Arsenal are absolutely determined to sign two major targets

Arsenal are not giving up on their determination to sign two players that they have been targeting according to the latest reports in the media.

The club has increased their offer for Sampdoria duo Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen, from £37 Million to £44 Million putting to bed the speculation that they have a transfer budget of just £40 Million.

The latest development has come from Sampnews24, who was the first to reveal the transfer of Lucas Torreira to Arsenal last year, and so it is safe to say that this latest news is fairly credible.

And the news gets even better for Gooners because the same report also claims that Sampdoria president Massimo Ferrero is set to accept Arsenal’s new bid.

Andersen is seen as the primary target and is, in fact, viewed as the ideal long term successor to Laurent Koscielny.

Praet, it is hoped will be the central midfielder the club have been seeking as a replacement for Aaron Ramsey.

This is good news, it shows the club are getting serious and all the signs are that it will not stop there and that spending will easily surpass the £40 Million said to have been our transfer budget.

Whether this is because Stan Kroenke has decided to sanction extra spending or because there are impending sales is still to be determined but what is now almost certain is that there will be significant changes at the club this summer.

Exciting times indeed.


  1. can someone tell me when Arsenal will unveil our new kits?
    Almost every football clubs are done with theirs, it’s almost as if it’s a curse at Arsenal every season we take time in unveiling our kits just like we take time in completing transfers.
    I’m excited about Andersen, I ain’t excited about Praet.
    Martinelli, I ain’t excited about him either, I don’t like his style of play but I’m hoping he wins me over and he delivers

    1. Hiya Eddie.. I saw something saying there’s talk of them being unveiled in USA (preseason) as the Puma deal doesn’t expire until the end of June,
      could be BS though!!
      If the leaked pictures are legit, I really can’t wait to get my hands on that red one!!

      1. Hello Sue! how’ve you been? And Pat ??
        I love the away kit more.
        During the preseason aye? Everything about Arsenal is always dramatic???‍♂

        1. All good thanks, Eddie.. how about you? Pat was fine when she was last on here ?
          Haha dramatic – you’re not wrong ? all these players we’re linked with & our supposed 40m to spend – as if that isn’t dramatic enough ?

      2. Sue am not sure my Football season could be worse than this, losing to Netherlands from a winning position. I truly truly need a break from football. My body is so tender I can give birth if a get a little bit angrier than this ????

        1. better stay away from football and its worries for now Pat.
          you’ve had enough during the past season, take the break because you and I know there’s note heartache coming next season.
          Sue I bet Arsenal Dramatic FC would be a better name, it has a nice ring to it

        2. better stay away from football and its worries for now Pat.
          you’ve had enough during the past season, take the break because you and I know there’s more heartache coming next season.
          Sue I bet Arsenal Dramatic FC would be a better name, it has a nice ring to it

        3. Pat, it was pretty crap, what I saw of it.. and I expected the Netherlands to win. You have to take it easy! You’ll have to watch another sport instead, or watch the Women’s world cup!
          Please keep us posted on how you’re doing! Big hug ?

    2. Eddie, It must be because I am an admittedly old fart but the whole idea of our kit, (which changes every “five minutes” in order to fleece money from the brainwashed who, oddly to me, care about minor changes of kit, into spending yet more of their valuable money on nonsense) is a giant con. I AM definitely excited about prospective new signings of quality but like most , have no idea at all which rumours have legs and which do not. Players and managers win football honours; kit has never yet won silverware and never will, so to me it is a big YAWN! I LEAVE THAT NONSENSE TO THE KIDS, WHETHER IN ACTUAL AGE OR MERELY MENTALITY. I DO want red shirts and white shorts and beyond that I care nothing at all for kit. I SEE THROUGH THE GIANT MARKETING CON THAT IT IS. YET I RECOGNISE THAT CORPORATIONS CONNING THE FOOTBALL MASSES FOR KIT GREATLY HELPS PAYS FOR THE PLAYERS AND AGENTS JET SET LIFESTYLES. SIGH! It use to be called a sport. Another sigh!

  2. from what ive seen denis praet is bang average. even denis suarez seemed to have more potential than him

    1. We are really going to have a slow thinking midfield if we sign him.I think Andersen is good but we can get better for the same money.Underwhelming signings if they do go through

      1. Andersen’s passing is top notch for a defender. 88 percent accuracy and he attempts more long balls than any other player, his short to long passing range is why top teams including ourselves have been keeping track. City are scouting him too, and I think there was interest from Tott in replacing Alderweireld. He’s said to be good in one on one situations but at times can get too tight to players, coaching should be able to sort that out. Apart from reading up about the player, I don’t think I’ve seen him play. Only one player in Italy attempted more passes than him, and everyone who has played more than five games can not beat his passing stats. Admittedly, I’m keener on Andersen than I am with Praet.

