Arsenal are asking too much money for wantaway star

Since the arrival of Bernd Leno at Arsenal, it was obvious that either David Ospina or Petr Cech would have to leave to make room, and Ospina’s agent made it clear that it was the Colombian that would be leaving, although he admitted had turned down an offer from Boca Juniours so that he can stay in Europe.

David has a contract for two more years with Arsenal but there is a new keeper, so it can be a cycle completed and if there are no options in Europe, Boca is a great option because it is among the 10 largest teams in the world.

But now he has backtracked and said it will be very difficult to find Ospina a new club. Lucas Jaramillo has now said that his wantaway client is likely to be priced out of the market. The agent said: “David has had an excellent World Cup, it has been very important for him.

“It is not a lie for anyone to say that he finds himself uncomfortable at Arsenal.

“There are several clubs interested in David, but leaving Arsenal is not easy.

“They’re a team that pays well and asks a lot for the player and we must add that he has a contract for two more years.

“The priority is Europe, but as I say, we have to wait.”

We all know that Arsenal overpays average players, and has done for many years which is why we find it so hard to get rid of our deadwood, but this could just be a ploy from the agent to get the Gunners to reduce their demands.

There is certainly no point in having three top class keepers (and Macey!) at the club next season….



  1. McLovin says:

    Unbelievable that we can’t command £10 millions in today’s market for the 80-capped Colombian goalie who has played on top level the last 10 years at Arsenal and Nice.

    In today’s market where donkey Pickford goes for £30 millions !

    1. Abel says:

      English players have an extra £20M valuation because they are home grown.
      Stones cost £50M, real value should have been £30m.
      Walker cost £50m, real value should have been £30m
      Sterling cost 49M, real value should have been £29m.
      Ox cost £35m, real value should have been £15m
      Pickford cost £30M, real value should have been £10m

      1. Mobella says:

        Enough of these English players home grown status. They are not the only one with home grown status. They are the worst set of footballers in the world. They lack skilles and fineness. How in God’s name they should command more fee than all other national players. Didn’t you watch the African, Asian and concacaf players played in this world cup with higher skills and technicalities than English players. They are bunch of augment boobs, look good to the eye but lack substance. No wonder you don’t see them playing in other leagues.

        1. Phil says:

          Firstly your”African Asian and Cacaf players “didn’t exactly do that well at the World Cup with their far superior Skills and Technicalities did they?
          Secondly why is it the majority of overseas players wish to play in the Premiere League?MORE MONEY PAL that’s why

          1. Kumagaya says:

            Exactly. More money doeant make English pkayers better. Most are flat. No skills or thrills. Just too expe no no reason at all. Actually teams in england are the one searxhimg foe foreign players to ahore up thwir revwnue. Tell me one english player in a top league elswhere and see our own Jack to some small club now

    2. big g says:

      I’d take the so called donkey, he performed better at the world cup than our keepers did for us last season but you are dead right about todays market. Unfortunately it seems to me that its not just average Arsenal players but all players that are overpaid, thats the way things are now. I don’t like it but have to accept it.

      1. Godfrey says:

        Your right

  2. Khadii says:

    Ospina should definitely leave Arsenal to save what is left of his career even if it means taking a pay cut salary to do so… Seeing a Cech is intent on running down his last year on his contract..
    Martinez should step up once Cech leaves next season…
    Can’t wait for the new season to begin….COYG
    Onwards and Upwards

    1. Pay cut! Would you take a pay cut? That’s going backwards in your life I’d love to hear you explain it to your missus why taking a pay cut would be the right move under any circumstance. I’d sit tight and fight for my position if I were Ospina. Cech is no better than him and now that Wenger’s favourism based team selection is gone, Ospina will be on equal footing with Cech and Leno.

      1. Midkemma says:

        If his partner loves him for the human being he is then she would be happy to see his wages drop if it meant the man she loves is happy.

        Unless she is a gold digger…

        Not all women are gold diggers so isn’t it safe to assume that some wouldn’t mind as long as they are happy with their partner who is also happy?

        It isn’t like the paycut would result in them living out of a cardboard box XD

    2. kev says:

      Ospina is close to joining Boca Juniors for £6m as Fenebarche cool their interest.
      They agreed personal terms with Ospina but have allowed Boca to come in stronger.Things may change but as at now Ospina is close to Boca.

      1. BenardoM says:

        Are we close to signing any winger??

  3. Khadii says:

    *seeing as Cech is intent

  4. BenardoM says:

    Ospina should take a new challenge.He is aging up and he needs to play regularly before hanging up his gloves.He’s been good to Arsenal and should peruse a new challenge elsewhere.

  5. BenardoM says:

    We should have put a buy back clause in Serge Gnabry sell to have a better chance of recouping him back after shining but now we will live to admire him while at Munich.He is a decent left winger with pace and powers to explode past any defence.

