Arsenal are certain to beat Norwich on paper (like Brentford)

Reality vs on paper! I know which one I would pick right now!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if things in life could be based on how it looks on paper when it comes to football?

I say that because if the whole season was based on results with how a teams strength looks “on paper” then I think it would be safe to say that we would win the majority of the games we play, and there would be no crisis at Arsenal.

There is no denying the individual talent we have at the club which looks strong on paper, but the only issue is that right now it is not clicking for one reason or another.

So on paper the game against Norwich is one we should win and win comfortably. Brentford would also have been a game we would have won on paper which would have then given us six points out of two of our 4 games and where we would not be sitting bottom of the Premier League.

But we are living in a real world where the script is not always how it should be.

Yes, we do hope we win against Norwich but whether we will or not remains to be seen.

So after today’s game of course things will become clearer, but one thing we can be sure of is that if we win it prolongs Arteta’s reign but if we lose, as much as most fans want it to end his reign, again in reality it won’t as he seems to have the backing of the board!

We will also see if the boys have had their talk that Aubameyang spoke about before the international break and if they did what sort of effect it will bring.

Although one win will not fix the issues at the club right now, it will surely be a start and will continue if we are consistent and get the wins in more of the games to come no doubt!


Shenel Osman




  1. Im positive we’ll win.

    My concern is even when we win, we look lost. Likewise when we lose, it’s not the loss itself but the way we loose….the attitude.

  2. Yes you are right and to be fair the situation of Brentford game was totally different from now.
    Then, we had late reports of Covid and there were rumours the games might be cancelled but the authorities were unmoved by arsenal plea, we had to play unfit players like Martinelli and a young debutant as CF.
    But now the whole squad is fresh and ready, there is no excuse it must be a convincing win.
    I hope we didn’t have injury issues any time soon, I expect a win in our next 5games Including NLD

  3. Norwich (H) Win
    Burnley (A) Win
    Spurs (H) Win
    Brighton (A) Win
    Palace (H) Win
    Villa (H) Win
    Leicester (A) Loss
    6 wins and 1 loss from 7.
    6 wins and 4 losses from 10.
    18 from 21 after the first three.
    Be very happy at that point
    Ready then two face Liverpool (A) and Man U (A) in the following four games.

    1. I wouldn’t accept Leicester loss because there is going to be one or 2 draw in some of those win you predicted like Spur, Villa and palace

    2. 6 wins and 4 losses gives us 18 out of a possible 30 points with more than a quarter of the season gone…not great at all.

      Anyway I highly doubt we’ll get 6 wins out of our next 7 games. Maybe 4 or 5

  4. Arteta has surely learned from Ivan Toney vs Ben White aerial duels. Norwich could use the same tactic using Josh Sargent or Adam Idah, but Arteta has bought Tomiyasu to protect White

    If the players are upset or bored with Arteta and his coaching staffs, they can play with the handbrake on. But I don’t think they’ll do it in front of thousands of Arsenal supporters at the Emirates

    1. Gai
      Let’s hope the players impress the fans with their performance today. If they do, it would be a confidence booster and the beginning of more wins to come. But if they don’t then, Arteta would be sitting on a kettle of gun powder because Emirate stadium would become more toxic. I am however optimistic with Arsenal senior players available. My hope is that we don’t pick injuries in this game because some of our players are becoming injury prone. We need fit players to go on a winning strick. We should win comfortably Arteta and his team has no excuse.

  5. I think we’ll win 3-0… who knows Partey may get off the mark, we may see a front flip… on what is a very sad day though; thinking of all those people who lost their lives 20 years ago.. ❤

  6. If what was on paper counted then we should just hand the title to Man City right here right now..

    Luckily.. care, preparation, management, recruitment, dedication, enthusiasm, effort, skill and let’s face it desire play a massive part in whether or not any kind of success is achieved.

    Now does the manager and his assembled players have enough of these things.
    Guess we will see.

    I expect a very nervy afternoon!

  7. Heaven help Arteta if today isn’t a big win
    I was on side regarding Brentford – Covid and injuries and realised getting even a point out of the next two was wishful thinking.
    I won’t be on side if a resounding response isn’t forthcoming. Time for the team to deliver.
    IF we go behind then I’ll be wanting them to step and not crumble as has been evident before. They are all professional football players earning a king’s ransom. Time to take responsibility

  8. An article for its own sake that says absolutely nothing we don’t aleady know! No insights, no analysis beyond the feeble cliches that Shenel always uses.

    I would really like to be able to praise her articles, as she is keen and wishes to write – a noble aim in my book – but until she actually says something original or thought provoking , my need to be honest prevents me saying I like this sort of non article about nothing in particular!

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