Arsenal are a buying club now – Why would anyone want to leave?

Is There Anyone Who Would Want to Bail Out on Arteta’s Project? by Sam p

This season, Arsenal has been at its best. Their performance this season versus that of the 2021–22 season is like night and day. This Arsenal team this season is an example of a team that is determined to win while also playing good football. Arsenal has a great atmosphere right now, and I believe it is the club to be a part of.

Gabby Agbonlahor’s claims on Football Inside only add to my conviction that Arsenal is a team that players will not want to leave. According to the Aston Villa legend, there may be doubts about the futures of William Saliba, Bukayo Saka, and Gabriel Martinelli, whose contracts expire in 2024, but these three would not want to leave Arsenal.

“I think come the end of the season, all three will sign a new contract at the same time,” said Gabby on Football Insider.

“There’s absolutely no reason to leave right now. They’ve got a chance of winning the league. If they don’t, they’re still in the Champions League.

“Why would you want to leave that project?

“I’m sure Arsenal will stretch their limit to pay the wages if they can get into the top four, as well.

“It doesn’t make any sense to go and leave now.

“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. As long as the contracts are all wrapped up before the start of next season, then it’s not a concern.”

We’ve seen Arsenal lose some of their best players only to see them flourish elsewhere in the past. Arsenal lost Cesc Fabregas, Serge Gnabry, and Robin Van Persie only to see them thrive.

Keeping hold of players like Saliba, Saka, and Martinelli would simply demonstrate that Arsenal is no longer a selling club; instead, they are now a buying club and should embrace it.

Sam P

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  1. The presence of Real Madrid and Barcelona, PSG going around throwing oil money and now with Chelsea’s crazy new owner, you will never know. Arteta is the most important person at the club right now and he loves Arsenal FC. He bears the biggest responsibility at the club, not the players. Since losing Mudryk, I will never trust football players. We got great club, great stadium and great management. Nothing else matters to me.

    1. Although Arsenal are now in a better-than-usual position to compete with predatory clubs like Chelsea, PSG, City & Barca I personally wouldn’t bet on any of the three mentioned signing new contracts even if we do win the PL, and as said in the article qualify for the CL regardless.
      It’s the bottom line that’s going to be the most important factor, and if it doesn’t match what’s being offered by top-paying clubs it will be “goodbye superstar”.
      Most footballers are loyal to just themselves & their greedy agents. Can’t blame them really , I’d be the same.😏

      1. A sad post to read; sad because not only is it wrong in his predictions about the three players, IMO, but it also shows the posters OWN lack of morals, self admitted by himself.

        And as a fellow older fan , IMO, he ought to know better.!

        Most of all I find his view sad, because it is cynical and not a realistic and more keenly thought out analysis of how MOST footballers true nature actually is.

        SOME players are mercenaries; most are definitely not and most , as in all walks of life, are honourable. Imperfect, like all humans, but still honourable! You can do better than this JAX, as I HAVE SEEN BEFORE!

        I do think that SOME players are only in it for money but MOST are in football to win and for the normal need to compete against the very best in their chosen profession , even though they also expect to be highly paid for doing so.

      2. Insane comment Saka is 100 its terms. Martinelli is close enough to that. I personally don’t think Saliba is far either, think his agents are going insane and that could be an issue but I doubt he personally doesn’t want to stay. Frankly, if agents are going insane, walk away. Liverpool sleepwalked into their situation that way by raising wages.

    2. That is true players can’t be trusted, you find them saying one thing but acting differently Mudryk will remain an example of such mistrust for a long time.

      1. I think Mudryk’s different – reports say he’s on £200k a week for 8.5 years whereas we agreed a sensible £37k a week.

        It’s probably difficult to turn that down when you’re 22. But there’s that old saying “money won’t make you happy” – he doesn’t seem to have smiled once since he signed for Chelsea.

        1. We’re not even sure going to Chelsea was Mudryk’s decision.

          The Shaktar director stated after the deal was done that 25mil would go to war effort / soldiers families.