  3. Why Denis Praet ?? Awful goal scoring record,and very few assists. Supposed to be an ” attacking ” midfielder ! Only four caps for Belgium in a four year period.

    1. Mediocre CM and CB from mediocre Serie A club

      Kroenke doesn’t seem to mind if Arsenal descend to be Everton 2.0

      I hope they cut the cr*p and go straight for Nicolas Pepe or Chukwueze

      1. Danes have produced solid defenders over the years, they are usually your no fuss type players, who I put Holding down as. Holland usually raises them. Don’t know much about this generation but historically, defending was Denmark’s strong suit.

    2. Save for some good passing he’s nothing special and I always wonderrd why he ws so very highy rated at Anderlecht.
      The CM Arsenal should being back is our former player Ismael Bennacer who is everything we want Xhaka and even Guendouzi to be.This deal should’ve been a no brainer

  4. I want to have faith in Raul Sanllehi and Vinai that they know what they’re doing this transfer window.

    Though I’m a bit surprised were being linked with more and more midfielders than with wingers. What has happened to the Fraser rumors I don’t know.

    We already have enough midfielders and CAM in the team and lack wingers

    1. We do need a bigger and better set of CM players, that used to be our strong suit, the CM options, we had about 7 or 8 of them and they were mostly international players. Right now we only have two, and we have one who may make the ground up and become an important piece, and after Guendouzi we have a couple of youngsters who are a long way off from that.

  5. Arsenal’s budget was never £40m.These are all tactics to make clubs think we have a low budget or clickbait.From reliable sources it’s around £70m and the leaving of some players has already added to it.
    If Arsenal are spending €50m then they can do better than this.A player like Hermoso is available for cheap yet we go for Andersen who’s less proven and isn’t better??As for Dennis Praet he’s nothing special and if we are planning to replace Xhaka with him then Xhaka might as well stay.Id rather give AMN the chance at CM and I have every to believe he’d perform because he has done well for a player playing out of position.Its his well distributed physical attributes that make him very versatile rather than the understanding of the other positions.

  6. £40m my foot! I’ve always maintained that piece of info is very incorrect.i can’t remember which of the upper guys who said”those who know don’t say, those who say don’t know” arsenal will be frugal,smart & shrewd in transfer dealings going forward.I remain optimistic we’ll be getting an exciting winger after bringing in defenders & midfielders.i hope we complete the deals for the sampdoria duo, Alexis Maurice, Fraser and a rwb then the icing on the cake which could be a loan signing of Malcom or purchase of carrasco,leandro trossard.

    1. Prefer Malcom and Trossard over those Sampdoria players. We got Torreira from Sampdoria and he was disappointing in the second half of the season

      Arsenal should have learned from their previous mistakes like Xhaka, Ozil and Mustafi signings. Their scouts have to be replaced with the sane ones

      1. Praet,has actually only 3 caps in 5 years.,not 4 in I stated earlier.
        So ordinary as a player,it’s just not true. Shows,if it is really true,an offer has been made for him,what little ambition the club has.Very depressing.

    2. Fair prince of Lagos, The “upper guy” you mean is Gazidis. He proved his own saying true by regularly spouting nonsense. He said a lot and yet knew NOTHING. Appalling creature, now, thankfully BUT a decade too late GONE! HURRAY!

  7. This club has forgetten to buy quality players long time ago;mediocrity of players in the midfield, defence and wingers. The present Directors and coaches are not measuring up to the standard the Club has been developed.

  8. Praet is awfully average, and hes already at his prime. We are getting mugged if that deal goes through.

  9. if arsenal don’t sign player, you complain.
    they sign according to their budget, you complain.
    they sign expensive player who in the long run doesn’t live up to expectations, you complain.
    sign a young star, you complain.
    wtf is wrong with you people.

    lesson learnt : you can never please humans

  10. Let’s hope this is not true. Praet is an average player. Also, new format for this website I see. If you’re looking for feedback, I wouldn’t mind if things looked a bit more spacious. All the blocks give it kind of a cramped feeling. Always thankful for the work you guys put it tho 🙂

    1. Praet is excellen footballer fullstop u will see in good time he’s actually very like Erickson

  11. That’s fine. Any improvements is very welcome but we still need to sell players to sign more players

    Anderson would mean we can sell Mustafi. Praet coming would mean we can sell either Xhaka or Elneny
    I don’t know if Praet would be as good or better than Ramsey

    1. He is way better than Ramsey and very strong on the ball and hard working and very good technically and he is similar to Erickson and I would say Iniesta too and people here who undermine him have very low understanding of good and quality players

  12. “Exciting times indeed”………….you are very easily pleased,Admin Martin……. 🙂

  13. “Whether this is because Stan Kroenke has decided to sanction extra spending”……………keep this up Martin and the only sanctioning will be you ! 😆

      1. Damn………….I cant even blame predictive text !…………..well at least you know what I meant, Declan.


        1. Sanctioning as in The Eiger Sanction. In the film the sanction was the order to assassinate someone, so you could be right lol.

