay hypnotized and believe in those two. The boat is sinking.

  17. Hunnn, so we have missed out on signing Buenda a very quality player. Any way if they can bid for Ves Bissuma or Sander bag that would be a good addition to our mid field. But that means we need Onana as back up for Leno who can be “erratic “sometimes. We need Smith Roe to step for creativity as there are not many creative players in the market.

  18. I loved the Invincibles. I loved Wenger. Watching a well-run, non-billionaire financed, Arsenal towel the usual glory-hunter suspects was wonderful. But you’ve since blown it. I have friends who live in Norf Landan and they despise you like I despise Manure & Scummerpool. Because you are as arrogant and entitled. And as massively in debt. Arsenal are the biggest club in, by a factor of ten or more, the biggest and richest city. You should have won everything, every year. You are actually worse under-achievers than Birmingham City. Which is difficult. Really difficult. Anyway, this is revenge for Dan Crowley. This is revenge for playing the big guys against our kids so you could claim the glory of the Central league. Most of all this should remind you that there is no divine right in football, especially not English football. And btw, despite your hopes, we have not and will not forget the ESL.

  19. At this moment I can gladly say the club is declining to be an average mid table team. It happened to Leeds United. It’s so bad that we as fans cannot do anything about it. It’s just to fold our hands and keep watching. For me I will boycott this club by deciding not to buy tickets. Imagine we all agree on it. Kronke will be forced to sale because it will be massive loss from him. Didn’t know it would get to this level. They are waiting for free transfers

  20. We don’t even know if a bid was submitted from Arsenal. It would’ve been logical as we appear to be losing Odergard, but we just don’t know. Martinez transfer damaging us even more than just losing best goal keeper

  21. Don’t be sucked in by this, we may have interest in him but if we could get him for a good price. The media have been setting this “Arsenal lose out on Buendia” headline for months to pull in suckers like alot of you and AFTV. We have other irons in the fire no doubt. I think it showed the level of interest we had in him as we apparently offered only 30m for him. So in summary if we got him for 30m bonus but we don’t rate him more than that.

    Villa need a new Grelish when City cough up 100m for him Buendia is the cheaper replacement. I’d rather us sign Neves and Pedro Neto

    1. jack will not go to city ! he is having a team built around him at the club he loves plus he wont pass a medical at the moment .

      1. He wouldn’t pass a medical?

        That’s weird as Gareth Southgate played him in our friendly the other day, and said ““We know Jack’s strengths, you saw those the other night, he can carry the ball and draw players.

        “He earned a lot of free kicks and almost got an assist, although I think it was a tackle!

        “He was always in those dangerous areas, he has progressed and we are pleased he is back.

        “His match fitness and match sharpness is still coming, but it’s good he is heading in a positive direction.”

  22. Admittedly Arsenal aren’t what they used to be and I am disappointed (if reports are true) that we have missed out on Buendia to Aston Villa but all of these Villa fans chatting rubbish when the last cup they won was in 1996. Enjoy your little moment, this is about is as good as it gets for you. Our worst season since Ive really watched Arsenal and we still finished above you. You’re not even in the race, pipe down!

  23. “Report suggests Villa did a better job than Arsenal of convincing Buendia that they wanted to join the Premier League’s elite, which really seems a sign of how far the Gunners have fallen”. – I think it says almost everything

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