          Perhaps it was the case of “the country is at war, you’ll sign a contract with the highest bidder and shut up”

    3. Yes, I bet Arteta would also think about returning to Spain if one of those LaLiga giants offer him a long-term deal

      I think he could easily win other top European leagues, if he joins the most dominant club in the competition, such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG

      We can replace Saka, Martinelli and Saliba, but it’s difficult to replace Arteta. I believe only Guardiola, Klopp, Tuchel, Nagelsmann or Ten Hag can replace him

      1. I’m not so sure. Some people realise that RM and Barcelona are graveyards, few coaches see out their tenure there.

        Also, the only giant thing about Barcelona these days is their mountain of debt. They seem to be in the market for buying good players past their sell-by date to cover their blushes.

        There’s also the factor of challenge versus expectation. Winning the PL is a challenge, CL qualification is a challenge via the PL… in Spain, not so much – at RM/Barc you’re pretty much expected to win the league and probably the CL as well, so the sensible bloke stays put (as Wenger did).

        1. It’d depend on Arteta’s character, whether he likes to play safe as Wenger did or whether he is adventurous

          I agree that those Spanish giants’ debts could affect the top coaches’ decisions to come. Hopefully they won’t tap into our players

          1. Yes of course it depends on Arteta’s character, but I don’t think Wenger did it to polay safe, he honoured contracts and he was also an Arsenal man, not a mercenary for hire.

            That’s just one of the many things I really like about him.

            These guys all earn enough in a year to set any normal person up for life, so they really should be able to do something they enjoy rather than being driven to prove something that isn’t really important – i.e. succeeding with Real Madrid is probably much easier than succeeding with, say Southampton. Or even with Arsenal as Arteta inherited it.

    4. Arsenal is already not a selling club from the days of Ozil. Only big money sale we made in this span are Ox, willock and Iwobi, none of whom were guaranted starter, others left for free or we buy out contract. But the contract of these players is not in Arsenal hand. They should have renewed their start player contract much earlier but again Arsenal same mistake of past has been repeated and players are in upper hand and they can demand whatever they want especially when they are part of title chasing team. So only time will tell if we can retain them but one thing is for sure even they are retained our wage structure will not be the same again.

  2. Now not just a place where players want to stay but also join us too. So credit to Arteta, Edu and Josh Kroenke for that.

    According to the quite reliable Fabrizio Romano we are now interested in signing Moises Caicedo, who has changed agents to facilitate a move away from Brighton. Now if we were to pull this off my word, what a statement to rest of the League and it would be extra sweet revenge on Chelsea for the whole Mudryk saga however I’m not sure how realistic this is but you just never know and one thing we can’t deny is the club are really showing ambition to challenge for the title in this transfer window.

    1. Seeing how we are often linked with defensive midfielders whose main quality seems to be tackling, I wonder why we never go after these players BEFORE they come to the Premier League.. Onana, Caicedo, Palhinha, Kante, Idrissa Gana.. They all excelled in tackling before Premier League arrival and their price skyrocketed.

      Quick glance at other top 5 leagues, considering players age and history, we have:

      Vinicious Souza, 23, on loan at Espanyol, La Liga’s best tackler and interceptor
      Enzo Le Fee, 22, Lorient, one of Ligue 1’s best tackler but also one of the most creative midfielders
      Ellys Skhiri, 27, Köln, one of the best tacklers in Bundesliga over the past 4 seasons already

      I guarantee when players like these are bought by Premier League’s Brightons and such, they will get ridiculous values on their heads inside the first season.

  3. Arsenal was never a selling club. In modern times (this century) we have always spent more money on new players than the likes of Liverpool and Spurs.
    Yes, we have spent less than City, Chelsea and Man but we have spent loads of money on transfers and on salaries.
    The difference now, is we are spending according to a strategy and a plan, and so far it is working beyond expectations.
    We have to hope this attracts new exciting players and that it keeps those we want to keep here.

