Arsenal are aiming for the Champions League Final – Can we really dream?

The Kroenke family has an awful record with their sporting franchises over the years, with the sole aim of just increasing the share price so that their fortunes simply increase year on year, but suddenly this year they have managed to get the LA Rams into the Superbowl. Whether it was by luck or good management it is still an achievement, and Josh Kroenke has taken the opportunity to big up Arsenal and to say he is hoping for similar success with the Gunners.

Josh told the Telegraph: “To see where Sean has taken us [the Rams] in a short amount of time gives us a lot of confidence.

“The only thing on a par with the Super Bowl is Arsenal making the Champions League final.

“It is something we are very focused on.

“I have been telling my friends all week the Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle that we have here and the Champions League is something in Europe that we strive for and we look forward to being a part of in the future.”

Now that may just be rhetoric from our owners son, especially as Stan himself has never invested one penny of his billions into improving the team, but maybe, once Josh inherits the family fortunes, he will be a completely different type of owner?

One can dream, can’t one?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Cannot get into the top four, let alone the Champions League final and it would be useless if Arsenal reach the final without winning it

    If he is serious, he should allow Emery to get three big signings before the next season

    1. Taj aziz says:

      Dreaming with empty pockets?

  2. Phil says:

    I believe the LA Rams getting to the Super Bowl May have gone to his head a little bit.He put up millions of dollars to get the Rams to where they are now.Can you really see him doing the same with Arsenal?I cant

  3. ForeverGooner says:

    For the past 14-15 years we have watched United, Liverpool and Chelsea win the Champions League.

    We have watched United, City, Chelsea and even Leicester City win the Premier League and now we will watch Liverpool win it this season.

    We still haven’t got a side good enough to make the Top 4 let alone win the Premier League and Champions League

    Kroenke and Wenger have put us in a bad situation with probably just as bad future

    We need to rebuild the team around Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira. Hopefully Guendouzi, Smith Rowe and Nelson will be stars of the future

    But most of our squad are very very average to put it mildly

    1. gotanidea says:

      Don’t forget about the other youngsters too, such as Maitland-Niles, Medley, Willock, Saka and Amaechi

  4. David Rusa says:

    Someone once said, “Some people see things happen and ask why; I dream of things that are yet to happen and say why not?” It is very possible for Arsenal to achieve what Josh Kroenke has stated provided certain requisites are put in place. Liverpool might have taken 4 years to get where they are with Jurgen Klopp but it’s not a rule that every club should follow the same path. Leicester under Ranieri shocked everybody by winning the EPL in 2016 with no exaggerated investment. There isn’t any one laid down method by which one can attain success. A host of factors combine to give someone success at a particular time. If Arsenal has the ambition to succeed it will achieve it sooner than later. Where there is a will there is a way. Let us strive on and we shall conquer.

    1. jon fox says:

      Fine words David and yes, there are always exceptions, like Leicester. But in the real world, realists like me and many others , can’t help noticing that the title is won virtuallyALL the time by the club who spends the most money or who accumulates the best squad of players, which still means money. I find it a shame that some confuse realism with being negative. It is no such thing, as realism sets out, clearly and honestly, the problems we have to overcome. If you do not accept their IS a problem in the first place, how in Gods name can you set about curing it? I need look no further than the Ozil problem to illustrate realism versus self delusion. A realist sees that the calamitous wage and contract hike/ extension was a black day in our recent history. We are now having to unpick a thoroughly lazy, though talented, man who contributes next to nothing in return, from the wage bill, which is CLEARLY -along with the equally stupid £200k per week paid to the useless and almost equally lazy Mhki – preventing us from bringing in woefully needed fresh players. THAT , my friends is REALISM. My creed, all my life! FANTASISTS ARE HARMING OUR CLUB BY PREVENTING THE FAN BASE FROM BEING UNITED IN DEMANDING ACTION AND THE ADOPTION OF REALISM IN OUR CLUB. Consider the hopeless state Liverpool were in a few short years ago under Hicks and Gillette. The club then adopted realism, sold THE CLUB to an ethical buyer and ACTED (UNLIKE OUR PATHETIC, HIBERNATING DIRECTORS) to bring in a brilliant manager who has united their club, galvanised the team and fanbase and looks likely to reap their deserved reward this season. Shows what REALISM can achieve, but first you have to adopt it!

