Arsenal are building a beast of a squad – but we don’t need Tielemans

Arsenal – a force to be reckoned with?? … by Vinod

First off we need to mention the signing of Fabio Vieira, like wow, what a signing that is. Arteta was probably sending fake agents after other players so that we can steal the guy without getting any attention from other clubs. I’m so very excited about the attacking mid, and I’m sure Ødegaard’s place as a starter is in jeopardy even after having a tremendous season last year. He improves our squad massively. I mean his stats are insane last season, and he was the main man at 22 years and showed great maturity for a 22 year old. So, we are getting a young as well as an experienced player in one package. I’m sure every Arsenal fan is excited about Vieira right now and if we can get Jeśus quickly, we would already have an awesome transfer window. And with Vieira we can make do with a not-so-marquee signing in center midfield.

Tielemens is not the man we need. The guy is talented, no doubt but he is too slow to release the ball. He plays a slow tempo game which may be okay at Leicester but at Arsenal we play at a much higher tempo and he dwells on the ball too much, it is not ideal. He is capable of a killer ball, but we are not looking for that since we have loads of attacking threat. We need a player who is busy and keep the moves flowing. He may even be a liability for our quick passing game. He is overrated in my opinion and don’t think he is going to do anything in any big team. The only reason he is doing well at Leicester is because they allow him to play at his own pace, and when he comes to Arsenal he would not have that privilege, and we can’t rewrite our tactics and style of play just for him.

We need to buy players that fit in the team, not who ever is doing well in other teams. I believe Xhaka and Partey are good enough to anchor our midfield. And we are being linked to Lisandro Martinez who can play as defensive mid as well. So we are pretty much covered there if we can get him. And he can play as a left back and as a centre half as well, how cool is that!

So, with Vieira, Jeśus and Martinez for around 120 million which seems imminent, that would be some business with cash to spare. We can sign Gnabry too if we want to, then we would have a beast of a squad. We would be right up there with the big guns (pun intended) with every position well covered by really talented players. So where do you guys see us finishing in the table if everything goes well?

I personally think we will give Man City and Liverpool a run for their money.

This is a guest post from Vinod Kumar and first appeared here on his personal blog

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    1. Where does he play? How many midfielders do you want in the squad??????


          1. We don’t. We need Lisandro because that way, he covers for Gabriel, he covers for Tierney and he covers for Xaka. We need to convince Torreira to stay and cover for Party.

      1. Xhaka is useless and has been a liability for years, elneny is a back up.
        Tielemens has the ability to pass between defensive lines, something we have been lacking for years! He will be the most important addition to the team if we sign him.

        1. I don’t disagree but the fact remains that Xhaka is a nailed on starter while he is at Arsenal and MA is the manager.

          We need to sell/loan out at least 2-3 midfielders before we can bring another one in. The midfields been mismanaged for years.

          1. Patino Azeez are not options. Not saying they won’t play but they won’t be counted on when we start the season.

            Lokonga I seriously doubt will be here next season. He made little to no progress last season, mainly due to not playing regularly. So do we have want him to play another season like that? He needs playing time and the Premier League is not his level to start that with.

            Xhaka is obviously the one who should be sold on. Limited, high wages, not a game changer, still some resale value.

            Elneny will be here but he’s signed to be a bit part player, a cover. I don’t think he was guaranteed any playing time when he extended.

            This is my thinking. Our midfield is very weak.

          2. Xhaka should be sold asap.

            He has been a liability for years

            Our central midfield needs a complete overhaul.

        2. Yes please. I’m not one to knock our squad but xhaka does not fit the role Arteta envisions for that spot, a forward thinking mid

          1. We need a player like Xhaka to occasionally kick back rough teams that always play physical against us. He is like a big brother when bullies come calling.

      2. What Arsenal needs is quality midfielders, particularly a DM (since Gilberto Silva left), rather than quantity. How many of thos Ed you mention should be starters for a top EPL club?

      3. just get rid of Xhaka, or loan out Lokonga. Why we acting like this list is all a list of super solid players. Majority of them don’t even make the starting XI of Tielemans current club…

  1. Tielemans would be an upgrade to everyone else in our central midfield. He is a player who wants to play every ball forward, not a slow back-passer as written. I am watching this guy since his time at Anderlecht and always hoped he would come to Arsenal one day. I really really hope we dont miss out on him.