  4. I don’t see us wanting “sweet revenge” over chelsea at all.
    MA / Edu had a price they wanted to pay and it wasn’t enough – end of the story.

    As for the signings of players mentioned, I thought Martinelli had already signed a new contract?
    Saliba has said how happy he is at the club and the same goes for Saka.

    IWe, as a club, are in a wonderful place at the moment, but still see players, reportedly, not wanting to join us, so until we adtually have those contracts signed, sealed and delivered, it is a concern.

    I fully expect that this will happen, especially as we continue to sign top players to boost the squad… but one never knows!!

    1. 👍Agree Ken, the players, who may wish to leave are those who believe they are not gettimg sufficient playing time eg Lokongo. Atsenal will surely be able to replace such players with ones coming through the Academy. One must always consider the young players Arsenal has developing out on loan.

      1. Good to see you back OG and, as usual, your point about our younger players development makes complete sense.

  5. Should we not move on some of the players who are surplus to requirements ie Cedrik , Lokonga , Pepe and Maitland-Nile. If you can get 50 mill for the four of them we could buy a top defensive midfielder or a top central defender

  6. I don’t like it. If Agbonlahor is saying something positive about Arsenal it’s obvious something is terribly wrong and we need to let Saka and Saliba leave on a free, sack Arteta and all his backroom staff, and go back to grass boots hoof and chase football.

    1. Yes I’m sorry. I thought we’d done enough on Kiwior. I will make sure I find out what articles you want written every morning if you like and then forward that list to all my writers.

      Oh or maybe you could write one yourself as you are so keen?

      1. Wow, an honest question addressed with sarcasm. Sorry if it offended you, wasn’t my intention. Hope you have brighter days ahead.

  7. Before I comment, just a little fact. Leo Trossard is exactly rhe same age, to the month… 28…as Santi Cazorla when we signed him. We fell in love with Santi and we will with Leo too. Absolutely top notch signing.
    I totally agree. Who would want to leave this amazing team? I did not see this coming and doubted Arteta as much as anyone. Facts speak loudly. 19 games, 16 wins one defeat….total football. Joy making. Just one midfield cover short of being perfect. I cannot imagine anyone of our younger (or older) players not riding on the crest of a wave. Unforeseen by me.

    1. Isn’t that the position we ALL find ourselves in regarding our club at the moment Sean?

      No matter what one thought when MA was appointed and the Kronkies said they would back him, there couldn’t be anyone who envisaged the transformation in the last few months

      The talj was all about top four, improving on 8th 8th and 5th, getting back into European football and going further than the 4th round of the fa cup.

      There were divisions in the rank and file fanbase and players were leaving /being signed at an alarming pace…. plus, of course, covid, the takeover of Newcastle and losing out on the CL to the spuds of all people.

      I am astounded at the pace of the recovery and long may it last.

      1. KEN I suggest it just goes to show what rapid progress can happen when all the stars align. By that I mean that we now have a manager -one who has made several key mistakes while learning in the job- but who always had the will and determination to rid our club of thr stale, far too comfortable coterie of players who were there primarily for the money and an easy life.

        Just as when George Graham took over from Don Howe and the stop gap who allowed Charlie Nicholas to coast through games. But GG brought an iron will and supreme organisation/ discipline to the club , which wasslong overdue a rude awakening from its too comfy state.

        So it was when MA came and then, albeit far too late for my liking , sacked Ozil and then Guendouzi and Auba, thus setting the tone for what has followed this season.
        No so called big name superstar is ever above the team ethic and we have not a single big time CHARLIE IN OUR RANKS NOW. And the results of that welcome and vital cleansing of mercenaries, wrong uns and coasters, are plain for all to see.

