Arsenal ARE Brilliant – But NOT Killers!

Arsenal are Brilliant, But not Killers. By Galen

Arsenal have made remarkable improvements in the last 6 months which has made everyone believe we can challenge next season. Super Jack credits better planning as one of the reasons. “This year we’ve started to analyse the teams a little bit more,”

“We’re going there with a plan and as a team we know what we’re doing, which is important.

“We want to be difficult to beat when we haven’t got the ball, because we know what we can do when we do have the ball, but when we don’t we want to be difficult to beat. We’re starting to do that.

But what surprised me the most were the statement of LVG. “I also think Arsenal maybe have a better team than Chelsea, but they cannot finish like Chelsea.”

In the last few years we have played some orgasmic football taking teams to the cleaners but there is always that sense of frustration that we didn’t kill them off. Is LVG right? Well loads of our players like Theo Walcott have said this is by far the best Arsenal team of the last 10 years, but are we really the best team in the league?

One thing I definitely agree with LVG is the fact that we can’t finish teams as much as Chelsea. How do we finish teams off? Is it by working harder on the training ground? Or is it by going out there and getting what we need to become “killers”? Personally ,I believe Chelsea and City won’t stand still. I believe they will go out there and improve their team. If we don’t make the necessary additions we shall be brilliant but not killers.

Arsenal need more options and more competition to get to the next level. Two years ago when Manchester City won the League, Jose Mourinho declared Edin Dzeko as player of the season. Mourinho said: “My Player of the Year would always be from the champions. Manchester City need a point. I would say a City player and I would choose Dzeko. He was the third striker at the beginning of the season and when the team needed him, in crucial moments, he made the difference. He has 16 goals. Sixteen for the third striker is something spectacular. He’s not just a goalscorer. He assists, he plays.”

I think this was the statistic that made Mourinho go for Costa. I want to remind every Arsenal fan out there that our highest goal scorer in the league was Alexis Sanchez who scored 16 goals. Just look at the Liverpool without Suarez to understand the importance of having that killer up front. I remain very convinced that we are desperately in need of an absolute world class, clinical and monster of a striker next season. We need to be able to kill teams off. It is possible we are the best team or maybe one of the best teams. But if we can’t kill teams off I don’t see how we can win the league next season…..

I can’t also bet on Giroud and Welbeck to become killers overnight! We are brilliant but not “Killers”

By Galen.

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  1. We always lose the league during the transfer window :we are now in a good position to challenge for the league title next season if we make 3 quality additions;but strangely wenger and the board always find a way of stalling our progress by dithering during the window

    1. We always leave our transfers late on and that leaves us with less options. We have to do our business earlier when there are lots of options out there. Starting with the cech signing would be good. I hear from many sources that we are offering Chelsea 11 mil for his services. It would be a good deal for us. Hope its true as we need to upgrade our team in 3 key positions. Gk position is one of those 3 departments in need of upgrade. We would be killers by signing cech,kondogbia and cavani.Vidal is just a dream but cavani is possible. Kondogbia and cavani would make us a huge force

      1. exactly wat I have said, we are never decisive enough in the market,by now we need to identify all our targets and gone for them,get to training and have everyone ready for the new season. Instead we are waiting for wat will be left during the final week,while our rivals are active

        1. I really don’t know why a manager with so much experience like Wenger doesn’t realise that. I hope we act quick in the market this season and signing cech by next week would be a great start. We have to finish our transfer business bt end of June, give the new players some time to fit in. Hope its not the same old transfer window again.

  2. Funny I just watched Arsenal @ Man City highlights and FA cup highlights of our win over Man U. Our 2 biggest wins of the year.
    The first shows OG with tremendous hold up play, (ha ha all you haters) in which he shows to the ball and returns a pass to Monreal who Kompany had no option but to foul in he box. Then OG puts it away on a header(created something out of nothing type of striker?)
    Against Man U Danny showed his tireless hustle and offed Man U at Old S. Wow,I still get a thrill watching that after so many months. Great stuff.

    1. So Welbecks 4 league goals is what u think will win us the league. We looking at the bigger picture. Its not just a case of picking out games. Nicholas bendner use to score hattricks for arsenal but that doesn’t mean that he will take us to the next level. Chamark was evn better in his goal return than Welbeck. but that doesn’t mean we should be staying with chamark.