    1. I agree with you.
      The author’s comment “Arsenal play high tempo” isn’t an accurate statement in my opinion.
      Also saying Xhaka “is good enough to anchor the midfield” is just way off. Tielemans has more goals, assists, and chances created, and is an upgrade on a one dimensional Xhaka.

      1. There no xhaka arsenal can go for tielemans. Arsenal need to offload 3 midfielder for him to come cause right now there are many opionios there.

      2. I agree, there hasn’t been quick tempo since the days of rosicky, hleb, fabregas. Now we have a bunch of crabs in the midfield going sideways, immobile; even passing vision like crabs. Tielemans would be an upgrade

        1. Yes, those were the days when Arsene / Arsenal had “the eye” and could really spot talent. Rosicky was such a star in the Bundesliga, electrifying the home fans with every touch. It’s a pity that he couldn’t give Arsenal his best due to long term injuries.

    1. @PJ-SA
      RealTalk. All the guys mentioned are good going forward, but our midfield is constantly left exposed by players unwilling or unable to put in the hard graft of tracking back. IJS

  2. A thoughtful and well written piece with the writers own and well expressed opinion on why he does not want Tielemans and wishes to keep Xhaka , neither of which I agree about.
    Where I firmly DO take the thrust of his article is when he argues that we are steadily building a far better side and he and I HAVE EVERY CONFIDENCE IN THIS MANAGER . Our fanbase is divided between MA supporters, such as I, Vinod and many others. And, on the other hand , those who have never given him a proper chance at all, right from his start.

    I do not call THAT outlook as being a supporter; a fan yes perhaps, but NOT a supporter. Just my take !

  3. Uhh – what’s this, a positive article on our transfer dealings??
    That can’t be right – prepare yourself for incoming missiles 😉

    Personally, I don’t know what all the talk about Tielemanns is for.
    I wouldn’t buy him, but if we do, I trust the manager to know more than me…

  4. Raphina is a good deal for £35,000. Anything outside that isn’t worth it.
    Same can be said of Gabriel Jesus, I don’t think is he worth the £50,000 tag on him. Instead we can go for another striker that fits the team and has different playing style to Eddie
    Gabriel is a similar player to Eddie.

  5. Agreed, we don’t need Tielemans since we’ve got Smith-Rowe and Partey

    If Arsenal sign Martinez to play as a CDM, Partey could play in a more advanced position and use his dribbling skills to break the opposition’s defense

  6. Hi…
    This is Arsenal. Plenty links and rumours until dead li e and wnd up signing leftovers….!
    Arsenal has No “game changing” players like Spurs or even Palace.
    enalikely end the season 5th or 6th…!
    Same old same old Arsenal.
    .plenty hot air and Noice.

    1. What are you even saying man ? At least make a little bit of sense in your comments I can’t even read what you wrote without having a headache

  7. To me not a beast of a squad. More like a lean lynx like squad where we rely less on power but more on skill, patience consistency and perseverence. I would be astounded if we were to sign Tielemans now we have signed Vieira. The Martinez talk seems to ask more questions than answers. What position/ positions is he being bought for? So far number 6 Number 5 Number 8 number 4 and number 3 have all been mentioned. Does it mean Tierney Tomiyasu Magalhaes and Partey are all long term injury concerns some of whom will probably be sold sooner rather than later. Is Xhaka leaving? Martinez seems to be the ultimate shape shifter, swiss army knife buy one get 6 for free. Wonder if he can play 9 🙂

  8. It is a positive article…..if the signings actually happen!!

    But to think we would give city and pool a run for the PL is cloud cuckoo land, when one considers what we witnessed last season.

    The biggest issue with Mikel’s squad is consistency – something that those two clubs show week in and week out.

    I hope MA gets the players he wants and he gets the consistency required.
    As for being excited about Vieria and Mikel pulling a fast one, one wonders why he got such a clear run on the player and, as I know nothing about him, reserve my judgement.

  9. Tielemans is needed. I’ll rather have him than Raphinha. MF is what makes teams win or lose. He is top top priority. Xhaka’s time has come to an end.