        1. Sorry Mr Jon Fox
          Ozil was left out of the team because the Chinese threatened to not broadcast Arsenal games cos of what Ozil said about the Chinese treatment of the Uyghurs and not because of his performance on the pitch

          The reason these three players haven’t signed long term contracts is next year we will be in the champions league and they will be given better contracts but this year we are buying players so we have to think about financial fair play
          I’m sure players will have better contracts next year

          1. What Jon Fox also forgot to mention was the FACT that MA selected him in every unbeaten run of PL games up and until covid stopped the PL.
            He also awarded Aubemeyang the reported £300,000 plus weekly contract and we all know how that turned out.

            HOWEVER, even after that, we were still not producing the kind of consistent football that we have seen only this season and that was my point – no one could have predicted where we would be at this moment in time, after the end of last season, both on and off the pitch.

            Without the support of the Kronkies, I doubt that we would be in this position and yet, Jon still will not recognise the part they have played in making MA the undoubted success he is today.

            As for Ozil and all the “big time charlies” he mentions at every opportunity, they are no longer at the club and do not represent the club at any level, so they are of no interest to me in a footballing way.

            I read and concur with supporters such as Sean Williams, who tells it as it is and doesn’t try to belittle or score points of other supporters.

            1. Wrong on every charge once again KEN!
              Firstly , I specifically mentioned that “MA SACKED OZIL (and Auba) TOO LATE FOR MY LIKING”!
              Did you “forget” or choose to ignore that comment. CARE TO ANSWER?

              Secondly, I HAVE SEVERAL TIMES POSTED, BUT IGNORED BY YOU, that KSE are IMO NOW investing with a view to improving the team AND CLUBS value, enough for a proposed sale, down the line.


              And as successful business folk they can see how such wealth dwarfs all privately owned investors and will get out, ONCE they have raised our potential sale price enough for a huge profit.

              I suggest anything from 2- 5 years before we are once again sold and this time to an even worse and far more corrupt owner, from the Middle or Far East. GROAN!!

              1. But you forgot to mention that it was under MA that Aubemeyang got that mega deal, even after seeing the damage that Ozils similar contract did.
                You also left out MA’s preference for Ozil before the coronavirus interlude, where he selected Ozil for every 12 of the unbeaten run.

                MA did not sack either player, as the club continued to pay some of their salaries – do I have to go through what a “sacking” means once again?

                Even with your explanation of what the Kronkies are doing, you say its because they want to sell the club further down the line – what is your proof of that allegation Jon?

                Being economical with the FACTS Jon, doesn’t make you correct at all.

                1. KEN another deliberate distortion of my post. When will you ever deign to accurately report what I WRITE, INSTEAD OF ALWAYS TWISTING IT !

                  How can I ever be expected to have “proof” of something that has not yet happened and is simply my opinion of what will happen? DAFT QUESTION THEREFORE !

                  As for you saying you will tell me what a sacking means, that is rich when coming from the man who still refuses to admit that AWwas effectively sacked. When told “either resign or be sacked”, he chose under that circumstance, to resign. But that was a sacking, to any non AW hero worshipper fan.
                  As for Auba, once again I point out that I SAID that MA got rid of him, Ozil and Guendouzi, TOO LATE FOR MY LIKING!

                  IN OTHER WORDS I admitted he made a mistake, the very one you now accuse me of not mentioning. Specsavers perhaps Ken ?

                  1. No Jon, I’m not distorting your posts, just adding the facts that you conveniently leave out.

                    Did MA play Ozil in every one of the twelve game unbeaten run before covid struck? You didn’t answer that.

                    Did MA approve the Aubemeyang contract, after seeing the cost of Ozil’s nigh on exact same contract? You didn’t answer that.

                    Did the club carry on paying for some of the salary of the above players, after he froze them out? You didn’t answer that.

                    Has the owner backed the manager to the tune of over £350,000,000, despite you predicting that mega contracts would never happen again due to covid? You didn’t answer that.

                    Have you seen or read any comments that the Kronkies are preparing to sell the club?
                    You answered that, but still no credit given to them I notice.

                    As for sacking Aubameyang, didn’t the player hire a private jet, to force through his move to Barcelona?