          1. Nice one stubill hahaha….I could not possibly condone the assassination of Admin Martin……………….now Kroenke !…………where does the queue start ?

  14. Rather Herrera on a free than Praet, or the Uraguaian they have mentioned.

    Rather Holding start than spend money on Anderson. If true £44 million for 2 average players is like Gazidis never left.

    If bid is true, consider me underwhelmed with Raul so far. We can and have to do better. Rather we spend £30 million on better CB and move AMN to midfield and pass on Praet.

    1. And good thing you are not a coach otherwise Arsenal will be fighting relegation we are in rebuilding process now and probably next season too and I trust Raul and Emery and you got some people here advocating for kids to be promoted it’s fun

      1. Suarez loan was a misfire, and the handling of the Sven saga without a ready replacement was a sorry bit of business as well. As for the kids, rather them get a chance than another Lichtsteiner transfer.

  15. Both theses targets are no improvement whatsoever on what we already have.

    Emery should’ve been sacked after the final he has made massive blips this season just passed and tbh the players brought in haven’t done any better than what the previous management did.

    I was a Wenger out but I will say this yes he was the worst defensive couch probably in premier league history as he didn’t teach that aspect in training
    Yet he brought us some beautiful players as well regarding attacking flow.
    Not that Ozil had any right to say * you’re not coach* to Emery as Ozil himself has been bang avarage actually poor but he was honest Emery is not the man for Arsenal he was brought in to win the EL he failed he will fail next season this job is to big for him.
    Tranfer targets are poor as well the tactics have been wrong most of the season next season will be worse.

    With these type of targets we are no more ahead than what we was.

    1. And Danny who do you think Arsenal could attract to the Emirates, who could better Emery in his first season, given the depth of the current squad, the transfer budget, the injury toll and Arsenal’s self sustaining financial model?

      1. My apologies for the late reply Sir.

        Very good point you’ve made and a question I’ve answered a few times with one answer.

        Shoot me for this if you want but I would’ve gone with patrick vieira.

  16. All these people making comments on how Praet is mediocre
    Your going on as if you actually take time out to watch Sampdoria play
    On a weekly basis , just because you’ve watched some YouTube videos that says Dennis Praet skills , assists , goals you think you know them
    We could make Ozil look unreal in a cut 4 minute video
    Not only that no one really heard of Torreira had a good World Cup but give these guys a chance I like the fact that the club are moving forward and I would rather have two guys work there socks of week in week out then someone that’s on 350 k I do like Ozil when he’s on form who doesn’t and yes he’s a scapegoat but your gonna be if your not putting any justice on your wages let’s move on now let’s rebuild for the future

    1. Praet has been around for a while. He’s a known quality. Can’t compare to Torreira. We’ve seen him in UCL matches, he’s not good enough to get called up to Belgium, and if he’s replacing Ramsey, then yes, his goal tally is not even close to good enough. We can’t just have our strikers scoring and a Torriera/Praet midfield that scores 4 goals all season between them

  17. better stay away from football and its worries for now Pat.
    you’ve had enough during the past season, take the break because you and I know there’s note heartache coming next season.
    Sue I bet Arsenal Dramatic FC would be a better name, it has a nice ring to it

  18. I don’t know why Arsenal bother with scouts, coaches or even a manager with all the experts on here. The club could save a fortune.

    1. Lmao, we probably could’ve. We wouldn’t have half the deadwood we have now. Why people want to bring in more is beyond me.

  19. Scouts make recommendations on players, Management e.g. Gazidis and Wenger make the decisions to pass or buy.Until you have seen a player in the flesh or watched full ninety minutes coverage on a number of occassions, home and away, in rain and shine you cannot make a meaningful assessment of a player I did some scouting in my younger days and after watching a player on three occasions my view on him changed from very good to poor.Believe me any player looks good on U tube clips.Ignore them and stats when judging a player.As a matter of interest who was responsible for sanctioning the purchase of the aging , mediocre Socratis?

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