      We have a brilliant opportunity this summer to put things right. Instead of looking for the next excuse. Its all about showing our ambition. Durring pre season guys like Ozil sanchez cazorla will be like the club means business. Look at the impact Ozil had when he came. he was not the best player. I think rambo was our best player. But what Ozil did was to lift the whole club. he changed the way people saw Arsenal. thats why players like sanchez are happy to come to Arsenal. And thts why we should do more bof thesame.

      U want Arsenal to stand still. But we need to go forward. chelsea and City won’t be standing still. We should not look at Liverpool or spurs. Those are not our rivals. those are southampton and stoke rivals. We should look above.

      1. FACT: DW played wide AM/winger for the majority of his appearances. Chelsea’s RAM/RW, Willian got 2 league goals and Chelsea managed to somehow win the league. DW got two PL goals as wide AM/winger in 19 apps. No-one is going to be organising street parades for 8 goals in all comps but where does that put some of our other AMs like TR/JW and AOC whose career best season hauls for Arsenal are 7, 5 and 4 respectively.

        For crying out loud guys, Welbeck came to us on deadline day without pre-season and got thrown in when OG was injured and played CF 15 times (10 in PL, 4 in UCL and 1 in FAC). He scored 6. He only played CF 10 times in the PL (if you want to check: 13/9/14 – 31/12/14 against Man C, AV, TH, Chelsea, Hull, S’land, Burnley, Swansea, Man U and S’ton) and was subbed in 4 of those.

        By all means people are entitled to get their rocks off and kill the guy and tell everyone how completely s**t he is but lets stick the knife in with at least some sort of minimal attempt at balance and context.

        1. 4 league goals is a great output for a Winger who gets to play as striker? Well walcott use to score 15 – 22 goals playing wide. People should stop using the left forward excuse. sancez was our heighest goal scorer playing wide. I won’t be falling for that. Loads of top players like Rubben ribery Neymar Messi ronalso reus bale all play wide and score. Am not saying Welbeck should be ronaldo.

          But 4 league goals is just poor. he himslef he said it that he is dissapointed WITH HIS GOAL return.

          1. galen: Not saying 4 goals is great – far from it. Just trying to balance it out a little. And in fairness Robben, Ribery, Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Reus and Bale are 1st XI world superstars and not a utility back-up forward for AFC. We have Alexis who doesn’t look out of place in that list you gave – who are the back-up squad players to the ones you listed? That is where the fair comparison lies imo.

    2. Your not aloud to say any thing nice about Arsenal players on here. After all it is a fan website.

      & it’s funny because people highly rate so many average players, players that wouldn’t improve Tottenham yet they slag off our players and praise inferior players. So long as a newspaper or two are linking players to us there the latest savour & only they will do. & of course everyone is an expert on every players because they watch them every week don’t you know.

    3. It’s all fine then doing it in 2 games, but both were invisible when we played Chelsea. Giroud vanished and Welbeck left us toothless and vulnerable with his lack of discipline out wide against Monaco. You need to be consistent…

    4. Giroud has had a decent season, not a super season but not a bad one either. 20 goals in all competition is not bad at all.welbeck is one for the future for sure, he can turn into an outstanding striker with Wenger’s coaching. Cavan/giroud/welbeck, that would be a super strike force.

  3. The reason why we didn’t shut teams down is because we didn’t have a DM who could sit and protect the back four. We have that now hence why our results were so much better in the second half of the season. However, against the very best teams we still find it hard to completely kill them off because we don’t have a viable second DM to bring on to really snuff things out. Let’s be honest, bringing on Flamini does nothing and essentially reduced us to playing with 10 players. If we buy another DM this summer we will be able to park a big red London bus if we need to protect a one goal lead for the last 10 minutes.

    1. yes Coq has been hugely impressive and he is a key player for us. But a DM doesnot make us to become killers. Its all about having those strikers that can smell the blood. Think of the chnces created vs monaco vs swansea vs chelsea vs sunderland . games like are the reason we are not killers.

  4. Falcao odd on Sky bet have reduced from 10/1 to 1/2 after loads of money have been coming for him joing Chelsea. Chelsea mean business. Miranda is next for them. This guys have the best defence in the league and yet they want Miranda? Talk about not standing still.