                    Didn’t the club get a transfer deal for Guendouzi? If they had “sacked” him, the contract would have become null and void wouldn’t it?

                    Remember the Unai Emery sacking? All done in 24 hours I believe…. that’s what happens when someone gets “sacked”.

                    If you want further proof, ask the man you quoted as being ruthless, George Graham?

                    I don’t remember a final home game, six weeks later, honouring him for his services to the club, do you?

                    You need a memory stick Jon, so that you can check up what you have previously written regarding MA, remembering what happened with players and their contracts, rather than the selective memory you have, when voicing your opinions to suit your narrative of events.

                    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not just parts of the truth.

                    Apart from that, I think you and I are quite happy with the current situation at the club, even though we both voiced our own levels of worry regarding MA’s actions up and until this season – I guess we both have egg on our faces eh Jon?!?!


                      I have always respected you dedication and knowledge of our club and that remains.

                      But trying to debate with a usually intelligent man who refuses to accept I write as I think, just because you take a different view, is insulting to my integrity.

                      I have said this in the past but it falls on deaf ears. I will not, for a while, bother replying to you and hope that in the meantime you may reflect that your baseless accusations to me are based on your own views but not on mine.

                      My posts are as I sincerely think and believe . You either accept this as truth, my truth as I see it, or it is pointless trying to discuss with you. So for a period, depending on what happens, I will discuss with you no more. You made this the case by your refusal to accept that I WRITE AS I THINK.

              2. The Kronke’s will Not sell this club…..they have invested heavily in buying players for the future.. For the next few years Arsenal wouldn’t need to buy many players and that is good business
                Having this football club is more lucrative then many industries and given the financial uncertainties and the fall of Western currencies including the dollar the Kronkes will keep this club
                They would reap the benefits of this club for the next few years and they deserve it

                My earlier post is not here
                Please remember it was after Ozil criticizing the Chinese treatment of the Uygers did Arsenal drop Ozil

                Thank you

                1. JM and Ozil’s performances had nothing to do with it? Pressure from China would have counted for nought if Ozil’s form was good.

              3. jon and ken, Unai Emery sttempted to drop Ozil, but was not backed by the Board, before Mikel Arteta arrived. Surely Ozil’s display against Chelsea in the Europa League final was enough for Emery (or any other committed manager). Since pursuing his dream move to Turkey and Fenebahce, Oxil’s career continued its downhill slide. His idolic status didn’t save. Ozil with Turkish fans.

                1. Ozziegunner, My view of all that OZIL represented during all, apart from his first two seasons(and less in his second season than his first, when he was a top player) is of such a level of disdain and scorn at his low class character, that I was literally ELATED, to a degree which surprised even myself, when he was finally and FAR TOO LATE, OUSTED from our club and could harm us no more.

                  I have said and repeat now, that in my considered opinion , he was, by a considerable distance, the most damaging player to our club that we have ever had in all my 65 years following us.

                  He represented all that was bad, lazy and mercenary about much of our club in the years leading to AW being forced to “resign”!.

                  And which continued until MA arrived and transformed us to the vibrant and healthy club we are today.

          2. YEAH RIGHT! You carry on with your childish fantasies sonny and I WILL CARRY ON WRITING TRUTH! Nothing to do with his damaging constant laziness and refusal to play for the team rather than himself of course!

            It is fools like you who won’t accept realism, who are so naive and completely out of touch.

            1. You write “the truth” as you see it Jon, even forgetting the “truth” when it comes to MA.

              I made a mistake with Nketiah and his reported £100k a week salary, never dreaming he would turn on the kind of performances he has.
              But I ALWAYS supported him while he wore the shirt and THAT is the difference between you and I.
              While Ozil, Aubemeyang, Guendouzi etc etc were selected by MA, they got my 100% support – did you support MA in the same way?

              1. KEN, My post above was answering Jakes, not you but I REFER YOU TO MY POST AT 5.58 , WHICH IS TO YOU.

            2. It was after his comment on the Chinese did Arsenal drop Ozil….Mr Jon Fox forgot that point
              But I won’t stoop to your level and call you people names and berate others….!