  5. dan kit says:

    Never going to happen with that family in charge …
    Maybe if he starts buying players for 70 mill each rather than sign 5 players with the same amount we might have a chance .we all know that the game is a money business now you cant get away from it, so theres the answer .

  6. dan kit says:

    ADMIN COMMENT – That’s enough gratuitous swearing thank you….

  7. Will says:

    I don’t believe this myself, but, what if the Kroenke’s have been waiting for them to have sole ownership of the club before pumping money in? Use this summer to gut the squad and free up the wage bill before shocking us all with some huge, exciting signings?

    Like I say I don’t believe this myself, but wouldn’t that be great!! ??

  8. John0711 says:

    I keep seeing fans say we spent this last summer and that

    We spent 50m exactly what was reported Torreira is still to be pain
    And now reportedly again this summer it’s 40 m

    Joke amount
    Joke club

  9. jon fox says:

    Shows you how pathetic Josh K’s lack of football knowledge is, as he ludicrously equates reaching the CL final with reaching the Super(yawn!!!)Bowl final. One is played between top teams from dozens of countries while the other is a glorified, market hyped Cup Final equivalent. OR it would be, were this boring so called sport, played between men in spacesuits, even worth turning on the telly to watch. THE YANKS KNOW ALL ABOUT MARKETING, CHEER LEADING AND HYPE AND NOWT AT ALL ABOUT THE WORLD SPORT. Even their hilariously misnamed “World Series” is played by teams from ONE country ONLY. How typical of that country, where they know the price of everyrthing and the value of nothing. Guess who will NOT be watching the BoringBowl tonight and yet still be cheering on the Patriots. You see , even I cannot totally avoid even knowing who is taking part, hard though I try. Anyone but Kroenkes team, always! I always thought a QUARTER BACK was just a description of Lichtsteiner, anyway. Though on reflection , perhaps that is being a little kind to our “legs gone Stephan.”

  10. Durand says:

    Kronke has ownership of Rams and let them wallow for a decade almost. Opting to grow through draft picks in that system and free agents. Seem familiar?

    He never put money in our club and supposedly now he will? League more competitive than ever, and finally he’ll invest and compete? Doubtful my friends.

    Talk is cheap, and it seems Josh is a fan of it like his father. That’s all they’ve done for a decade; I don’t listen to either of the Kronke’s BS. Talk talk talk, sell tickets, make money, then alligator arms; can’t reach into their pockets.

    Believe the Kronke’s at your own risk.

    1. Durand says:

      The money they make available in the Summer for transfers, and who they target will tell all. Top quality wingers or bargin bin retreads? Emery getting the band back together from Seville, or going with top players and egos?

      Building a core for the future or expanding our retirement home for aged footballers? Interesting times, and hopefully Emery stays truthful like he was about loans only. Bet his honesty gave Kronke a fit; not spilling the required BS

    2. jon fox says:

      Durand, I have not personally met a SINGLE Gooner who can stand either of them. Some hope that Josh may turn out to be a fan one day but even most of those few admit it is a triumph of hope over expectation. They are poison. Rat poison! Hope they take their own poison and that it kills them! Matter of interest , will you be following the Superbowl? I was rather rude about it but I WAS ALSO BEING HONEST AS TO HOW I SEE IT. I am not at all attracted to half truths and fake “diplomacy”.

      1. Durand says:

        Jon not a single minute. NFL is boring to me; 300 lb monsters that can’t run for more than 2 minutes without needing rest and oxygen. Find it dull and boring as Rugby; sorry if it upsets people.

        Hoping Rams get embarrassed and they won’t return because how Kronke runs clubs. I haven’t followed NFL for last 6 years, i generally spend those hours on a golf course.

        Wondering what you think Arsenal will do this Summer? I fear more of the same; freeing up wages that Kronke has no intention of putting back into club. I expect Suarez will stay to replace Ramsey, prob another Debucy type RB signing, Monreal contract extended one more year, and CB only if we sell Mustafi.

        Also we’ll chase a baker’s dozen wingers for 2 months, not sign any of top quality, and hear more of “going after top players” and “only if they can help team” type of tripe.