    I don’t like chelsea but they are brilliant killer in the transfer market and on the pitch. Imagine the faces of United fans when mourinho changes falcao from a cat to a tiger.

    1. Like he changed torres, schevchenko? Mourinho is not known for reviving careers. He’s better at getting the most out of established players.I think it’s a mistake honestly.

    2. I wouldn’t call them brilliant in the transfer market. I wouldn’t call it ruthless either. Hit and miss would be more accurate. By the law of averages they have to get a few right. They released 42 players last year. Repeat 42. Did well with Fabregas and Costa – got half a season out of each at least. They buy a back-up LB (for a sum that would have broken our club transfer record 2 seasons ago) – 12 months on and looking for a way out. Cuadrado – everyone on here cacking their pants and going on about Mou’s genius. Trying to save face and offload him whilst no-one is looking 6 months after they bought him for £23M. Schurrle, De Bruyne anyone? Hope Chelsea get Wolfsburg in UCL. Salah anyone?

  5. There is no absolute world class monster striker available. None of the usual suspects: Higuain, Benzema, Cavani, Martinez or Lacazette meet that criteria, although several of them carry a world class monster price tag.

    1. Apparently Lyon want £30mill for lacazette. That’s more than worth it. He has been way better than cavani and is less on the market as well. That’s also less than higuain asking price as well

      1. If we sell Podolski, Sanogo, Campbell for at least £15 million then we use that money towards Lacazette that’s like half his price. That’s pretty reasonable.

        Lacazette is only 24 so has a couple of years to improve to his very best.

        Wenger should get a crowbar, pry open his pocket and take out the wallet and get him

        Seriously if other teams get Martinez, Lacazette, Higuain, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, krychowiak, then it’s really shameful

  6. Now rumors are going around that Milan are in talks for kondogbia. Arsenal are TOO slow in the transfer market when it comes to declaring interest in players. We always talk about the player but never put formal interest in until it’s too late. If Cech comes in next week though I’ll be satisfied. I just would hate for our first signing to be near the end of August when all our original options are gone. Sometimes we get somebody like ozil and sometimes we get nobody. We can’t risk waiting around if we want to win EPL.

    1. No fans talk about the players the club will only move for players they want. You don’t know nor do I know what players arsenal want & are in talks with.

  7. Many football fans would “kill” just for the just to support a “brilliant” team that produces some great performances. I am thrilled to be a part of it.

  8. People are crying about this player and that player moving to this club and that club. But honestly I’m not sure if any player that has moved clubs so far this summer would improve us That much. I mean people underestimate us we made defensive improvements / additions mid way through the season & we had many key players out injured at the begging of the season all at the same time missing 2 of our main goal scores. I’m not saying we don’t need additions we do but only real top quality & I mean players who can make the difference next season to push us on to win the league.we certainly don’t need squad players anymore.

    Kedhira is maybe the only one but he’s not played much for 2 seasons now but I still very highly rate him but again maybe not 100% what we need so I’m not too disappointed.

    1. Martinez would definitely have improved us. Just being a better finisher than Giroud and Welbeck. So many missed chances for goals. We need a more efficient and ruthless CF.

      In terms of DM he would improve us in the sense that without Coquelin we would be worse off without another top DM. Coquelin could get injured and even if he is fit the whole season can’t play every game.

      1. I understand the age issue. He will be 29 in a couple of months but the amount of top class CF in the market are limited.

        Also Giroud is a very good striker but my concern is more about Welbeck than Giroud. We need two very good CF like Chelski has Costa and Remy.

        Remy is better than Welbeck in my opinion. I don’t feel comfortable with Welbeck if Giroud got injured

      2. I honestly don’t think he would have improved us his overall goal to minute ratio is not much better than Giroud & playing in an inferior league. Although he did well in the champions league. He’s a very good player but from what I’ve see maybe a little bit one dimensional. You’ve got to look at more than just goals, it’s the type of goals players score how they link up with other players, work rate potentially players who don’t score as much if you stick them in our team with our midfield and they could become fantastic. Just never been overly sold on him and I think plenty of teams want strikers and the fact he’s gone to Milan speaks volumes not the team they once were.

  9. Wenger is the best coach in the world,he just someone behind the scenes to force good transfare targets on him

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