  8. You can’t blame individuals for choosing other clubs. We have Arsenal in our blood – they don’t. They have short careers so need to think of their futures – just ask Ken1945 about Peter Marinello! Mudryk was told Chelsea on a better deal or stay until the Summer. He was living in a war zone so I don’t blame the kid.
    Once they have signed it’s a different matter.
    My philosophy has always been, if we pay them a fair wage and they still want to leave then I don’t want them at my club because they haven’t developed Arsenal in their blood like so many. It’s a two way street though as we are quick to get rid of them if they aren’t good enough, so let’s not be hypocrites.
    But a club on a huge upward trajectory, with a group of young, humble players with high ceilings and one of the best coaches in world football, a fantastic cameraderie and a huge fan base that adores every one of them like family? They are living the dream, and nobody will leave unless Mikel tells them they will never play. I have zero concerns…

      1. Last seen selling ice cream cones on a south coast seafront…
        I’m a Pompey boy originally and (like at Arsenal) I saw him on his debut ripping West Ham apart – never to reach those heady heights again. Another Best in more ways than one. That’s why I love seeing how well rounded our Hale End kids turn out, because PM was just left to drown. £100k!

        1. One of the very few times I was not proud of my club guy, his treatment was very sad.
          I thought he owned a bar these days?

    1. guy, well said. I too have zero concerns, while MA stays fit and healthy. And in charge! What I see inj so may bette run clubs now is how thr cult of the individual is being left hehind in the vitally important TEAM ethic, so briliantly employed by such as Pep and Klopp.

      AND ALSO A CERTAIN ARTETA. All non team players are poison and I HAVE USED THIS VERY PHRASE FAR MORE TIMES than I can even remember. It is as true now as it always has been!!!

  9. It all depends on the specific player. Arsenal can not pay the highest and second highest salary for every position and it’s back up player. But they would generally pay decent money. So a player is just there for money and glory he will eventually leave but he values attachment to the club , the fans etc then he will stay if the decision is between about 20-40% more money and he is already 125k or above at Arsenal

  10. Interesting development re Mudryk / Chelsea.

    UEFA has just annouced changes to the incoming FSR rules (FFP replacement) due to what Chelsea’s antics in this transfer window with Mudryk et al getting 8.5 year contracts.

    From the summer, clubs can only amortise a transfer fee over 5 years. They can offer longer contracts but the payments will only be spread over 5 years. The change won’t be retrospective though.

    The new FSR regs were meant to prevent clubs going bankrupt, what Chelsea were up to puts a club in danger, the exact opposite of what was intended.

  11. In the past Arsenal were a selling club because of money factors.

    Abramovic came into Chelsea in 2003, no FFP regs so he spent whatever he wanted.

    Arsenal developed and financed its own stadium from its own historical profits based on on-field success. This complete in 2006 and being more than double the budget, it hurt.

    As a result, transfer funds were hit and (some) players wanted to up sticks and head off to high-paying places.

    In more recent years, Arteta has been clearing out dead wood for various reasons, which of course involved more selling.

    What I noticed in this window is that I’ve not seen anyone sold (did I miss any?). So we are definitely now a buying club. And with the on-field success of a pared-down and together squad that needs a few additions, players are falling over themselves to come and fill the gaps. Long may it last!

    1. To add to your post IDKWIC, we have a decent amount of VERY talented young players out on loan.
      The only player that seems as if he will leave is Cedric and one can see why he feels like a move would be the answer for him specifically.

      Our club, from the bottom to the top (and everything in between) is in a positive situation – even re-vamping the stadium has not been overlooked.
      No wonder Pep singles us out as the club he wants to emulate this season.

      1. I will happily agree with all you wrote here and also mention that had MA BEEN SACKED, AS SOME WANTED, WE WOULD NOT NOW BE IN THIS HAPPY SITUATION.