  10. Xhaka 💤💤💤💤🤥🥵
    You just said Tielemans is slow and then said you want Xhaka in the team. Strange reasoning. Xhaka is way slower and less creative than Tielemans With Xhaka we will win sweet FA….not the FA cup. Xhaka is the slowest midfielder in the EPL….and a negative player as well….who drops us a few games a year.

  11. I get why Martinez is been linked. Tierny is about the only player who may miss start of the season. Tomiyasu is back, he played intl game for Japan. All our cb are fit. So if Martinez deal is ok price wise I say go get him. He’s a beast of a player. He gets in to the battle 8/10 so my only worry is tavarez. What do we do with him? Send him on loan or push him forward? I know there is a player in there. Lokonga is one player arsenal should be looking to loan to Burnley(Vincent company) he knows him from Anderlecht. He needs to toughen up. He’s easily bypassed. Raphina signing will be a statement of intent. If that happens I don’t see why we should sign g.jesus. we would have martinelli, nketia and probably Tammy Abraham different kind of striker to martinelli and nketia.

  12. Total bollocks of an article, we are so lightweight all over the pitch why get Bissouma for 25 m as your so happy with Granit X, TOTALLY DELUDED!

      1. Made me laugh as well DK – the good old English language being used in its most colourful and explainitory way possible!!!
        Davey, your a star 🤣😂

  13. If there is no xhaka replacement and Jesus plus nketiah are our attacking options then I am sorry to say it’s back to fighting for 6th place and hoping competition falters … still plenty of time … I’m a fan of raphinia but not a priority and Pepe still on our books!!!

  14. You say Xhaka and Partey are good enough to anchor our midfield, but Arteta’s preferred system is Partey as single anchor with two no. 8’s in front – Tielemans is a significant upgrade on Xhaka in this system.

  15. So ode and vieria at 10
    esr wide left
    partey, xhaka, elneny as exp mids
    other 3 likely to be loaned for more playing time
    how do we not need both guys mentioned in this article?

  16. If Tielemans is slow, then what can you say about Xhaka?.Tielemans is far far ahead of Xhaka in my own opinion. I’d rather a Tielemans to a Xhaka,

  17. The best football I saw Arsenal play Last season was against a strong Man City team until the Gabriel red card. The midfield was anchored by Xhaka and Partey( with a run of games). I do believe that we need another midfield anchor but Xhaka isn’t the problem Partey is. He is unlucky with fitness. Xhaka is not the fastest(like the majority of our players) and can be a bit reckless(so is Gabriel) but isnt a bad player. Extreme criticism of Xhaka here stems from none footballing reasons… and folks here like a scapegoat… and joining bandwagons..

    1. Mark….
      and seeing the truth. Their truth…..not yours. People are different and see different things.

    2. I don’t completely agree with you.
      Xhaka has cost us many points to last us a lifetime.

      Telemans is good. However, Ruben Neves is the ideal player we need now. I wonder why people are not taking about Him.

      RUBEN NEVES is what we need this summer.
      50m pounds for NEVES

    3. Mark, you can cherry pick all you like but its a fact most of our games we were poor and eeeked out wins. Xhaka has cost us more than he gives. Why are people still protecting a player that is a constant in our mediocrity of recent years. It not everyone’s fault but him, he is the fault, he is not good enough. If he was Roma would have stumpec up 10 mil for him but they didn’t.

      1. I agree mark our game against city was one of our best performances but we still lost the game.

        Xhaka is not good enough had his chance and should be sold

        1. Mark has made sound important points. The combination of Partey and Xhaka is actually quite strong. We have however struggled to regularly play both mainly due to Partey’s injury/fitness problems.
          I do agree that we would be even stronger if we could get an upgrade on Xhaka. It’s not so easy however to replace him completely as he does have useful attributes and overall has played reasonably well under Arteta.
          It is rather dishonest to claim as some are doing that Xhaka has cost us more than he has given.

  18. “I believe Xhaka and Partey”

    Yeah man. We don’t need good players. Top quality. Let’s stay with balotelli v.2 which i xhaka and his amazing intelligence skills

    Top thinking 😀

  19. My hunch, for what it is worth, is that we will sign a Martinez/Zivchenko type player who can cover LM but also cover elsewhere.