  11. Midkemma says:

    I find articles like this to be kinda ignorant, they ignore the fact that we have a high net spend, it was the third highest prior to Jan.(Not checked since Jan) UTD was second highest and their owners used UTDs money to buy UTD, not like Silent Stan has done to us.

    Did Dein didn’t throw his money at transfers, it was the club money he used and he done well in negotiations.

    The way we have been ran for the past decade was bound to have consequences, it is obvious to anyone who comprehend that negative actions will have negative effects, a poor CEO will leave us in a poor state.

    Selling our star players year after year for a fee that was just about acceptable didn’t generate massive funds to invest in players, like Liverpool have done.

    Chelsea have made more than triple what we have from fringe players who was sent out on loan year after year… or just not breaking into the main team.

    I am not down about our owner, I honestly feel like he is a non factor, he doesn’t do anything to help or hurt us. If the old board hadn’t sold then I doubt they would be throwing money at Arsenal.

    As long as we can grow our income then we can increase our spending, if we get good people in to negotiate our sales then we can make more money to spend on players… If we do not overpay for squad players wages then we can spend more on top quality… Or put it towards transfers.

    We have been mismanaged in many areas.
    We have removed a lot of management, we have new people and they are taking action for our long term future, while it may not be instant gratification… Isn’t this the best course of action?
    I want to cheer Arsenal on next year but I also want to cheer us on in 5 years time, 10 years time, 20 years time…

    I have watched Gazidis sell our future for short term gains, I have said for years that all he is good for is overseeing a sale of a club… He was hired to do just that! Now he has ran off and what is he overseeing??? He came in a decade ago… The future he was selling… Guess what, we are in that future now! We are paying the price for that now! Things take time to take effect.

    1. jon fox says:

      midkemma, I hope and believe you now finally accept that I an totally with you on the immense harm Gazidid did(as you stated). I do differ on your neutral take on Kroenke though. I take your point that theold board of Dein/ Fitzman/ thr carrs etc did not spend much of their own money, which is true, but they were FANS and our fans knew they were. DD was a fanatic and allknew that. These things make a crucial differnec to thr tone that is set at any club. Top level football is almost unique in being abusines where fan passion and human natural bias is allied with hard nosed decision making and fans accept this need for hard nosed decisions ONLYwhen they are made by like minded board members. ie true fans. You cannot truthfully deny their is a real HATRED(and I use this word in it’s proper sense, unlike many on here) of Stan Kroenke and of his evident total lack of interest in our club, us fans, for silverware. I say to you that these things matter and to say KROENKE HAS BEEN NEUTRAL IS TO MISUNDERSTAND THE VITAL ROLE OF FANHOOD AND HOW IT SHAPES ALL CLUBS. Yes money is vital , but football also needs a soul too. I would remind you that the Devil does not have a soul! I HOPE AND BELIEVE THAT UNLIKE BOTH KROENKES, you do indeed realise that many things in life and in football are far more vital to fans and club contentment than mere money, important though that be. I urge you to reconsider your thinking! Following a club is like being in a family. You can possibly regard Silent Stan as family? Serious question ! Who ? Not you nor I surely!

      1. Durand says:

        Jon you are right again my friend.

        Stan didn’t get involved to win titles, a fitting epitaph for that robber baron.

        How people think he’ll invest and compete for title is beyond me. Out of CL and does he seem least bit bothered? We could only LOAN in January; how does that help us get back into CL?

        Kronke is in it for the MONEY ONLY!
        Notice that as club value skyrocketed, our title chances bottomed out? New stadium and money, less competitive against the big clubs. The polar opposite of what him, Ivan, and Wenger had us believe.

        St Louis fans mugged, NBA fans mugged, yet he’ll take Arsenal back to glory? He’s a disgusting Robber Baron who feeds off fans hopes and dreams to fuel his bank accounts rather than intellectual genius or risk taking to grow his empire.

        A virus to our club and sports ownership in general.

        1. Sean Williams says:

          Totally agree with you. Also I don’t get how our system allows a *$%& like Kroenke to own 5 clubs internationally. A recipe for favouritism and even corruption. Sad we are a ‘Portfolio’ club now.

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