        Fortunately Kroenke had far better , wider vision than such as Reggie, Dan kit, drg8xt and co.

        1. The “Co” and “wider vision” includes you though, doesn’t it Jon?
          While you keep trying to score points against fellow Arsenal supporters, they will keep coming back at you.

          Isn’t it time you stopped this “I know better than you” childish behaviour and let EVERYONE enjoy the situation we find ourselves in?

        2. On Arteta-
          “I have now come to realise that Arteta is not the man to take us forward “

          On Emery –
          “He is a fine manager who will be here for the foreseeable “

          On Wenger –
          “I wish he became Ill so he would leave this club “

          Honestly some of the things you have come out with over the years on here are ridiculous,but for some strange reason you never seem to remember what you write ,now for someone so bright I find that very odd ,maybe it’s your age that you always like to talk about or maybe your just embarrassed (I would be )with what you have written .
          There is plenty of more I could have written ,which by the way I didn’t want to but for some reason you have once again bought my name up .
          Any more and I will have a o get a lawyer involved (remember that one )😂😂
          PS -stop simping it’s down right weird someone at your age

          1. The usual lies I have come to expect from you DK!

            As for being “weird”, your spiteful vendetta against all I HAVE EVER WRITTEN IS BEYOND WEIRD AND DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS TO YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH.
            I will assume that you have a voodoo doll of me and stick pins in it each day.

            1. But they are not lies jon are they ..
              Like I’ve said countless times I have a very very good memory .
              As for the spiteful vendetta comment ,stop with that bullsh1t ,your daily barrage of posters article writers and who ever else does not toe your is what I would call a vendetta against JA ,obviously with me you can never get the better of me ,hence the dramatic victim post .
              Next time leave my name out of your childish posts then I wouldn’t have to put you in your place once again .
              Simple really .

              1. DK have you never reflected on the fact that your relentless NEED to remember – even though incorrectly – all I post, affords me a level of fascination to you that is unhealthy for yourself?

                And as we both know but you will never admit, the reason for your vitriol is because I was correct in calling for the head of AW and even more so in OZIL. Both hero worshipped to this day by yourself.

                I also supported MA FROM HIS START, EVEN THOUGH I ADMITTED, AS HAVE MANY OTHERS, AFTER AROUND A SEASON AND A HALF, TO DOUBTS. Though I stayed loyal , whereas you and others were relentlessly anti MA and never missed a chance to dig your verbal knife in his back.

                That is what is behind your long term angst , as we both know but only I will admit.

  12. Real and Barca are more than just money, they are the two clubs that a lot of players (and fans) feel they need to play for if they want to be “the best”.

    Now after that it is a combination of history and cash with PSG, Bayern, EPL giants and Italy (basically the failed super league teams).

    PSG and MC can pay more than the Spanish giants if they need to, maybe Newcastle going forward as well and Chelsea, but a lot of players in their prime would opt for Spain first.

  13. Out of interest jonny boy ,my 3 quotes that I I know you wrote ,which of those are untrue or lies as you put them ?
    On the Arteta points ,yes I wanted him gone as did so many others ,I’m not going to try to deny that fact (as you do so often ) .I had every right as his first 2 years were awful
    But everyone is now behind him and the team including myself ,so why does it bother you so much that I’ve jumped on board.
    You seem intent on causing friction between the fan base when there is absolutely no need ,your not the only one ,I won’t name names but it’s the usual “I told you so posters that spout nonsense like yourself .
    As for the hero worshipping comment about AW and Ozil this is where your disdain comes from ,as your vile posts about AW and wanting to be right so much about him leaving come into your simping over any manager that as followed him since .

      1. Still didn’t answer my question though did you .
        For someone so hell bent on telling us how marvellous you are and every one else is so dim witted you you don’t half skirt the subject posed to you on the daily .
        My suggestion would be ,drink your hot milk and get to bed buddy as it’s obviously past your bed time to engage with fellow supporters that have your number ,time and time again.

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