    That along with a centre forward (think this could be an outside the box one a la Vieira), Saliba and Vieira will be the extent of our experienced additions to the core. Just can’t see adding six new faces to the rotation.

  20. We do need a quality backup for Partey. Everyone knows this when partey got injured last season we fell apart.

  21. Should we get Thielemans or Zinchenko who can play LB and left sided me 8. I am thinking with Martinez coming in. Who could also play LB. But with Zinchenko and Martinez Holding would be surplus.

    With Tielemans and Martinez, Holding would still be needed.

    Oh and our forward line of Saka. Jesus and Raphina with on the bench Martinelli, Nketiah and ESR looks finger licking good.

  22. Let’s be frank. Tielemans is top of our most wanted list primarily because he would be cheap. 25M for an experienced midfielder, in his prime, would be a steal.

    I don’t share Vinod’s view that Partey and Xhaka are good enough for our midfield. Partey is too brittle (injury prone) and Xhaka a liability. Not sure too if the new guy, Vieira, has the physical qualities make an immediate impact on the premier league. A better candidate with Patrick Vieira-like qualities, costing less than 15M, would be Dacoure from RC Lens.

    Tielemans would bring tremendous value to the squad. No doubt.

  23. “”” the guy is talented, no doubt but he’s too slow to release the ball, he plays a slow temple game”””
    Why is it that every player that is linked with arsenal is considered to be a slower?? Remember Xavi and busques were not that pacey but were considered successful, and even our own cesc fab was also a slow and yet he was our engine. We can’t have the santi Carzolas in a very position men.

    1. Being “quick between the ears” is just as important as footspeed over the ground.

  24. I have bought a new expensive dress and making myself ready for silverware next season. Finally we can put the negativity to bed ⚽️😁 COYG

  25. I am a little bit confused and upset as I don’t know if I should turn to the left., from the right that am I. Or go forward or go back or stay at the centre.
    For, the sayings of the Gooners in their comments on Arsenal transfers on incomings and outgoings this summer. As they say this or that approving one another opinions and also cancelled out one another suggestions and recommendations to Arteta and Edu to seriously look into them for a possibly considerations to approve. This is a kind of a none colletive options to agree on serious transfer matters which concerns Arsenal this summer transfer window.
    This is unlike when us all agreed in agreement by saying Arsenal should sign T Partey and they yielded to our general demands and went ahead to sign him.
    In additions to Arsenal haven signed GK Matt Tunner, the 19 year old young Brazilian midfielder Marquinhno and just of recent F Vieira. But which one stand out player amongst those names who have been heavily linked with Arsenal for possible signing this summer will us all agree on to recommend to Arsenal to recruit him this summer. Aaron Hickey Lisandro Martinez, Raphinha, Segie Gnabry, Youri Tielemans, the Ukrainian Zimanlenko, Gabi Jesus and Victor Osimhen.
    But opinions coming from the Gooners are looking to be very divided on who should be the next player that Arsenal should sign among the my above mentioned names. If this be the case then, I think it’s better us should leave it to Arsenal to decide on who is that next player that they should sign from my above 8 names. But if at all they are seriously keen to do the signings of any of them this summer.

  26. Where’s your head at? We Do need Tielemans. Partey could be twice the player playing alongside him. Why are you trying so hard to save young Granite’s Arsenal career?

  27. Mmm bit of a Ra Ra for the troops this article for me!

    Xhaka > Teilemans 🙂
    We play fast flowing football ;))
    We will give City & Liverpool a run for their money :)))

  28. I have always dreamt of writing an article, I think it just materialized on its own.

  29. Beast of a squad??????? Here at Arsenal????We have signed a Brazilian for the future and a seemingly good Portuguese player who I’d never really followed. We don’t need Tielemans a top Belgian international????? OK stay with the world beaters Xhaka, Elneny, and Lokonga. FFS wipe the dust out of your eyes.

  30. Vieira may be good but Tielemans is quality and PL proven. We have to sign Tielemans to improve our midfield quality.

  31. A team with Xhaka in it does not move the ball quickenough. Tielemans is way quicker than Xhaka

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