    1. stubill says:

      His contract ended, we had no say in wher he went or what was or wasn’t in his contract.

  6. Phil says:

    Regards Ospina-a Second rate keeper who we will be lucky to offload for more than a couple of quid.

    1. Mobella says:

      No he is not a second rated keeper. The fact that we don’t like him or Wenger prepared cech over him doesn’t make him that. Imo several keepers in these WC aren’t better than him. If we can by cech for 11m and Leno for almost 20m, we should get higher than 6m for him. We fans undervalue our players so much that media pick up our value put it out for buying clubs to see hence refuses to top money for them. Gabriel, Coq, even Walcott comes to mind.

      1. Phil says:

        Okay let’s wait and see how many clubs come banging on our door to sign him and for how much shall we?Nobody will pay over the odds for an error prone very average keeper.Why do you think Napoli went after Cech and NOT Ospina?Because even though his best days are undoubtedly behind him Cech is still the better keeper of the two that’s why

      2. jon fox says:

        At least Gabriel and Coquelin had guts and fight.(Not much else though, admittedly) Walcott is universally known, still, as WEED Walcott in my Arsenal supporting family. The most gutless coward to ever disgrace our shirt. The great shame was that Walcott actually had some ability but his total absence of backbone rendered it useless.

  7. Solomon Wenger Pizan says:

    Ospina Would Have Stayed Had Cech Left For Napoli. He Deserves To Be Starting But Now We Have Leno. Its Better He Considers His Options.

  8. Chiza says:

    Forget gnabry we have Nelson

    1. Akan says:

      Nelson is nowhere near as good as Gnabry Willock is a far better prospect and none of them are better or have preformed at a higher level than Joel Campbell yet we are selling him dirt cheap like he was rubbish while keeping Jenkinson and Xhaka who are

  9. Enock says:

    I fancy Ospina, We should let Petr go for Chelsea got the best out of his years. Leno and Ospina should battle it out for top spot and back up keeper. Martinez and Macey one has to go out on loan again and get valuable game time.

  10. Howard says:

    Good we finally got rid of Winter, he was more for the players than Arsenal. Paying over the top for average players and topping it up for long term contracts

    Both Pool and Spurs pays lower and are better than us

    Remember Almunia, average but kept him for years and destroyed Arsenal. Daily, always injured but his contract was being extended same as Rosicky.

    Arsenal now has an opportunity to reorganise and move forward

    1. jon fox says:

      It devalues the word “average” to use it for such a rank bad keeper as Almunia. I have been attending for 60 years and rank only the equally dreadful Jim Furnell late 1960’s as poor as Almunia. It was disgrace to inflict a keeper as awful as Almunia on us as a regular for three long seasons. A sackable offence for WENGER BY INSELF, IMO.

      1. Ingleby says:

        Ha – nice one! ‘Fingers Furnell’. Used to handle a ball as if it was a giant bar if soap.

      2. Midkemma says:

        Almunia had good reflexes, not much else going for him…
        Sounds pretty much like Ospina to me.

        1. jon fox says:

          Almunia was much worse than Ospina, as most who were around then well know. Ospina is far from dreadful but just not good enough. Not good enough does NOT mean dreadful. Almunia WAS dreadful!

  11. Howard says:

    *Winter? meant Wenger.
    Daily? meant Diaby

  12. jon fox says:

    Let’s be realistic! Ospina was far from the worst keeper we have ever had in my 60 years attending our matches. BUT he was also VERY FAR from being anywhere near the best. For fellow oldies my worst ever REGULAR first choice was Almunia or Jim Furnell and the best ever Seaman, closely followed by Kelsey and a little further back was Jennings in third place. Even very good, but not outstanding keepers like Rimmer and Lucic were far better than Ospina. And the wonderfully brave and great human Bob Wilson, better still. (I would place Bob , at his best, fourth and can never forget the title win he won for that last minute save at Spuds, 1971. A real hero for us older fans.) I am content that Ospina leaves.

  13. Etyetu says:

    we need him (ospina) at arsenal incase leno get an injury, cech can’nt help us anymore.

  14. SAMUEL says:

    Arsenal should have let Petr cech gone since he is getting older and nothing good is not much coming from again and allow bernd Leno,david ospina, and Matt.macey to be our main keeper for dis season and wait and see the results.
    Secondly, arsenal FC still a player to be signed before they can compete with no bias on both league (England and Europa) to be focused on this season which is a perfect forward winger and such player must be a mature, fast dribbler, fast passer, fast crosser, strength not an injury player and lastly someone dat can change d system of a game when it turns to difficulties. That is why I always miss Alex oxlade-chambalain though he is a defensive winger buh still he moves ball forward and change the game to impress fans sometimes.

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